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Vivienne Harr's favorite color is pink. She loves her stuffed animals and dolls, and she loves play dates with her best friend. One day, Vivie saw some photographs of child slaves in an art gallery, and knew she had to do something. The only business experience this 8-year old girl had was a lemonade stand, so she set out to raise $150,000 selling lemonade in order to free 500 slaves through the organization, Not for Sale. If you live in or near Fairfax, California, stop by Vivie's stand - she is there EVERY day. Or, visit her lemonade stand 2.0, online.


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  • Pete

    Everything about this video is inspiring. A few things that rise to the top. ()The coverage of the story itself. Go Inspire Go did a great job! There are amazing heartwarming stories in everywhere. This one is particularly amazing. Go Inspire Go.com and karmatube are great places for those surfing the web for great content to visit! ()It was so clear from the video that Vivienne's parents get it. This seems to be a manifestation that is springing from her truth... with her parents SUPPORT. So often it seems, parents take control. In this case however, it seems that her parents are truly doing a great job as role models by allowing Vivienne's truth be so accessible. ()It is inspiring that something as simple as a stand can serve as such a powerful metaphor and a practical example of people doing something to bring harmony to others (and themselves which is just as important. (and it seems that they are bringing harmony to themselves by doing something about what they feel inspired to do, raising awareness for something as important as anything, and by inspiring others)). Bravo!

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  • Support Vivie's stand against slavery and leave her an inspirational message.
  • Learn more about the more than 30 million slaves in the world today, some of whom are in your community.
  • What do you stand for? Follow Vivie's example and make your own stand for the change that you wish to see in this world.

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