Andy Mackie was literally sick and tired. After nine heart operations, he couldn't abide the miserable side-effects of the 15 medications doctors had prescribed. So he decided to make a parting gift. Rather than investing in his monthly pharmaceuticals, Mr. Mackie purchased 300 harmonicas to give away to school children. And then a funny thing happened. He didn't die. So the next month he bought 300 more harmonicas and took them from school to school. Eleven years and 16,000 harmonicas later, Mr. Mackie passed away at the age of 73.


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  • Marsha Lord

    What an inspirational storytelling with!!! As a teacher and a cancer survivor we never know how much we touch others.

  • Chris Casady

    Giving up pharmaceutical drugs! Good move!

  • Juicing with Julie

    Passion and doing what you love can literally save your life! Wow! What a powerful, inspiring story. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    talk about your Passion as a lifesaver! thank you for sharing this video!

  • Max Resonance

    Great story about a insightful man! I would only add that the tracheal resonance triggered by blowing into a harmonica is an excellent way to dissolve all lateral tensions in the body. Great teaching too tool!

  • Semora McCampbell

    AaAndy was able to move to a higher spiritual level in his life; from "me to others thinking."By giving his life away to others, he reaped a boutiful gift...he received so much more...a purpose, joy from helping children and a ultimately a longer life. Very inspirational!

  • nick robinson

    Id like to be able to do something like this someday. Playing gigs in schools is a great time.

  • patricia

    What inspired you about this video? The faith this man has...

  • DIAN


  • Tess Daniels

    His simple recognition that he could have more fun and do something constructive with his time and money other than feed it to the medical system....we are all gonna die (shed these temporary carcasses) and it doesn't have to be abad scary thing.

  • Ragu

    When he did not die of the heart surgeries, Andy probably looked at every extra day he lived as a bonus, an unconditional gift. And he wanted to reciprocate it. With or without a terminal illness, if we assume each day as an unconditional gift, we could unleash the same kind of generosity Andy did. Aside, he lived 11 more years not in spite of but probably because of not taking the 15 different medication.

  • azman

    anwy tq.

  • tom

    Children and music go together like cake and ice cream....a combination of taste and texture that's hard to just works and always will...let the sound of music be available to all children of the peace and understanding universally...

  • maridel thompson

    His unconditional love, generous sharing spirit, and inspiring the youth with a love, appreciation and ability for making music...a lifelong gift!

  • Dottie

    How easily our happiness improves our health. Smart guy.

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  • Learn about the foundation that is continuing Andy Mackie's work.
  • Mackie's dream was to empower youth through music.  Meet an organization of super-cool musicians who embody the same vision.
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