"We, the youth of the United States, believe our birthright has been betrayed," declares the Millennial Generation, the largest generation in American history, to date. They inherit a country in decline and a broken political system. Still, America's young people declares a manifesto of hope - to restore the American dream.


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  • Susannah

    Apart from it stopping every twenty seconds, just everything and shall share it with the world!

  • Susannah

    I'm not young, and I'm not American, and I haven't read all of your comments, and sure my generation has been far from brilliant, and are so often stuck in a mindset, and crazilly don't understand the cliff edge the whole world is facing, especially the ignorant appathetic West. The craziness began many decades ago, and as one of you commented people are dying of curable diseases, the pharm world is psycho pathic, the religious world is pretty psychopathic, the money world etc. etc. I applaud Generation WE and I hope that the rest of the Western world will take up their peaceful arms and bring us back from the precipice, and herald in a whole new wonderful, happy, healthy age for humanity - we don't want artificial intelligence as that is whats creating the New World Orders desires for control of the world. So great guys and gals, and this old 73 yr old is with you all the way, and with brilliant health will be around for the next 30 years to help it all happen!!

  • Jennifer

    oh baby boomers,sometimes you drive me nuts but I'm better understanding what time you were living in. When I was cleaning out my basement and my mom was refusing to throw away some of her old time and neweeks from the 90's she said that the journalism isn't the same anymore. I think the competition for magazine sales before the iPad led to journalist over stating their beliefs to sell magazines. They seem so much harsher than today. Like the abortion debate while I check out my groceries. What a great place to bring up a sensitive event for young couples that were faced with a heavy choice to make. I also feel for the unhappiness and loneliness I think my parents felt. Woman were college educated but had to leave careers to be a mom. Technology has blessed me with work life blending that my mom just wasn't able to have. And there wasn't wikipedia to look up things like marriage fulfillment or mid life crisis to remind yourself your not alone in feeling from any one else. What I enjoy seeing is that social media has created communities that are kind. I think back to Monica and Bill Clinton in 1998 and how silly to make such a fuss over a 23 year old giving her boss a bj when 9/11 was 3 years away. I believe Bill Clinton was under so much stress from this drawn out bj impeachment trail that when the chance to kill bin laden was brought up he said he didn't want to deal with it now. Oops. I will say this to the baby boomers, you raised kind children. You raised children kind enough to care about WE and unity. And kind children who keep their frustrations pretty much to themselves or say as kindly with forgiveness to your generation for what they are left with today. As a 28 year old female who dealt with the "whore" and "slut" shaming double standards of the early 2000s and the Rodney king riots of the 90s, and somewhere along the line became allergic to everything food and skin wise in my 20s, I l hate my parents for divorcing the minute I left for college but love they thought it would be best for the kids to grow up with married parents( also really bad idea!, happy parents are better turns out!)

  • Jamie duff

    Aye aye kids, I'm a baby boomer and we changed the world, or at least our bit of it :-). I live on a community that has been living a highly civilised life off the power grid (we use solar panels) for over thirty years, hand built houses, composting toilets and our own water supply. We vote green and link up with other communities. So why does the population in general continue its lemming like race to the cliff edge of un-sustainable economic growth? That's up to you WE to figure out. Here's the baton, good luck......and good night......ps truly sorry about the mess, some of us tried

  • Jaime Howell

    I was inspired because i felt connected. Connected to like minded people, connected to hope without outcome, connected to the wholesome force that knows how to grow and that that is about awake communities (we), thank you.

  • Geneva


  • Lisa

    What my generation couldn't do, I have hope that you will. Taking love to the extreme - really feeding, clothing, housing and educating everyone - pretty awesome!

  • Jean Cape

    It takes the youth to recognise the damage created by the forefathers over many generations. To create an New America will take guts and determination. They have numbers on their side, youth on theyr side and as their parents wake up to their voices they will be heard across the land and grow their organisation and strength to create a future that is inspired and has love at its heart and soul. We must stop the materialistic Me society in which we live, take responsibility for our own life and environment. Wake up, hear the call, get moving.

  • Christian

    The inspiration in this video is from the message of sheer determination that the challenges we face are surmountable with the right leadership AND collective sacrifice can move us forward.

  • Maheswar

    Great video...Well done guys, looking forward to see many more changes

  • Rachael

    I like the video as well. I feel extremely strongly that change is needed. I'm 30 years old. The thing that hangs me up is asking for government spending for the project. Government needs to have LESS involvement in all of our affairs. They need to stop regulating private business and allow companies time and money to come up with these energy solutions on their own if they so desire. Its all based on market, and what Americans want to buy. As generation "We". "We" need to take personal responsibility. Buy energy efficient items or buy less to promote your views of how the world should be. The more we demand, the more will be supplied. We run into a continuous problem. Its the problem we have now. Things we desire should never be forced upon anyone. Thats not liberty. Its what happnens all the time now. Project "We" needs to educate and vote accordingly and hope for the best. Hope that unecessary government spending will cease. Hope that people retain good morals and values. Hope that people strive for greatness. Be an example and hope others follow. Its our responsibility, not the government. We need to rely on ourselves and each other.

  • Carrie

    Our institutional paradigms are as obsolete as the dinosaurs...bringing us nearer to extinction. Time for those ego-centric role models put to rest. So while my babyboomer gen may be obsolete, my love isn't...I stand in your line - lead on!

  • Stephanie

    I got chills listening to this your people. I see courage and strength in numbers. There is no more "Looking Out For Number 1" as our generation would say. We is the only way that real change that effects our entire planet can happen. So proud of you kids. I support them 100% in their efforts.

  • Tracy

    It made me rethink my idea that all of their generation has "entitlement" issues. These are strong minded individuals who genuinely seem to care about the world. It gives me hope.....

  • Lourdes Gonzalez

    I loved the power and passion of our youth, the expression of hope and compassion. However, here are a couple of thoughts. I would rather see a transformation of the American Dream into a New Dream, a dream that it is inclusive and community oriented. The image that I have of the American Dream is a couple, two kids in front of a two car garage home with a picket fence and I know that if all people in this country aspire to have that, the natural resources will continue to be depleted regardless of the technological advances generated by the young generations. The New Dream would have to be inclusive, empowering, and sustainable for the US and the planet. The Dream will be to create and live in a New Dream Planet.

  • Korrine

    I was most inspired by the following It will be a key turning point in the history of mankind! decline betrayed inherited problems fed up with partisan politics We must end the perception that America is an arrogant and greedy nation Largest population will unify!!!

  • Lawrence

    What inspired me is the awakening of the youth of the country Yes we can no longer trust vested agendas to sabotage common welfare which should and must come first. This is a welcome change to see the young wanting to take control as a powerful demographic group the powers that be will be forced to listen. I am glad that vested interests are being called for what they are here and in India as well. We owe yourselves a better future and I am sorry to say politicians may have agendas may well serve certain lobbies and cartels. So its high time we called a spade a spade and ask for our power back. More power to young aware hands its time for strong action and may your movement grow we no longer need to stand for the abuse of our fundamental rights.

  • Sukumar Raj

    WE -The Global Citizens:- Lets WAKE-up to shake-up and SHAPE-up for a better 2moro. Enuf is Enuf. Theres a limit for anything & everything??? Patience with Perseverence is POWER - V can change the CHANGE itself, if not, being Patient for long will surely make U a Patient and you will be a party to the prevailent POVERTY. . . . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ JFK's FOTO is here ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In Nov’1963, JFK made a statement, just 7days befor he left his high n noble office:- JFK inspired n truly motivated us all-only to get murdered in the name of ASSASSINATION. There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman n child. Just 7days befor JFK left his high n noble office, was intending to expose this sinister PLOT- and we all know what happened next – He was ruthlessly ‘ASSASSINATED’ - u can say murdered - and to this day, The responsible n the culprits are scott-free, roaming freely perhaps???” May his SOUL Rest in Eternal PEACE is oUr Prayers n Appeal to oUr Gr8 GOD Almighty and also add deep Meaning to oUr day2day Living & not be Demeaning to oUr own SELFs' and to The gr8 LIFE around.

  • San-bao

    It presents hope, I hope there is really enough of those great young people, absolutely great, please share


    this video wa totally inspiring for a positive future for our country,world and planet. It presents positive hope and change for a new future,thanks

  • Arun Solochin (Chikkop)

    I am an India but I support you brothers and sisters.

  • Judy Sears

    The brilliance, and engagement and breadth of ethnicity . . . awesome!!! From a 62 year old ready to engage fully with Gen-We!

  • Stew

    Now lets all join hands and sing (We Are The World)I see the governmemt school system is doing a great job at brain washing our kids into thinking a One World Government is the way of the future. Put your smart phones and computer games down for a while and read about Agenda 21 and then you might get an idea of what your future looks like. Who is going to run this One World Government? The people that screwed this country up are the same people that will be running it. Wake up Zombies and listen to your Grand parents. Also Mary knows what she is talking about!

  • Paula

    It gives me hope in the future. I am part of that generation that started a revolution in the 60's-70's. Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Equal Opportunity. Movements must be sustained from one generation to the next. We need someone to start a new movement. I support you - Just one thing I'd like to add. Here in the US, the Wild Horse faces extinction because of what the government is doing- rounding them up, taking them away from their land, and families. WHY? So the BLM can use public lands for Oil and Gas Development, Mining and Cattle Grazing. Get in tune with what is happening or there will be no wild horses left for you to enjoy

  • Lea

    Linda, you must be employed by the petroleum cartel! Try visiting the areas where the oil fields are and visit with the people and creatures whose lives are being devastated by the malevolence and greed that fuels (pun intended) this industry. You are living in a pretend world, i.e. and took the "blue pill" that Mary mentions a few comments back.

  • Ruth Forman

    Every thought and message they expressed mirrored my own at almost 72 years young!. I believe in their peaceful, inclusive message delivered by diverse voices within our human race. May good energy be with you as you enlighten and teach in a inclusive, peaceful way and uplift us in our journey to lofty goals.

  • Linda

    It's inspiring to see a diverse group of young peoples form a coalition in hopes of saving America from decline and total destruction. I'm all about anyone who wishes to build America up rather than tear it down. However, I'm firm in my belief we have not done a thing to damage the planet. We are so insignificant in the realm of things, (volcanos, earthquakes, etc) it is impossible to compare. There is no 'mother' earth ... only Father God. And the fossil fuel is not fossil fuel so we need to get the children more informed of the truth. Oil is plentiful, it is essential and it, along with other natural fuels are necessary. If we could stop mankind's greed and desire to conquere everything for power, well, that would be a We-generatiion task worth going after. Good luck kids of the USA. My prayers are with you all.

  • meiling

    my hope for the integrity of the next generation is restored and my heart full. I hope it goes viral.

  • HappyGenX

    @SadBabyBoomer 110,000,000 people voted yesterday. They are awake, very awake.

  • HappyGenX

    I want to see a WE party form.

  • SadBabyBoomer

    Usually I am inspired by what you share, alas not today. You go to the http://gen-we.org web site and realize that the last blog post was in 2009. The Generation We has falling asleep before it even got to the wheel. Depressing.

  • mary

    All totally inspiring! Accept about voting. It cannot depend on the voting process as it is far too easily sabotaged. It is only by our actions that we will turn this sinking earthship around. The controlling, disempowering power structure--Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. (controlling most world governments, mainstream media, medicine, economics, education) don't plan to give up control. We must continue looking at "the man behind the curtain" and the hidden agendas, much of which is hidden in plain view. In particular, the geoengineering that has created climate change (by design) while we all mistakenly suspect mother nature. The fault lies in the power structure, not the people as much as we think. The problem with the people is they accepted the lies and the programming--they chose and swallowed the blue pill (blissful ignorance of illusion) rather than the red pill (sometimes painful truth of reality). Those who haven't accepted the programming and the lies have been labeled "conspiracy theorists" when all the while they have been trying to help us remove our blinders. If the people ever awaken to their true inner power (empowerment), the elite's power structure would be done...overnight! It happened in Iceland this year--a totally peaceful, nonviolent revolution, thousands in the streets banging their pots and pans. Not one shot was fired. We need to take note of this!

  • Jerrie

    You inspire me. This was my dream at your age. I have not lost it yet. Keep speaking. I am there for you all!

  • MarySue

    I'm in. I'm 68, a community organizer, and I've been looking for allies like you for many years. Where shall we begin?

  • Linda

    The video is quite good. The things they want to change are right on target, there are systems that don't work in our society, there is a political climate of partisanship rather than "We the People," but without a doubt WE are the greatest country in the world. The fact that the Gen-WE feel things could and should be better is good. I would hate to have them grow up just accepting the status quo instead of questioning it. I would hate for them to just decide that as Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world," was not worth pursuing. It is only when each of us become increasingly more interested in making the world a better place that change will become real and widespread...Kuddos to Gen-We for your passion and may each of you find the strength to pursue peaceful, passionate pathways to make our country and our world a better place. BE THE CHANGE!!! As a Boomer I support you!!

  • Sharon

    I teach college students. Millenials are different from my generation (Gen X). They are tired of political division and lack of solutions. They do want collaboration. I think this video summed up very well what I hear my students saying in class.

  • Cynthia

    And look to history as I think President Roosevelt may have felt the same about inheriting a country in decline...you're not the first, not by a long shot.

  • Cynthia

    I remember what we all said in the 60's...shades of that here. Some things came to pass, others not so much. Please everyone, remember that it isn't just the president who runs the country. He is just one person...look to your congress and senate and all the lobbiest for the reason. Don't blame it all on the President, it just isn't the truth.

  • Patty

    I agree with Tom. I also admire your desire to create something better for the world and I would like to say how important it is to know the history of how we got here going back to and understanding the Principles this country was founded on. We have indeed gotten far afield of what the Founders intended. This is one of the few places on the planet,however, where people have had the freedom to become what we individually want to be. How this is manifested is all a personal choice no matter who we are. Much of what this country has become is due to the apathy of the population who were not willing to investigate how things were working and rather let themselves be dictated to. The idea that someone else should provide for us goes counter to the wisdom that it is up to each of us to make our lives what we want them to be. We are the captains of our own ships and must direct our attention to being unique rather than uniform. We grow by doing, encountering challenge and working consciously through it. It is imperative that we retain the freedom to do this without government intervention, unless we are doing harmful things. The idea of big government was anathema to our Founding Fathers. They set up a brilliant form of government that had limited powers so this country could avoid the pit falls of the old paradigm. Learn your history and act from a place of discernment. The more we get into the idea that it is some elses job to supply us with everything the more we fall prey to tyranny. The idea of being progressive is very idealistic and much good can come with it and you must also deal with the practicality of the economics of life itself. We can be one world in unanimity and love and I admire your willingness to volunteer and make the change you wish to see. I also realize that nothing changes, truly, until the anger is transformed into understanding. Unless we can sit down together young and old alike, taking the good that has been upheld by the older generation and blending it with young ideas into something more conscious for today's needs, history will repeat itself. There are many of us "Silver Tops" who have been through the fires of transformation and we'd appreciate that you not throw us under the bus. Take a lesson from what happened in China where the youth killed the elders, leaving them without the wisdom. They are just now regaining some of what was lost and it is coming from a willingness of the people to find freedom. Be conscious, open to the new energies coming in and remain open in your hearts, staying in peace. When we move this way we become peace makers. Then there is true joy. Namaste'

  • afterallthat

    Steve, you need to look at the past three decades to figure out the debt. Obama did not create an additional $6-trillion in debt. Your comment is dead wrong and, frankly, is incredibly ignorant. Your lack of knowledge of how government and business operates is part of the problem. Other than that, I believe the the WE movement might be what our country needs, but the real issue is the fact that billions are starving and dying of curable diseases, man-made climate change, and Plutocracy (look up the definition of that word).

  • Steve

    Please check your figures. We're $16 Trillion dollars in debt; $6 Trillion due to Obama alone. We need to live WITHIN our means, but it's clear he doesn't want this, since he's added so much debt WITHOUT a single care. Wake up America! You voted in the wrong guy!

  • Tom

    I admire what you want...I admire what you espouse...I admire that you want to do. Beyond the political movement, what is your plan? You call yourselves politically nonpartisan, yet feel betrayed so how is this attitude going to bring the ALL the World together...or are you just talking about bringing yourselves together and throwing the rest to the side (ie, the Boomers.) Your birthright is to make it right and keep it right. No one betrayed you except yourselves. Quit blaming, and start getting to work making it right again. The last forty years are NOT just the making of the Boomers...it took way more than just us...it took your cooperation with the corrupt. Look around you if you don't believe me. Let's work together...United we stand, divided we fall...that about says it all. Tom

  • Isis Starr

    Generation We is our future. I feel bad that the boomers have left them with such a broken, greed based system and will do all I can to help them......

  • anthony

    Awesome ! The Shift Continues..

  • Melody

    I have kids in the We generation..This makes me happy and sad for them. Very good video!

  • Joan Cooper

    Energy, commitment, diversity, goals. Please work with all generations. At 68, I care, I have energy, commitment, goals...control is not the word to use...have direction and stay on course.

  • Parth

    Tt's certainly amazing to see not just the how members of "Generation We" are thinking about themselves, others, and the world around them differently, but also to see how they are mobilizing themselves for various projects and initiatives. I think the following link tells a bit about how "younger generations" are expressing this: http://youtu.be/b-9GqB3XRS0

  • Leah

    I am a baby boomer. Please don't lump all of us into the same basket ... I agree with every stand these young people are making. I admire to Occupy Movement and am excited to see young people standing up for what they believe and calling out those who are responsible for messing up our country and our beautiful planet. Stay engaged! Pay attention! Speak out! Continue to do just what you're doing. You may be the last, best hope for our planet's survival.

  • finn

    Yep, a hopeful message. Needs to be more inclusive. The We is moving towards a global family. And take out the "control" line. And bring in the 99%. There are about 400 politicians that are running the show. And say something concrete....like we can do what Iceland did.

  • sethi

    Thank you . It is inspiring . However for our planet to survive , the co-operation of all generations is required globally . I belong to the older generation , however am still active to do what is required (Karma Yoga) so that Mother Earth can survive human greed .May I suggest that this video be translated in different languages and circulated through the social media globally . My best wishes to today's generation in their efforts . " Be the change you wish to see in the world " Gandhi

  • Tony Henthorn

    I love the energy and I will love to see you vote and go intern for politicos and corporations. You are the tech savviest generation yet. The national debt is only a programme put together by financial and industrial interests,hack, rewrite, redistribute, put the debt back where it belongs. Tell me what you need from me/ my generation, I'm listening.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Be The #1

  • Mary

    The intelligence, the diversity, the truth !

  • Deb Schroer

    This make my heart sing! We need to have their backs and support them at every step. Once we were the bright and shining future, those of us that grew up in the 60's. But then, when that generation became of age, they turned their backs on the original message. PEACE, HOPE and CHANGE! I hope that they can bring that message back to our Country. Go Generation WE!

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Stop the Blame and get it done.

  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    Beautifully done video. I second Ellen views (comment below). "Perhaps the idea of working in partnership with all ages and generations would be a more powerful goal - diversity is indeed a positive as you so eloquently point out." I am proud of the younger generation, I have a 17 year old son who astounds me with great compassion and wisdom. I do urge participants of this video to not bucket all of the older generations as being corrupt. Maybe a big part of the top 1% in America is corrupt and have caused the problems for this country and others. These are few of the top bankers, politicians, Corporations and law makers. However the rest of the 99% of Americans are not all greedy and corrupt. There is another comment I like to make for your success. For Generation We to succeed it is important to have emotional wellness within each who is part of this effort. I recommend weaning off war like video games (impacts unconscious mind negatively), stopping the urge to be addicted to cell phones, saying no to buying the next Apple product in the market. Instead contemplate each action and change the program within to act negatively. Allow discernment, integrity, generosity, empathy and compassion to grow, alongside the determination to make things happen. I believe the meek shall inherit the earth. I urge you to be that example for many.

  • Ellen

    Thank you for this video. As a baby boomer (the tail end) I love the idea that the next generation is actively stepping up to contribute to the country and the world. There is one thing that I would like to propose or encourage you to consider. You use the words 'take control' and 'coming to power' in your video. It feels as though you hope or intend to make the changes you want to see by working alone, or rather, within your own generation. Please keep in mind that some of us in previous generations are also eager for change and have tried not to contribute to the decline of the country. Perhaps the idea of working in partnership with all ages and generations would be a more powerful goal - diversity is indeed a positive as you so eloquently point out. Despite the fact that there have been significant mistakes made by those of us who have come before you, there is also profound wisdom in them. After all, we are the generation that raised you to be the intensely committed people you are. We have created the technology that is such an integral part of your being and that you are now advancing. We have raised you to be independent thinkers and creative problem solvers. Each generation is indeed unlike any that came before it. Each one has a vision and hopes and dreams for their own lives and for their kids. Each are energized to lead and change the current climate, help growth and heal wounds. Each makes mistakes, with some not visible until the next gen. And each is able to do what they do because of the growth and steps of the previous generations. You are a great generation that is going to do amazing things for all of us. Not a doubt in my mind about that. Just please remember to honor what came before - good and bad - and be willing to take your strength and combine it with the strength of others. A multi-generational approach will undoubtedly magnify your outcome. Thanks for listening and keep on moving toward your initiative. I'll be watching and learning and participating.

  • CARE-Bharat

    We are trying to ensure acorrupt free world where every citizen can live with pride .

  • CARE-Bharat

    Inspired by the idea of uniting all to achieve the target.Let us hope best for human being across the countries.

  • Shirley Marsh

    This gives me hope! There is so much despondence about the youth of today and their involvement in drugs, antisocial behaviour, crime etc., I hope the young people in this video are in the majority, not the minority, because those of us who already fight for all these principles can pass on the baton!

  • Teri

    Sounds like "Generation Entitled" to me.....

  • Sundi

    Love this, but no, this generation is not the first to try to make change. The system itself is broken ... I hope this generation takes a lesson from history and learns to make changes outside the box, outside the broken system. Candidates are vetted before they're allowed to run for office (yes, most especially the HIGHEST office), corporations are people in the eyes of the law, voter fraud is rampant, and the media is complicit in all of it. Change it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Paul Shugarman

    What inspired you about this video? The "WE" generation. will be the Greatest yet! That's evolution for ya. Here's a link to the Climate Mama http://www.climatemama.com/

  • sandra

    I wish you every success,It is so inspiring to see what you are trying to do. In my youth we did protest against the system and voted for the Green movement of the time,but our numbers were small and our awareness of Politics low.You can make the changes if your message is spread and hopefully not only restore the 'American dream'but perhaps reshape it to a conscious reality. All the very best to you !

  • Kate

    One of my Generation WE kids refuses to vote or get educated about what's happening in his world. Says he can't make a difference. I'm going to send this to him and hope he changes his mind. Good work!

  • Joep

    Hope for our common future!

  • Gagan Polanki

    Wow..!!! Hats of to Generation WE Hello Friends, Blessings to you. Kindly watch The Most Important SCIENTIFIC Message of “ENLIGHTENMENT” and “ONENESS” that can Heal our World and Solve All Human Problems and Conflicts. Latest Scientific facts that change the perception of our world. Please give your valuable feedback on this humble attempt (video) of mine. If you think the message deserves to be known by all then kindly share it. Thanking you. GOD BLESS YOU. Gagan Polanki http://youtu.be/4DUsmXBPtOI or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DUsmXBPtOI&feature=plcp

  • Thierry

    This is formidable and unprecedented. Way past the libertarian revolts of the young in the sixties. This generation understands that the world is at the brink of chaos.It will act globally. Lead on!

  • Laura

    Yes, I agree it is time for change. I am very grateful for your service and dedication. Perhaps it would serve you and the world you are wanting to build better to see what good the baby boomers have done. We too have marched for change, within a system of corruption and greed. I pray you do better. I am 100% behind your visions.

  • Chaitanya

    As we know A Nation cannot progress alone. It needs support from the world. Hence send this video to all the countries,irrespective of their ideology.The whole world needs awakening thru younger genration.Luckily we can have translated version for each nation for their participation in the movement. ALL THE VERY BEST TO GEN- NEXT.

  • Oscar

    We want the video with Spanish subtitles, please! Thanks!

  • Barbara

    I regret not acting more on my better instincts. I am 52 y.o. and for decades have not enjoyed where our politics have taken us. I have worked for change, but not as much as i could have with more education and effort. I pledge to dedicate more time to helping create the social/political changes we need to preserve and restore the planet and this country (for me USA).

  • Christine

    Awesome! I'll help until my dying breath! I've done my best to love and nurture this precious Earth and her inhabitants all 62 years of my life.

  • Robert Gill

    They are right! We baby boomers (I count myself as one although I am a few years too old to fall in that group) Have done significant harm to ourselves, our children, and the rest of the world. It is time for us to step aside and let them take the lead. Love, not greed; hope, not fear. That is the recipe for a better world, and Generation WE has the right idea. I wish them well, and I support them!

  • mags Leadbetter

    It reminded me, as an English woman born in 1948 and therefore a post war 'baby boomer', of the 60s here when we tried to influence the world with a more peaceful attitude toward each other. I hope this will spread and spread and create a balance of fairness and understanding throughout the globe.

  • Rod A

    Like Mary Bridget T says - I felt malace and hatred within the content. There is more to this planet than the USA - this, I feel, is worldwide and not just within one country of the world - Question - Will this get worldwide support because it's needed to SAVE the planet no matter what age, sex or nationality we belong too - the planet needs us ALL.

  • Mary Bridget Thielbar

    I don't know if you will print this, but I write anyway. While much of what was said is true, it came across as malace;hatred. and if that is what you want to foster, go right ahead. It only adds the the problem. They need some of us and we need them. I am an educator. There are such bright students and there are students who struggle to read, comprehend and express themselves. I also hear this generation wanting to change and that is wonderful, I also hear, "I don't want to work hard to get there." The American dream has become winning the Lottery. I may sound cynical. I am not. I am filled with hope. Our world is changing with or without us. I am part of the solution, not the problem. I understande their anger. There are many who are old who are angry too. It's time to work together and not blame and shame each other.

  • Kevin B

    The American dream is just that -- a dream. You'd have to be asleep to believe it. I believe we can create a just society based on respecting the inherent dignity of all peoples, but the American dream promotes a selfish "got mine" mentality that is exclusive of this. I'm 29 and was a senior in high school at the flip of the millennium.

  • Carolyn

    Wow! what a great call to action for gen WE and the Boomers who are wise and flexible enough to step up.

  • Cottage Sue

    I wish the world would join the WE movement. Thank you for taking the lead on this. We needed it. Count me in!

  • Kaiting

    I'm a Millennial but like Tereza I see a bunch of whiney, complaining people my age and younger who think they have all the answers. Where's the humility? Where's the sense of courage and self-sacrifice that, to me, is America? We can do better. I get it- I'm frustrated at the national debt, the economy, the lack of viable job prospects. But we can't blame; we have to be very, very careful about our tone. By virtue of the fact that I live in America, my standard of living makes me better off than 99% of people worldwide. I have much to be grateful for. This video, I feel, misses this larger point. I am all for change but it has to be the right sort of change, for the right reasons. Being angry just puts people off.

  • Ted Jec

    Gary Johnson for President is for this generation.www.garyjohnson2012.com Why vote for the corrupted establishment?

  • Tereza Coraggio

    I want to believe. But I see a pack of kids here dressed by Urban Outfitter blaming their problems on the Boomers. They demand that everyone have good nutrition but it's their parents I see toiling in gardens and canning the produce. They feel everyone has a right to affordable healthcare yet few envision their future as living with and caring for elders. They assert their right to a college education yet Uzbekistan children are taken out of elementary school to harvest cotton for their jeans. These are the issues that a REAL plan to change politics has to address. Are the Gen WEs ready to do the real work? Or just cast a vote for someone to fix it for them? As the parent of three Gen WEs, these are the deep questions my daughters and I grapple with daily.

  • Brian

    WE! Somebody gets it....keep goin' guys...thanks...Amen....

  • Michelle

    What inspired me about this video is it is coming from The People! (We) must realize that (we) are the ones holding the will of all of us. When (we) come together; (we) stand tall and there are more of us then the ones whom put us over time where we are today. (we) means all of us so when making a choice stop thinking Me. Don't be afraid of the word socialism. Think of what is best for the human race, for the earth and how best to keep peace. Believe you count! Each one of us counts when it comes to this movement. (We) start now! Those that can vote now know what they need to do for this election. It is not enough so (We) must become more united with every day, month and year. Here (We) go.

  • regina

    258M more deaf brothers and sisters coud and would join you "if only" you would take the time to CAPTION your videos!! blessings~ I agree w/Rev. Nagi below "), I had been hoping for this to happen during my generation. I fully and unequivocally support the feelings, ideals, and emotions shown in this video. Many of us had the same "in our day". Having said that, I will be very happy to assist in any way I can! Let's do this!" and have posted this on my FB page and sent it out to all of my email contacts.....bless you bless you bless you!

  • Rev. Nagi

    Easy to be inspired by this video! As a "baby boomer" (I still can't believe that I am), I had been hoping for this to happen during my generation. I fully and unequivocally support the feelings, ideals, and emotions shown in this video. Many of us had the same "in our day". Having said that, I will be very happy to assist in any way I can! Let's do this!

  • Vivian

    The tone, the language, is the same as what you have lived under.........where is the language that receives an implies from HEART.......the UNIFIER!

  • Ramesh Sama

    Every country has a history ,Issues and missed opportunities. Whole world's fate depends on what we do collectively as community, society and nation. We are in peril and our survival will depend on what we collectively do for collapsing economy and order and learn the way to sustain and overcome inequality,cruelty and hate. Young people have to come together,work together and creat an envoirnment for change. Change the way how we think,act and cooperate in such a way that a profound message for peace,brotherhood and compassion goes to the whole humanity. We must strived to reform our religion in such a way that it should root out hate and violence in any form. Good Begining ..

  • Stephanie

    I love Karma Tube and this video! Gratitude Dance! We are the ones we are waiting for! :~)

  • tiago

    This video inspired in me new depths of pity for the US of A. Does the youth really believe that voting will change the tremendous drama the Corporate Owned States of America have created thro´out the world? ... a drama that ends in tragedy for non-US States ... a drama that ends in katharsis ... but do not ask "for whom the bell tolls ... it tolls for you."

  • Sury

    Very inspiring even for a man of my age. I am 72. I see the decline and movements like this will make us get back on the right path. We have no option. Go and remember Nike logo: Just do it !!!

  • MistrRN

    YES! I am inspired like Parvati, enxcellent. It is about time we re-do a system gone bad. I have always embraced different cultures and change. I, like Parvati am a young baby boomer. I am 53, male, caucasian, and grey haired and I love this movement! I am totally disatisfied with Washington and the corrupt, weak and inefficient two party system. This is the greatest nation on earth and with the lead of this new generation we can get back what was lost and present a new face to the world and our citizens.

  • parvati

    Aware and alive youth, our hope for the future of the world. Hallelujah~ I'm one too and I'm a baby boomer!

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