This Earth Hour 2012, starting at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 31, participate in the world's largest voluntary action for the environment by switching off your lights for one hour. What started out as an initiative in one city, Sydney, Australia, has grown into a global movement for change, with people, businesses and governments in over 130 countries across every continent coming together for the benefit of the planet. Now, can you go beyond the one hour?


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  • Juniper Sunrise

    I wish I had known about this!!! I'm going to volunteer next year!!!

  • Chad

    I love these ideas of earth hour/day/month... But when will we make changes in our daily lives and how can we do bigger movements for change. How can we make it part of maditiry education?? That's my question

  • Yishchara

    We are all one, we are connected. We need each other, us and our planet. The power of one is an amazing thing indeed. I will participate in this even every year and next year I plan to walk my candle through Yreka, CA.

  • Sarah

    Very Cool!! I wonder if we could make it dimmer from Google Earth...Hmmmm....

  • satish kumar

    Awaraness is a very strong and big tool to change lives and the environment crucial for us and for our future generations.Let us do something for ourselves and the environment. or else one day everyone will fade away from this earth. Let us sow seeds of awareness towards protecting our environment and allow life to continue on this mother earth.

  • Raymond Sia

    Yes , we should take part to save he earth and it's a good movement to support .

  • Lois

    Any improvement begins with each of us not with those! So much appreciate these weekly reminders from karma! Thank you!

  • Maree

    The best place in the world that should Switch off its lights for an hour at least would be All of Las Vegas as it lights up as a christmas tree 365 days a year!!

  • Onestar

    The ideal that an individual can make an impact as a part of group aligned to a cause of so much importance.....Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    All the candle light. Why not make it a nightly ritual.

  • setayesh

    fantastic .i will do it but 8;30 in uct ?

  • Elizabeth

    It is a wonderful idea. Wish I had known earlier, I would have had my congregation participate. Today March the 30 is the first I have heard of it. To Brenda, it is 1.8 billion I believe. Hope we reach crital mass. Blessings to a who participate.

  • Brenda

    Who/where/what are the 18 billion people mentioned in the video? A moment of lost effectiveness there - I thought there were about 7 billion on the planet? What does that number mean/represent?

  • ThaliaHollis

    What time do lights go out? At 8:30 LOCAL time wherever you are??

  • judi swanson

    I have not heard of this before I watched the video... This week, I read an article by someone who took one day a month "off' from their tech, to reconnect with self. I was setting a date to do so and I came across this video. WOW talk about a cosmic connection! I will be forwarding this video to all I know and participating also.

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  •  Find out more about Earth Hour and how you can get involved.
  •  There are many ways to help the planet.  Here are 50 - how many do you follow?
  •  Create your own mini Earth Hour - have dinner by candlelight once a month.

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