As early as 1871, Charles Darwin argued that sympathy is our strongest instinct. Today, "kindness scientist" Dacher Keltner and his team at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, are proving that kindness is biological - it is a part of human nature. And, that kindness and compassion makes you happier and healthier!


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  • Sandy S.

    I enjoyed learning about the connection between compassion and oxytocin. It makes sense to me and I hope that others can increase their level of compassion and happiness by learning this.

  • Patricia Tot

    The title Kindness Scientist inspired me to watch. I wanted to know more as recently I have been reading about it.

  • Chris

    What inspired me to watch was a revision on Empathy V Sympathy. Although the ,search, brought up this short video on sympathy I only gleaned from it two short phrases. But then again I am only just starting out on my learning and am probably being to literal.

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  •  Find out more about Dacher Keltner and his chosen fields of study.
  •   The Greater Good Science Center researches "what goes right" in human behavior.  Read some of their recent articles.
  •  Want to feel better?  Make a small gesture of compassion or kindness.  Want to feel great?  You know what to do... :)

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