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Scientists believe that we are at a tipping point of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, the largest contiguous tropical forest in the world. If we lose much more, the damage may be irreversible. The Amazon is a vast storehouse of biodiversity and plays a critical role in regulating global climate. Today, nearly one fifth of the Amazon has been cleared. This video describes some of the extraordinary efforts being undertaken by social entrepreneurs and stewards of the rainforest that have made a considerable difference to reducing deforestation. Over the last 5 years, Brazil has managed to reduce the rate of deforestation by 80%. However, new regulations threaten to reverse this trend.


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  • tiago

    Thew video? Glorified and cleverly disguised green-washing. No thanks.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    To see how possible it truly IS to make a change when we partner and cooperate. Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing some HOPE! Let us continue. HUG!

  • Thierry

    A great thanks to these social entrepreneurs and the indigenous people for doing all they can to save what can be saved of the great amazonian forest. Thanks to Eric for his downright realistic comment.

  • Karmen

    the problem can be stopped by stopping the demand. that's the only way, and that's why I am vegan ;) dont think you cant make a difference as "only" an individual, its about the individuals, because together they make a powerful force. :)

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Old Story, new effort.

  • eric

    it's GOOD that it shows positive ways BUT the problem is that NOW the GO is going 10,000 miles an hour for destruction AGAIN and in Colombia those 20% of the country "in the hands of indig people" are under super fast annihilation bec the gov is sending in companies and army / paramilitaries (again) after 2 years of calming down... in Putumayo, the Amazon basin, the fumigations decimated Cofanes and now they say the new escalating violence is going to exterminate them in the near future. AND the new Eu free trade zone will exterminate 13 tribes... this they know from experinece of killngs over three decades... and the national LAW actually demands that they consult indigenous people but they HAVE NOT. The representatives of the tribes were in berlin and Brussels in early 2012 and the EU representative said "we dont care, the president says it's ok and we need the resources." A PROBLEM with these positive vidoes in THIS case conveys a HOPE for BIG parts of amazon, 20% and colombia, 20% but this hope is right now not at all realistic... not at all... and meanwhile while we smile they are exterminated at NEW record speed. that's even worse than before when we KNOEW they were being massacred. u may not be happy with this comment, all i can do is convey the verbal statements from the indigenous representatives, and the cofanes are opretty well known and established...

  • Marc

    The forest will grow back. After we've all died and the planet is clean from human infestation. Or we can learn to live with the planet. It makes me ill that we even have to face that truth. I hope the children do better than we have done.

  • Jami

    What inspired you about this video?This video is amazing!!! Who wouldn't want to live in and save such gorgeous land? Maybe people and company/corp. who are trying to buy and destroy these areas have really never seen or experienced the beauty of nature there, Love the quality of the footage captured at the beginning. Thank you for this:)

  • Ramesh

    The Amazing Imazon True Experience at the Amazon. This kind of Video is really inspiring. We at " Pachamama Allaiance " believe in three basic principles on which Human Presence on Planet Earth should be based - i.e. Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Uplifting and Socially Just. This video has shown what is possible through mutually beneficial partnerships. God bless you ! - Colonel Ramesh Pathak

  • Sue

    This video shows that working together is key to producing solutions that help everyone :)

  • Leticia

    As a Brazilian and a citizen of the world who cares about the future, it's inspiring to see how there are other people who also care enough to dedicate their lives to help preserve the Amazon. I grew up listening to stories that made me skeptical about having international presence in the Amazon. Stories involving entrepreneurs claiming that they were there to save the forest, but were actually stealing plants and animals. But the truth is that there is so much good being manifested in different and inspiring ways that does reinforce the idea that we are the change. Thank you so much for posing this video and I trust that it will continue to inspire people to take action somehow and share precious information with others.

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  • Read some interesting facts about the Amazon, such as the fact that 25% of the active ingredients in today’s cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Learn about the work that the Skoll Foundation does in finding and cultivating social entreprenuers who are making a big impact.
  • Support the bio-diversity in your community by planting an indigenous tree.

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