We are bombarded by information, thanks in large part to the internet and its allied technologies. But exposure to unlimited information is not the same thing as the ability to capture it as knowledge or synthesize it as understanding. "We are living in a state of perpetual distraction," says Nicholas Carr, "which crowds out the more contemplative, calmer modes of thinking." We need these quieter, less frenetic moments to think conceptually, critically, and creatively. This video argues that digital multitasking and cute cat videos are undermining the very thought processes that are the essence of our humanity.


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  • Cecilia

    The Internet is very powerful tool, to use it right to learn to communicate with the world learn all around as put the WORLD in 1, share information, make friends around the world expose facts that we not now, create good things but, humans have a way to turn good things into bad things, that is not the proper way to go, 3

  • ria fenty

    If we pull the plug, the trance will be broken. Cultural Creatives Calm the world.

  • Doug

    Caroline is right on target, that being mindful when using technology. As a plumber, I work in many different places, and like to text the occasional photo of a beautiful or interesting place. I meditate, and we have a no cell phone/technology at meal times.

  • Caroline

    Wow this is so true! I try really hard to not use the internet every day, but it creeps up on you so quickly. I will be more mindful about how much time I spend googling from now on.

  • becky jaine

    This is AWESOME--- cleverness, humor and truth! I love the irony that we found it on the Internet! I W I L L N O T B E A S S I M I L A T E D!

  • chan

    This video emphasises the importance of one-pointed attention; which the masters and sages of the past have talked about. Eknath Easwaran, a teacher, talks about it his books: Meditation; The Mantram Handbook. Easwaran repeats that constantly doing several things at one time, results in one not getting a hundred percent benefit from any of the activities. It is great to see the same message in Nicholas Carr's book.

  • Morsi Abdelaleem Saif

    This video embodies a real crisis we face day and night, the unlimited explosion of information which made people scattered everywhere - no time for reading or any kind of human relations. Using the internet randomly kills any chance for calmness or thinking straight.

  • Mish

    Save your eyes too ...screen breaks more needed than most realize.

  • Carolanne

    Taking a day each week to unplug is more valuable than you can imagine. As someone who is "joined at the hip" with the computer for work, I've found that reserving a day without internet or a cellphone brings about its own kind of miracle by allowing me to slow down and really savor the moment. I'm also much more clear and calm come Monday.

  • EMarie

    to learn and keep in our long term memory we must set aside time for doing so. Not that the interent is not informative but its can be distracting causing us to lost track of the main event. What's in front of us to learn . . .one thing at a time

  • Shaun

    To focus on learning one specific topic for a few hours a day away from distractions

  • Caz40

    Mindfulness and balance are keys to healthy living.

  • Nita

    Maybe comsciousely keep away from digital multitasking at least for an hour a day.

  • Assi

    Back to basic the best thing to control our brain

  • Rajendra Rathod

    One Mind, One Life, focus on one thing at a time - Multitasking is OUT.

  • joyjunky

    not one single woman in this video...?

  • Alo

    Hmmm, but essentially we control our brains, our thought processes and anything outside are mere illusions of our reality. Everyone has innate capacity to activate brain sensors, but then it boils down to individual choices of what to take in or not.

  • Rekha tripathi

    very true............

  • Mick

    I recently focused on learning math using Khan Academy, which provides a very enjoyable and learn-able format using gamification. This focuses my mind, and produces a type of bliss. I estimate according to my progress, I'll understand basic calculus in three to six months.

  • Eva

    We turn ourselves into passive receivers when we don't create something of our own with the information we receive, with the things we learn. Even if it's very good information, we are stuffed with it if we don't take the time to digest it and integrate it with the rest, making new connections in our brain. What if we were to create something new everyday and share it with everyone? Like having a diary, painting, making a blog post, a video blog would be great (and easy), even making a post to share something useful you just learned, something that will be appealing to your friends. What if you make a commitment today to find something that's worth sharing everyday and share it in a creative, fun, attractive way?

  • arlene

    We need to take time each and every day to connect with the ONE, and reduce distractions in our life.

  • Mark

    Ironic to use the Internet to tell us of the dangers of the Internet.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Inspiring . Need to implement in my life .

  • katherine

    EXCELLENT and...sadly another display of only men smart people...such a brilliant bit on the internet and our brains and yet so backwards on media gender depictions...sigh...

  • Helen

    My own observations and common sense.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for sharing. I've felt this effect on my own brain and how I process. I used to joke about acquiring adult onset ADD, but now I understand the science behind it and the seriousness. BALANCE is key in Everything we do. As Human Beings we are Desperate to connect one to another, NOT only through the wonders of technology but face to face! Let us all take time to Reach out Person to Person and Connect beyond the internet.

  • Arun Solochin

    It's not technology, it's what you do with it. - Nokia

  • Maria Edit Antal

    This confirms my instinct of putting boundaries towards too much information to protect from superficiality. Because I love traveling deep to find meaning, especially through dancing.

  • Kate

    Seems like great thinking is a guy thing according to the producers of this video. Perhaps some attention to and contemplation of all the great social, intellectual and artistic contributions of women is in order before they can reliably comment on the "essence of our humanity".

  • Pratik Patel

    One of the basic principle of this world is Balance.. No long no short man.. balanced look best. No too fat no too thin.. balance.. We can't stay at one end, We need balance between emotions and intelligence. Heat and cold... Work and rest... Physical work and mental work. indoor and outdoor. Same way here balance between internet world and real world is needed. Both have importance. Internet gives us some more connection to people and huge source of quick information but real life is not in internet. You can see the pic of flower in internet but to experience it we need to go to real flower.

  • Alex Mart

    This is so important! Thank you for explaining this in such simple terms. I feel like I've come to have a lived experience of this, and of the power of unplugging, but lacked a more scientific basis for understanding what it was all about. As an intuitive energy coach, and a very sensitive and easily overwhelmed person, this is SO helpful! Thank you! (But no thank you to the two pop-up/follow-up hooks at the end, doesn't that negate the message? How about a "get off the computer and go outside and play" call to action instead?)www.alexmarthealth.org

  • Brian

    Thanks guys! I believe the internet is a blessing of information that is set to transform the world...the ability to connect everyone, and teach the truth and hopefully address ongoing basic needs...the resources are there to feed and clothe everyone...it's the PEOPLE who need to re-prioritize the allocation of a "cash rules" system towards a more leveled system structure that honors the front line too, and not just the "Zero Sum Game"---winner takes all rape/pillage/etc....We find balance within the "Tech" change revolution, and are charged with the challenge of "Neuroplasicity" (projects to help the mind), and to reduce the "text manic", and communication overload...Much love to all the good hearts...slow n easy...steady..keep healing...one day at a time..attitude of gratitude...self motivate..peace...1

  • Lenny

    What inspired you about this video? All of the printed books will soon be in the Smithsoninan and libraries will be row after row of computers as the only source for informationor entertainment.

  • Vicky

    This video demonstrates why I prefer a phone conversation or even better, face to face, over a text message, why I am no longer on Facebook and never turn on notifications..the internet is a valuable tool but I believe many of society's problems would be less intense or nonexistent if we had more personal interaction and communication.

  • joy

    amazing how unhuman we are even becoming with the internet. we dont even take our time to read the tweets, facebook comments and links that our friends post on the social media sites. we retweet, like and just ignore comments withoy=t thinking through. its important to always go for a walk, read a book, sleep or just have a face- face chat with our loveones instead of chatting. it is so common to visit a friend and he/she will be on the fone abt half the time of your visit. humanity is important, lets get that.

  • Heidi Green

    The points made about internet usage and its erosion of our long-term memory abilities as well as our ability to focus hit home with me. The article explains a great deal and ultimately helps me understand why, on the whole, our humanity, it seems, is at an all time low, especially among young people.

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    I have been saying just this same thing for a long time in my Creative Journal Expressive Arts workshops. Finally, it is being said on the Karma Video of the Week!!!www.elrocioretreat.com

  • bita

    An excellent point about making time for contemplation and turning off our devices but I was disappointed with the representation that all our great thinkers are white men and one token black man and no women. I would have liked to share this but I hate to promote white male supremacy.

  • d s ranga rao

    Very true of modern times. Just as one sacrifices wood for trees, with our addiction to internet we miss a lot of joy of reading a good book and gaining from it.

  • susan g.

    The absence of women in this video is shocking and made it irrelevant to today. All the great thinkers are men? Really?? Did you think we wouldn't notice? I'm sorry to say this video was disappointing and offered me nothing new.

  • Yogesh

    I wont say I am not bombarded with unnecessary information, but I am certainly way too behind than any average person hooked on to the internet today. Totally agree, information is not knowledge. And knowledge is what I think we must carry and share than information.

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  • Read a short adaptation of the thesis presented in â€‹Nicholas Carr's book, "The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Your Brain."
  • Consider how strategies like meditation and exercise can be antidotes for electronic overload.
  • Make some time today to switch off your computer, mobile phone, television, and radio and think calmly and deeply about something important to you.

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