A film by Brent Hoff. More at Wholphin.

Win or lose, what does it matter? The Love Competition at the Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging takes the almost indefinable concept of "love" into a friendly "competition." An old couple, a young lover, a young boy and others focus on love as much as they can for five minutes. Watch "The Love Competition" and love!


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  • Nancy

    Enlightening. Only five minutes. How fascinating

  • Di

    Doesn't surprise me who won.

  • Mewhere

    Excellent therapy, I think everybody should practice ever so often to appreciate it and make one more aware

  • mac

    Turning everything into a competition... sad.

  • Ralph

    To think it would take only five minutes a day to generate such good vibrations in the brain...

  • aaron


  • Elena

    incredible how HAPPY all of them were to have focused on love for 5 minutes. they were beaming, crying, transformed.

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  • Learn more about the director, Brent Hoff, and his other short films here.
  • Learn more about love and attachment from Jonathan Haidt, the author of the Happiness Hypothesis.
  • Take five minutes and simply focus on love! Write about the experience and share with your friends!

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