Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad, India is redefining the "fine" dining experience. Operated on the principle of the "gift economy," this restaurant serves food at no charge. Diners enjoy meals that have been paid for by those who came before. And what each patron pays at the end of a meal is a matter of the heart. "You pay from your heart," says one of the many volunteers who cook, clean and serve at the restaurant. "The idea is to promote the idea of giving."


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  • Natasha Rawdon-Jones

    This is an absolutely wonderful idea. Check out @pleasetakeone (one step towards a more generous life) -- a movement to inspire a global movement of generosity. It's these little steps which make a difference. Thank you for the inspirational idea- would love to visit when I'm in India.

  • Ahmed

    Great Idea!! To feed people is the greatest gift anyone give others..!!

  • yasmie

    i like the idea cause i always loved cooking.

  • leslie

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like this idea takes alot of trust but we serve from our hearts at Hazel's Kitchen mmmmmmmmmmmm

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