"Gardening is a subversive activity," says Kitchen Gardeners International founder Roger Doiron. Growing a portion of our own foods is economical, delicious, and helps meet the increasing need for local food production. It also shifts the power over the quality of our food and our health into our own hands.


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  • Sarah

    We have enough for the population, what we lack is food growing in the landscape-instead we have wastelands from industry. If we had food forests instead of mass ag or mass lawns, mass industry and their landfills -- we would have a garden of eden - enough to feed everyone. its just re-education from industrial propaganda --people who work for profit but have found nothing to give because they haven't learned to give truly to themselves

  • K K Bhasin

    The situation upsets who is visionary. We have been using natural resources. Food, water, education, shelter and employment to growing population. Any technology and innovative idea can't help. The people have interest in themselves only and hardly care about community and future generations. Awareness is lacking and selfishness is growing.

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  • Discover the many resources Kitchen Gardens International has for helping you grow and enjoy your own food.  
  • Study the issues concerning the imbalance of global food production and ask yourself: why are obeisity and hunger simultaneously on the rise?
  • Start small: plant herbs or vegetables in pots.

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