At age 108, Holocaust survivor Alice Herz Sommer still practices piano for 3 hours every day. At age 104, she had a book written about her life: "A Garden Of Eden In Hell." At age 83, she had cancer. Alice survived the concentration camps through her music, her optimism and her gratitude for the small things that came her way - a smile, a kind word, the sun. When asked about the secret of her longevity, Alice says: "I look where it is good."


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  • Lena

    A lovely soul - if only our planet earth had lot more souls like her - no more wars , greed, selfishness and power ego maniacs, jealousy, envy, intolerance and any form of prejudice - What a lovely world this planet would be

  • Shharda Gaandhi

    What inspired you about this video? her music and the clarity of what she is speaking

  • Shharda Gaandhi

    What inspired you about this video? Her perception of LIFE

  • Shharda Gaandhi

    Admirable, Amazing lady HATS OFF

  • marian wright

    What an amazing woman, she is an inspiration to all of us

  • Jessie Langley

    So touching,warming to my heart. I thank my wife for sending this

  • sangam

    "She is the real inspiration for the present generation". Lot to learn from the legend.

  • Ariana

    Alice is a wonderful success model for us, a very great woman with an optimistic spirit. She learns us that the life is beautiful overall, we can enjoy every daily moment, if we appreciate positively things, live with love, passion for ongoing development and gratefulness. Thank You Alice!

  • Michael

    Her outlook on life despite challenging times in life in a concentration camp.

  • Lorraine Henley

    Alice is my hero and role model.

  • Catherine

    What a remarkable full of wisdom. Gratitude really is the cornerstone of all that is good!

  • Carolyn geller

    To be thankful and laugh.

  • Dorothy-Anne Howitson

    Her view of life; of circumstance = pure gratitude and joy. It seems as if hardship, enriched her

  • Tamara Ubach

    to see such a soul of loveliness and gratefulness is a joy and a gift.

  • Sandy

    She is a pure inspiration and a great reminder to live life to the fullest!

  • Victoria Smith Downing

    For history to be saved and cherished, someone has to appreciate the human being who lives it. Thank You Anthony Robbins for acknowledging the greatness of this woman and the power of music to sustain the human spirit. She is such a wonderful Role Model for living and loving in the NOW.

  • pranisha

    There is good in everything :) So beautiful!!!!

  • Merrill Porte

    To be reminded that there are souls out there who have truly found the secret of living is inspirational. To be able to take away just one thing you have shared is a true blessing.

  • Lori

    I love this beautiful soul!!!!!

  • Tammy

    I have to say that I was close to forgiving a man who disguised himself as a loving and generous soul that wanted to help me and my husband, but took everything that I had, and even money I didn't have. The struggle with forgiving him has been fierce, along with the huge amount of almost 300K. This video takes care of finishing that forgiveness process for me, it is easy to forgive now, when I see what forgiveness she and so many others have gone through with struggles that test the very core of their being. Being lost, homeless, hopeless because of the loss, has been one of the most trying three years I have ever been through. Here and now, I forgive!!!!! Thank you Ken for teaching me what you did by taking so much! I get to choose if you are a blessing our a curse. I choose blessing, and run into the heartbeat of love!!!

  • Auggie

    Always smile and laugh.. Laughter heals the sole.

  • Kristy

    She's so wonderful! So wise and so right!!!!!

  • Jean

    Alice commitment, determination and gratitude to live a life full of joy and see the gift or present that everything in life gives her, that was beautiful. Her forgiveness as part of her life was great to see how she turned a negative experience into a positive one. Great video with a lot of valuable information to learn about a hero and a great lady.

  • Armommi

    This was truly a gift. I came across this video from a kindness site that I subscribe to. I am grateful for that. We are born with the ability to accept life as a gift, what we choose to do is another story. I Who Have Nothing, Is Grateful For Everything. Thank you for this gift.

  • Mary

    Everything comes through God's hands, and He means only good for us. We have to be thankful in all things, not necessarily for all things. But with a grateful heart, we can endure all things. I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement from others such as Alice!!

  • Kate

    What an amazing woman with an amazing spirit. A true inspiration on how to live life.

  • Brenda

    A good and positive spirit outweighs all the bad in one's life, if only you will allow it to. Being thankful for everything makes this happen. Thank you Alice for reminding all of us.

  • Mel

    Wow! What an amazing woman and truly inspiring. Thank you for this wonderful clip.

  • Vaidy Bala

    Alice's habits: gratitude and continuous learning. I want to make those mine as well.

  • mariam

    was very inspired thankyou

  • Barry Blitzstein

    Her attitude after great tragedy. The sustaining and healing power of music. Dr Barry Blitzstein

  • pgib

    Such a great everyday common Hero. Look where the good is. Peace, Harmony, & Gratitude to all.

  • LJ Livingston

    Everything is perfect. To all those who had the gift of spending time with Alice, I hope your gift will continue on in the lives you touch as well.

  • KT Admin

    Alice Sommer passed away peacefully Feb. 23rd, 2014 with her family by her bedside. Rest in Peace, dear Alice. We are so grateful for your life and inspiration.

  • Elizabeth Billups, Artist

    Like "air" to live, each of us needs to be reminded of out "roots": "...God created Man, and He found it to be good"... I feel ALL peoples start with goodness, but thru emotional "put downs", "lacks", "doubts"...we all have the FREEDOM, to act out, and attempt to PROVE we are better than the next person! I feel Hitler, and all other political (or anyone, for that matter) who want to dominate, destroy, or otherwise make themselves "better", more "powerful", etc...MOST SEEMED TO HAVE TO DESTROY, in order to prove their own self worth, or power...and odd, many have been physically SHORT MEN!! IF ONLY...but as Alice shares...none of that is really important...what is important, is what we hold in our hearts...and refusing to allow weaker (tho appearing more "powerful") people to dominate our spirits! In the end, we are ALL EQUAL...and hopefully, before we leave this world, we learn our true value! I was deeply touched by Alice's power, kindness, love, sweetness... We are ALL HERE, to help one another! To bring gentleness and awareness into our lives, into our souls! Gosh, Alice has done this!! What a gift she is, to the world!

  • Billie Abbott

    IApart from her amazing journey, I was inspired by the authenticity of Alice Herz, her natural wisdom, her direct access to "what is" for her. A truly wonderful human being, who did not make me feel like life was some big spiritual exam, as she was born optimistic!

  • Sallie Lynn

    Her incredible outlook on life and the way she feels about being alive!!! What a blessing she is for us all and what a wonderful role model. I absolutely loved getting to know her even just a little!

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    I am blessed to be able to facilitate a Cancer Thriver & their caregiver's group in McAllen, Texas. Members who continue to attend are cancer free and continuing to practice gratitude for each day of their life. I admire Alice for her outlook on life. Keeping her life filled with experiences and gratitude is the secret and she found it long ago. God Bless Her for sharing her blessings.

  • Suzanne Freed

    My maternal grandmother lost all her family in the Holocaust;Mariam emigrated in 1917 to Brooklyn NY begged her family to join her as Hitler began the great grandmother refused to leave......I hold Alice as my family in my heart; She is a blessing to our world where so much genocide still goes on and on...Thank you so much for this.

  • Colleen

    This woman is an angel. I could watch this repeatedly. She is a blessing. I have been told that I am an optimist and I plan to live to be over 105. Why, because, life is a present. I have worked in a Jewish Retirement Community and heard people who were similar to Alice, including Kurt, a retired cantor and pianist. I love this video. Thank you!

  • Yamuna N S

    Alice's courage and her fortitude to go on being courageous in the face of the different challenges in her life.

  • Judith Penak

    This dialog between Alice and Anthony is inspiring to all of us to live absolutely to appreciate every moment of life.

  • Ruth Jones

    Being thankful in all circumstances and looking for the good in all situations.

  • Karol

    At 108, she looks stronger than most 70 year old. An although , she does not talk about her religion, she lives on biblical principles. 1) she has no hatred for anyone.reminds me of Nelson Mandela 2) she says we must give thanks for everything , no complaining 3) think about what is good, lovely and pure.

  • louise

    She reminds me of my mother, also a concentration camp survivor, who like lice, was also always grateful for everything in life.

  • Lorraine

    Despite all her misfortunes she saw them as "gifts" that is the true human evolved spirit. What a inspiration !

  • Maria

    To be strong and happy with our life from one day to the next.

  • Sabiha

    Remembering 'Everything is a gift'

  • Judy

    What an inspiration. Life is a present enjoy every day.

  • patricia

    Alice's dedication to her passion

  • Cicily

    It is truly amazing that someone could be happy and smile while being in a concentration camp. This woman is a marvelous testimony to the act of gratitude.


    One thing that you MUST pass to your children is OPTIMISM....

  • Mr D.K.Oza

    She is LIVING LESSON in our moments of despair.

  • paulette

    Her soul is there for all to see, and the sheer beauty of her being is astounding. Life in every breath....

  • Cori

    Thank you. This is a beautiful testament to the human spirit overcoming any kind of adversity with the right attitude. Alice is a present to humanity.

  • Agnes

    There are no words to express how unbelievable this woman is! She is a gift for the world, an angel sent to help bring goodness and joy to all of us! What a beautiful spirit! Thank you, Mrs. Sommer, for 'being'!

  • pam

    Our strongest "muscle" is our brain - strengthen it daily - find the joys - when your head is filled with gratiude, there is NO time for sadness to creep in.



  • mantra

    'I am jewish without religion, music is part of my religion' this undoubtedly reflects her optimism and the positive outlook she had for the meaning of existence.

  • Tracey

    This was absolutely amazing. It reminds me of my Gran who lived to 103 & was so inspiring & calm. She made me want to be a better person & this just reinforces that. Thank you for a wonderful & truly inspiring video, I will be sharing it with everyone I know. An amazing & wonderful lady.

  • Val

    Alice is an inspiration. She reminds me so much of my Great Aunty Aggie who died age 99yrs. Alice has inspired me close to my 64th birthday to learn to play the piano. We had a piano in our house when I was a young girl , but no money for lessons. Now is the time. Thank you Alice

  • David Pinto

    What a wonderful video! To smile every moment of every day, to say: Life is a present. Thank you so much for this. It is so uplifting. To look at her face ... always smiling. What a wonderful life ... what wonderful lessons for all of us. Thanks again.

  • maryanne

    To keep a positive outlook, to laugh the joy in Alice's face is self evident what a beauty oh to see the beauty as she did and does that is miraculous to be positive and to see the beauty that would seem to be it for me.

  • Salima

    I have vitiligo and felt very low today, I'm having issues with my parents and overcontrolling siblings. I needed a reminder to be positive and grateful....everything is a present. Thank you

  • Perrii Muthuraman

    See goodness in anything and everything. This is a great message. No pain at all even when death is so near in a concentration camp. Unbelievable but we know it is true. We all have to learn from her. I take a pledge to follow her example.

  • Vanessa

    Her attitude to life her unbelievable ability to remain positive in the most harrowing of circumstances and rise above it all to have a full life to never stop learning.To have gratitude in the simplist of things and in the greatest challenges. To forgive and move forward.To laugh. Alice Herz Sommer is and exceptional human.I am so grateful she has shared her life story I feel humbled to have listened

  • Pat

    What inspired you about this video? her ability to always look at the positive in life and to be appreciative

  • Pat

    her ability to always look for the good in life. her interest in music

  • Robert

    Whoops that was "gif" (as in small pic), not goof, not sure how that happened!

  • Robert

    Hey, Karmatube! I think *many* more people would watch this *amazing* video if you'd include a goof pic of her, not the Karma Tube sign. I've posted it on FB, but it's just your sign on the post and the words are partially hidden, too. You guys are great, but sell the sizzle here, she's *incredible* and definitely more of what people will want to tune into more than (apologies), a sign they've seen many times!

  • Mary

    The power of optimism. The power of gratitude. Very inspirational! I feel blessed to have heard Alice's story. She's wonderful!!

  • Erica Harris

    We don't appreciate the little things!

  • PJ Pitonyak

    Alice Herz Sommer is such an inspiration. Laugh. Smile. Enjoy. Be positive and optimistic. Appreciate. Learn. Give thanks. Love is our emotions in sounds. Alice reminds me of my nana.

  • Lorraine

    Just hero...she is amazing

  • Julien

    What a wonderful person! I would like to show this to my students, is it possible to get the clip's file?

  • Carl

    What an approach to the world! It makes us realize how trivial our problems are--those aches and pains, nuisances, bad days, work, money, etc.. She has captured the essence of life and it is no accident she has lived so happily all these years.

  • Joyce

    Alice Herz Sommer, a most remarkable woman! I am convinced that her laughter and optimism is the key to her very long life. I will be getting one of the books written about her, A Century of Wisdom. I wish that the whole world,including our enemies, could see one of her quotes - "Hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated."

  • nicole galante

    I am humbled by her words, her life! Thank you Alice for letting us know that it's possible to live, every day of our life, in the spiritual matrix. You have broken through the veil!

  • Selene

    Every element of spiritual and psychological wisdom is here, - beauty, laughter, optimism, music, gratitude. I'd watch this every morning!

  • reginadolan

    quite simply, her inner rue beauty is her reality, she walks her talk, I am so grateful to have come across this beautiful inspirational soul, Look at the good in everything and everyone, smile and learn something to heart every grateful learn by your mistakes and give thanks and be grateful every every day of your life....laugh love live



  • Betsy

    Everything is a present, thankful for everything. Put something new in your mind to learn by heart. No one could take this from you. Learn from your mistakes.

  • Pauline

    Everything is a present. Learning, sharing and being thankful have created optimal positive thinking. The vibrations she caries are a true inspiration.

  • Raju Hira

    it was amazing to see her view towards life. To say everything is a present have gratitude & know the bad and to focus on the good is a selection process where we focus on the good in others. That is real beauty in people. it makes everyday worth living , being happy and to celebrate life.

  • Justine Kluen

    Ohhhhh it is such a blessing to stumble upon this video clip today! I needed to see and hear her speak these words to me! She is the living testimony of what every well intended religion, prophet, guru, Buddha, has intended to communicate...... But she tells this with her energy, her being, her presence and her life! Nothing can compete with that!

  • patricia

    Alice's gift to the world of her music, her smiles, her gratitude and belief in everything is a present. God Bless her for sharing her wisdom.

  • Linda Nelsen

    What a wonderful message, from a wise, wise woman. I learned to give these two gifts, positivity and gratitude, to my little grandson. The world is not what I would have it be....and yet, it is his to enjoy and bring out what his journey will reveal. Love and many thanks, Linda

  • ginger

    The positive she only dwells on the positive. What a great inspiration. I enjoyed listening to her.

  • ini

    The greatness of her soul !

  • Kathinka

    The power of music!

  • Cathy

    Her love of life her joy.

  • Marlene

    She is fulfilling her life purpose. Tragical circumstances that led to real grace and beauty. An inspiration to us all.

  • Mary

    Her refusal to be negative & her ability to laugh. A wonderful attitude. She is truly an inspiration

  • alaria

    I cant access the video

  • Laurice Connell

    Alice reminded me of the beauty of our souls. She is an Angel guiding us to remember who we really are and to love life and each other. Thank you Alice. Xxx

  • Victoria Sprigg

    This film warms my heart chakra. Beautiful lady.

  • elena selena

    I know about the bad but i look at the good think! Everything is a present!

  • Janet Cochrane

    Aliuce Sommer is a beautiful lady with a gracious giving insight into living life to the fullest. She is truly an inspiration in survival not just physically but mentally with a beautiful attitude and a life demonstrating her beliefs.

  • Lisa

    Today Ms. Alice Herz Sommer you touch my life, heart, and spirit. You remind me of beliefs I already embrace and inspire new ones.Thank you.

  • joni bist

    Everything..she is amazing and inspiring

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  • Learn more about the incredible life of Alice Herz Sommer, who died in February 2014 at the age of 110.
  • One of the keys to Alice Herz Sommer's survival was to memorize music.  One of the best ways to keep your memory sharp at any age is to keep learning.
  • Be thankful for everything - everything is a present.

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