This fourth offering in the great "Playing for Change" series, brings together musicians situated in Israel, Congo, Northern Ireland, South Africa, India, and the US to jam together on Bob Marley's classic medley "War" and "No More Trouble".


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  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    No More War

  • Parvati


  • Elayne

    The message ...Love one another...

  • eloise

    THE MESSAGE! I'm going to be humming and singing it all day. NO, we don't need no more trouble....and every day I try not to make or be any trouble for anybody.

  • Cosmic Gunslinger

    I find this whole concept fascinating. People connecting at the same time from all over the world to create a work of art that inspires others who see and hear it. I can only imagine the complications of putting it together, but the results are amazing and uplifting.

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  • The lyrics to "War" were adapted by Bob Marley from an excerpt of Haile Selassie's 1963 address to the general Assembly of the United Nations concerning racial equality.  Read the whole speech.
  • Hey!  How do they do that? Learn how musicians synch-up across oceans to create harmonies both euphonic and symbolic.
  • Help to create a piece of collaborative art: participate in a project like this one.

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