"The ordinary... is the part of our world where beauty is interlaced in each detail... It’s the part of our world that can knock our socks off... but so many of us walk by everyday, never knowing, never caring... But some see..."

This lovely meditation on the blessing of vision -- both metaphorically and explicitly -- was shot on a budget of $25 (for the prop sunglasses), using a digital SLR and an iPhone.


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  • Tizz

    I hope you're still making films, Deitrich. This is stunning. It makes me want to grab my camera and go capture something ordinary/extraordinary to share. Thank you for sharing your vision ♥

  • Teresa

    critical reminder to "be here now'--beautiful

  • Anika

    The wisdom to slow down and live in the moment.

  • Caroline

    This is very powerful stuff. I have always paused to see the beauty in everyday life. I did art for a few years and my Nana is a painter, I wonder if I have inherited her eye for those beautiful details in the every day. It's always good to have reminders like these to check in with ourselves and make sure we still notice these things.

  • Bindu

    Reminded me to keep my mind and heart open when my eyes are open! Beautifully done!!

  • Debbie

    I enjoyed to use technology in such a beautiful way! If I'm going to take time to stare at a screen what a nice reminder about our beauty around us and most importantly taking time to see!❤️ Thank You

  • Ramchandra

    So expressive. Powerful message on simple "seeing".

  • Camilla

    Thank you. Such a beautiful reminder of what a gift it is to be alive, every day.

  • Cas

    What a wonderful reminder to really see all the wonder around us every day and not take it for granted.

  • mavis

    To see the details in all things around us!

  • mavis

    Unable to see the video ):

  • Michael


  • Gloria Barbacoff

    Beautifully shot and edited with an important and vital message for all of us that we stop and notice the beauty in the ordinary. Bravo to Dietrich Ludwig!

  • sandra Leon

    The extraordinary is seen with de heart

  • Mike

    Take nothing for granted.

  • Sailesh

    A very inspiring video that encourages us to see beauty in everything. Thank you for sharing

  • Dave

    A very compelling film that brings us to the now moment and opens our eyes and senses to appreciating what we have been given. Thank you Dietrich for your insights. Namaste, Dave

  • MikeB

    I had cataract surgery a few years back and am currently learning to see better metaphorically as well. Congratulations on producing a very nice thoughtful video on such a low budget.

  • basel

    God blessed us all with countless wonderful gifts, it is included in every thing around We will leave this world soon, we should enjoy and feel these gifts every moment.

  • Diane

    -- the reminder to "see," to "notice" the beauty in all.

  • Brian Hultay

    It uses a perceptual reality, one's vision, to make the point that life, living, is an extraordinary gift, that normal and extraordinary is relative only by one's perception and therefore one's attention to each moment. Value and meaning in one's life is not acquired or attained, it is lived and defined in each moment, the journey, by the degree to which we open ourselves to change and being vulnerable to what life presents us.

  • Ingrid

    This video moved me to my soul ... just a fact, not a dramatization ... some see it, some don't, some will, some won't ... and it is what it is ... amazingly beautiful ... thank you Dietrich for your sensitive presentation and may you have much success making films ... Ingrid

  • Milind


  • Michael Mosqueda

    God want us to see the beauty of His creation, it's kindness as well,its our turn to appreciate and bring back kindness. don't allow the devil to blurred the beauty make us believe that there's no kindness in it... Mike Mosqueda

  • Olive

    There is so much beauty that surrounds us each and every day. Look at those things that for too long you took for granted, for tomorrow may be a day of darkness/minus sight.

  • Charlotte

    It confirms what I know to be true in my heart - that absolutely everything is perfect - even perceived imperfections are prefect - Isn't life magnificent? Thank you for producing this film it is most inspiring. Thank you

  • Lori

    My prayer: Open my eyes; slow my pace; feel the wind caress my check; listen my daughter's laughter. Be still and listen. amen.

  • Sharon Dryjanski

    not to take for granted the beauty of the ordinary but rejoice in all and give thanks for the gifts of sight ,touch, emotion, and so on...carry the good news....

  • qmonda

    Enjoyed each and every second of the cide.............was awesome!!

  • Kyra

    Ah yes... to see the wondressness of the world again as though through the eyes of a child. There is beauty in all that surrounds us. We get busy and sometimes forget to stop and see these little details... the intricate parts and details that make up the sum... Life... not to be taken for granted. Thank you

  • Michael

    Yes! Thank you for bringing us to this simple perfect state of here so beautifully. Wonderful important expression and teaching.

  • Basira

    As a non-native english speaker this is exactly how i perceived the word extraordinary as a child: extra-(extremely) ordinary-(ordinariness of things). The gifts of nature, and all that we create are right in front of us. It's time to listen a bit more to what is given.. Thank you 'Seeing!"

  • Rick

    Enjoyed very much. Sent link to family and friends.

  • D'JOY

    i am Not Alone...Say~~~ "Yes" To All the Miracle... That Is Life

  • Chantal

    Beautiful - and inspiring from beginning to end. Thank you for "seeing" and putting that in a message for us to remember. Sharing on my wall and Let's Eat page -- Chantal

  • Judy


  • sr

    nice video, nice voice dietrich!

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Seeing life as not simply seeing, but the direction life has taken in this mans life.

  • lor

    yes i do take a lot for granted, one thing is my sight. thanks

  • KaZ (SatSiri)

    This is one of the reasons I open my email every day! Share your world. LOVE what is in your world. All we need is our FLIP video camera, digital camera, phone camera or our iTouch to show how we may make a difference in the WORLD. And a smile for everyone we meet. Thank you thank you!

  • Sunny adarson

    Simply inspiring.

  • Brian

    Amen! Thanks guys...lets all promise eachother to work on staying in the moment and appreciating the simple things...that's the basic key to happiness...peace....

  • Jan


  • Robert

    From the movie "The Little Big Man"; "Thank you Spirit for allowing me to see. Thank you for making me blind so that I could see further." Chief Dan George goes to the mountain to die and thanks the Spirits who have gone before him.

  • Seven Sisters

    we are here. we are apart of this planet. like one breathing organism. its time to heal our mother, ourselves, our loved ones, and find balance within the yin and yang that make up this world. be aware. open. evolve. there is a river and we are in it. :) *******

  • Caela

    How easy it is to live in awe of the beauty all around us if we simply take the time to open our eyes and see deeply.

  • Stan

    Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for my vision and everything else in my life.

  • Jul

    I loved this video- expecially seeing the doggie. I often look at my little doggies face and she is so sweet- it was a great connection in this video. I often look at the little things people walk by every day. The tiny flowers in the dirt- the birds flying above...but some days I am too busy to slow down and look. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and look!!!

  • Lily

    So grateful I watched this today - thanks!

  • Pennierose 1

    " Go slowly, there isn't much time..." ~Buddha This is so lovely. Thank you for it's creation and sharing it. This makes us think.....thinking is good.

  • Tejal

    Can't view the video, can any one help?

  • Amanda G.

    Beautiful images. Thank you, thank you.

  • Badgie

    the beauty of what we take for granted in our hurried fast paced life. thank you for sharing. this video inspired me to be still and know God as he is the beauty of the little things we take for granted on a daily basis. I have not looked at the ordinary things from the time I woke up this morning and was too caught up in the busyness of hurrying about my day. Thank you.

  • Yani

    We hurry too much and enjoy too little. Thank you for making us stop. Think and see...with new eyes, everyday...

  • sneha

    The truth and its simplicity. Thank u for sharing.

  • Sue

    This video brought tears to my eyes as I recognized how each of us miss so much of life as we rush past all the beauty within our sight and touch each day. It has changed my way of considering life.

  • Greg

    to look more at my work and the mission i wish to acomplish in this world as a self build role model nice video.

  • Philomena

    Well. It is all said so simply and yet so powerfully. happiness happens as Eckhard Tolle says in the precious Now and we miss it so often the amount of noise in our heads. This wonderful guy speaks for my heart. Thank you for reminding me again.

  • Mary

    Wow! It stirred my heart in all the right ways..........

  • Satya

    It remembers me that everything in this world is so beautify....it purely depends on how I see it....

  • liz

    reminded me to "walk placidly between blame and praise." there is a huge beautiful world out there that just is. without praise, without guilt, without discussion...it just is. Thank you!

  • Madeline Ebelini

    EVERYTHING inspired me about this video!!! Superb! Thank you. Thank you!

  • Barbara

    Thank you. The music is beautiful, the voice so soothing and the message so true.

  • Rachel

    Thank you. This was an absolutely beautiful video that brought me to tears. So many people chase happiness and, if they but stop and "find the beauty in the details", they'll see that it's been there all along, just waiting to be embraced.

  • Forrest Long

    Beautiful video! How often people rush through life without every noticing the beauty in the ordinary, never taking time to really see. This video is a good reminder to me to be looking every day and let my creativity develop out of the ordinary.

  • C. Hope Clark

    How remarkably touching. As a writer, this expresses so clearly how I strive to paint my stories. Loved it.

  • Beverly

    What Dietrich has captured and shared with the world is extraordinary. Thank you!

  • Dirk

    Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder....the eye of the beholder exists inside beauty -- inside the ordinary... when you begin to see.... thank you Diedrich for this gift of beauty....

  • kumar

    marvellous. it takes you to higher levels of self awareness where you mind is still and where you can enjoy every moment. thanks.

  • Prakash

    Yo u need to be actively present in the present , to enjoy the simple joys of life

  • Judith Eugene

    There is so much joy to be found in every day simplicities...the simplicities that aren't really so simple, once you start to appreciate the immense wonder of the web of life. We have so much richness around us at all times. The real key to happiness is stopping to notice and appreciate. Thank you for this reminder.

  • Dixie

    Seeing beyond site. Thank you for reminding us to look further.

  • Rose Marie Raccioppi

    The observer, holds to a rapture as the knowing heart, the soaring soul, perceives the beauty that IS - Inspired Spirit... Thank You for capturing this splendor and bringing tearful moments of JOY.

  • Aikaterina

    It is so awesome to see something on more than one level - thank you for this beautiful rendition!!

  • sethi

    Thank you .

  • Janine Voruz

    The music, the images, the focus on small things. It brought me to tears.

  • Yvonne

    THANK YOU for this reminder of how very fortunate so many of us are..your vision is extraordinary!

  • nancy

    perfect for Mother's Day .... a day for celebrating simple reflection on the ordinary. Thank you Dietrich!

  • Ana

    Thank you Dietrich for the amazing work, the music is perfect and your voice is a balm for the soul. May you touch the hearts of those who lost touch with the ordinary things of life in the this fast moving times. Love, Light and Endless Blessings.

  • nina

    Really inspiring and beautiful, thank you. It's all about awareness and being in the present moment. Colours are vivid, each encounter- an opportunity to relate, to see, to breath in. Awareness. Thank you Dietrich, I think you have alot to give and share.

  • Jo

    This lovely meditation inspired tears..tears for all that I miss on a daily basis. And awareness to slow down and take time to truly appreciate what I see. To feel grateful for all that life already offers, without wanting more.

  • Jules

    This is lovely.Good timing for me and made me smile.

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