Sara Lahey's hunt for happiness began at age 5, sitting alone in a closet, determined to prevent any other child from experiencing the pain that she was feeling at that moment. By age 14, Lahey realized that when things were toughest for her, it was by helping other people that she felt the best - those were the few, precious moments when she truly felt happy. Listen to Lahey's TEDx talk to find out how this superhero brings happiness to everyone she meets.


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  • Leo

    Even a tiny bit of good adds to the whopping whole. Don't be discouraged because you only have a coin to give, give it willing and it becomes two! Thanks Sara!!!! <3

  • Sara Lahey

    Thank you... and you.... and you... for your sweet comments! Your love and support is so appreciated. I cherish your kindness. My eyes are wet with gratitude. Cheers to each of you! Hugs, High-Fives and a "Wahoo Superheroes, I believe in you!"

  • k r k sastri

    Sarah Lahey is an expert open - heart surgeon, in her own way, ingenious enough to light a candle, even a tiny one, instead of adding usual preaching sessions into already polluted environment,in our dear black hole on this pale blue dot. Hats off to the present day ~ Florence Nightingale ~ ! < O >

  • Mel

    Inspiring! Thank you.

  • Brenda

    Sara, I love your determination to change your story and give love and hope to the world. I believe that simple acts of kindness can change the world and you've inspired me to do more. God bless

  • Sethi

    Thank you for sharing .

  • Dishane saha

    Its very touching Sara.Thanks for spreading happiness in this world:)

  • Whatsername

    It's the simple ideas which really work. Thank you for sharing x

  • Laura

    Perfect proof that the 'one' person we all have...all are.....can make a difference. Thank you, Sara Lahey!

  • Katharine

    Refreshingly simple, honest, touching and quite simple beautiful.

  • Kelly

    Sara- thank you for spreading happiness in this world. By seeking happiness and focusing your life on that you have created it for yourself and all you encounter. I have often heard it is what we think about most that we create in life. Good for you for focusing on what you want to create, "happiness" instead of the situation you were handed. You are a superhero, may many blessings come your way!

  • Bella

    Sara! What a light being you are! Thank you for living a life of such contrast and staying so connected to the love and light that you are. You are saving the world just by telling your story ; )

  • gayathri

    Saraaa....the world of happiness is make, give, share. Much gratitude for making a little more space for happiness in this world. love your thoughts on 'dont hold happiness a hostage'.

  • Semora McCampbell

    Hi Sara...loved your video..not only inspirational, but shows what the human spirit can accomplish by changing our individual and collective thoughts and behavior. It all starts with the first person and taking the "first step." Thank you Sara for reminding us all of our inner strength and wisdom to overcome obstacles.

  • Julie

    Sarah... You are such an inspiration. Your words fill me with hope. The message you give to the world is so simple and beautiful. Thank you so much for having the courage and vision to share this with the world. May you go from strength to strength in your work. The world needs as much love, hope, compassion and gratitude as possible and you are doing so much to help spread the word. You are a shining light!!!

  • anil

    Hi Sara, Hats off to you to achieve this..Keep doing great work.. You said there is a super hero in everyone..that is so true.. we just don't realize it. Thanks..

  • Jason

    Sara you are an inspiration. Your choice to live in gratitude after experiencing a very challenging childhood is nothing short of miraculous. I love your positive outlook, your initiative, actions taken to live the life you wish to live and your awareness that we all have the power to give. It is the 'willingess to care about other people' that many of us seem to lack. You have an innate compassion that I hope spreads to everyone you meet and life's you touch through your interactions (in person or through media). Namaste

  • Angelina

    Sara...thank you for your courage, determination and enthusiasm for unapologetically pursuing (and finding) happiness - and for sharing your gifts with others. What a beautiful heart you have! I am sharing this with my daughters today and we will pass it on. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Angela

    Love u...keep it going...we u !!!

  • Deb

    It gives me Hope...

  • arpita

    She is an inspiration. She took a life of pain and transforms it into a diamond that shines brightly. Thank you Sara.

  • linda

    shhhh..i too am a closet superhero!

  • Dale

    Awesome. Thank you.

  • Emily


  • Greg

    Stumbled upon your presentation by accident. I just want to say that I find your level of sincerity, gentleness, and lack of a material agenda so refreshing in a woman of your age and I hope that it only deepens and matures. That is your key to being present for people. Your heart is a treasure! I'm shocked that no one out of almost 1,400 people has given you any feedback (?!?!) Can that be true?

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  • Find out more about Sara Lahey's Hunting Happiness Project, including the Love'n Aid stand. "Like" the project on Facebook.
  • Action for Happiness corroborate's Lahey's strategy for finding happiness - the first item on their 10 Keys to Happier Living is GIVING.
  • The next time you feel sad, realize that you have the power to give love.

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