Written and produced by Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod.

Musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod brought together dozens of people from around the world to create this beautiful, heart-opening melody. Inspired by the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge, the song is a celebration of our spirit and all that is a blessing in life. For the 21 Days, over 11,000 participants from 118 countries learned that “gratefulness” is a habit cultivated consciously and a muscle built over time. As a famous Roman, Cicero, once said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” This soul-stirring music video, created within a week by a team of volunteers, shines the light on all the small things that make up the beautiful fabric of our lives.


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  • Valentina

    Beautiful!Thank you!♥️

  • Patricia A Greene

    Everything - just wonderful. we need this to be reminded of our interconnection with each other.

  • margaret dilgen

    Everyone expressing what they are grateful for in this world.

  • Raje

    People have more in common than differences. 💕

  • Wajida

    The reality that we interare ❤️

  • Patricia

    Everything!Such beautiful faces and smile,with a catchy tune,the best of humanity wrapped up in one song!i was deeply mved.Thank you!God bless you all my brothers and sisters!

  • Kehaulani Lum

    Love, peace, joy, gratitude and aloha all wrapped up in this precious gift! Through this offering, we know that the light of hope still burns brightly in the world. Mahalo nui Brother Nimo, Daniel and everyone who created this song for your blessings. 🙏💙🌈

  • Kathy Sparks

    What a lovely tribute to gratitude! It makes me feel more optimism for the way the world is going!

  • david feldman

    Ah! To see / hear / feel this lovely video before we go to a large Thanksgiving celebration. Perfect!!!!💕💕💕

  • Song

    It touches the Truth in me every time I watch it that we have been gifted with so many blessings and we Are Blessing itself. Thank you to all those who made this video blessing possible. You’re a blessing.

  • Daryl Ann

    I live alone but I am NEVER alone! This song lit me up this morning and reminded me of the innumerable things and all the precious people I am thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. (That includes Nimo and Daniel and everyone in this circle of love...) Thank you!! XO

  • Anonymous

    Great song! So much positive energy. As a musician myself, I know it`s very easy to get caught up in one`s own little world and spend your days thinking about what you don`t have (money, a certain music technique, etc.). It`s wonderful to see these two step away from that "trap" and be able to recognize how much they truly have. You`re an inspiration!

  • Lynn Assimacopoulos

    This film is full of acceptance of everyone around the world no matter where they come from and understanding that each of us are important to one another. We must not be prejudice because of a persons skin color, language or where they live on this earth. As God accepts us we need to accept all others and treat each other with kindness.

  • Ann C

    Grace to be grateful. Gratitude to feel joy. Joy to move us. We are one uniting our spiritual and physical self; one with the world; one with the universe; with one another; and one through, with and in God.

  • Hassan Darky

    Mrs. Frohlich if you are reading this, Its Hassan ;). I have heard this song way too many times in your class. I am grateful for the opportunity you gave me. Hassan an Ellerslie campus student.

  • Stephen

    I am really impressed hearing this song sung by all the people. It must inspire all to believe on the Almighty Creator. Thanks all connected on this video.

  • Soul-ga Girl

    I just “re-found” this & so glad I did! Every single time I see this, it brings a tear to my eye. Daniel Nahmod is so awesome & now combined w/Nimo, it is over the top! Thank you for making this available & to all that had a part in it. Namaste

  • Ala A

    I am grateful for all the people in the song.it made me happy and grateful for my teacher, school,friends, and my family. Thanks

  • tim

    BEAUTIFUL! how do get a recording, so I can listen ALL day long!

  • Cathy

    What inspired me about this video - just everything 😊

  • Barbara

    So joyful and full of possibilities of coming together with joy and love for life and each other. x

  • Jill

    It is truth.

  • Adriana

    It awakened my to a new idea: People from all over the world could communicated with each other if we all learn American Sign Language. I know it would be American, but we'd have to choose one form or another. ASL could allow people to speak with each other without spoken language. I LOVE THE IDEA!


    The originality of happiness of the moment,being present in the moment and sharing the joy with everyone not only human beings but NATURE AS A WHOLE.

  • Joy Scudder

    Uplifting. So important to be grateful for all our blessings.


    everything about this presentation speaks og goodness!

  • Ankur Sharma

    It's beautiful!

  • dr mahesh

    Language of grattitude through music is amazing

  • Kim

    To one day have an instrumental version so school choirs can learn, sing and spread the message.

  • Meio

    Better to sing out :)

  • Nancy McKee

    The joy in the faces, body language, the uplifting music . . just the entirety of it all. Mae my day!!

  • Kimberly L Hart

    Truly the key to happiness and inner peace the gratitude that one is present within their heart.

  • Gary Baldwin

    There is so much we should be grateful for that allows us to feel and have meaningfulness in our daily living that doesn't need the gadgets and trinkets of contrived consumerism. Thankyou for this song that reverberates with the spirit of gratefulness!

  • Mark

    I often think of the Internet as just a continuous loop of National Enquirer-like headlines and negativity. This video made me weep and filled my heart and body and mind with the most warm sensation that a computer has ever produced. It is an antidote to the miasma that has filled the "airwaves" this last year of the you-know-who. The name that needs no naming. Love to all. Thank you. Peace

  • Judy

    SO BEAUTIFUL... thank you, made me cry happy tears.

  • Gaby

    Luv it! Spanish version please ;) Hope I can help

  • Doy

    The sense of gratitude and hope we can ALL share and live a more connected life with everyone, color, creed, age and gender. What a great way to start the day ILoveYou ;)

  • Janyse Hrynkow

    To see everyone sing and hear the words and to remind everyone to feel thankful!

  • Catherine Burdett

    Beautiful. The music and lyrics a powerful combination and reminder that heartfelt appreciation and gratitude is available to each and everyone of us. A game changer, a world changer. Thank you.

  • Julene

    Youth, their joy, their sharp awareness and desire to join together. I'm astounded by their gratitude and Love. They have much to teach us elders. Be Blessed, it's our world to create and you youngsters know it!

  • Christopher Worthing

    My being rings with vitality when I observe the presences of the players.

  • Gerri Asbury

    Connecting to people around the world~ recognizing the unique gifts we all share.Thursday’s Thought~ Today I choose to see LIFE & ALL People as a BLESSING: “Brilliant Love Energy Sharing Stories Incredible Neverending Gratitude”~g.asbury

  • nicole

    People, Music and Energy is full of hope and joy.

  • nobody

    the music part was wonderful! but, get rid of that crap rap. detracts from the beauty.

  • Johann

    To be grateful for everything that is in my life is my intention from here on in

  • Mary

    It is a good reminder to me that everything is a gift. Great images and music. Now I will watch it again.

  • Sophia

    Love music - and love to "use" it to spread out the message of love and that we are all ONE. Thanks a lot for your contribution. Already passed it on and will use it in my seminars as well so that people will hear about you even more.

  • Julie

    You reminded me I have enough I am enough

  • Cathy

    Every time I watch this video I cry..its the goodness and the gratitude that touch my heart so deeply. Thank you for this gift

  • Sharon

    Wonderful way to start my day. Inspires me to be more grateful for all the people, animals, and experiences in my life.

  • Claudette

    I am grateful all the opportunities I have had and to the people that have made them possible.


    This is great, how ever there is no mention of God from whom all these blessings come. Is God no longer cool , or “PC”? What if someone wanted to thank you for your goodness, but only mentioned your works and not your name? This message needs a Target, and that’s The Father and The Son... they are worthy of this wonderful recognition!😀

  • Joan


  • Rose

    It is expansive and all embracing. It touches on what is deepest in the human heart. Thank you.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Blessings .

  • JOHN

    This song and video reminds me to be thankful for EVERYTHING--the good, the bad, the hurtful, the helpful, etc. I am grateful for it all.

  • Janel

    Amazing video. We should all be grateful for what we have, no matter what that is, and what it is compared to what others have.

  • Stephanie

    Gratitude. It's a choice!

  • Cheryl

    That Life Is Amazing and That We are ONE!!!!



  • Tersia Kitshoff


  • Dana Smith

    We should only open our eyes around us to find more things to be grateful for. Very uplifting song, thank you.

  • Jerry Roback

    Mixing and blending many avenues for loving and laughing and joyful singing. Feeling the magic build helps remind me what the magic is and how it happens.

  • Becky

    The joy it brings as a reminder that no matter what there is always something for which to be grateful.

  • Carol Miranda

    Never take anything for granted. Be grateful and give love forward to all who are on your path.

  • Sandra j Herring

    Prefect for a Sunday morning, after my morning meditation. Truely inspiring.

  • Jyoti

    Openness and love expressed!

  • Jayaprasad

    What inspired? Anything from Karmatube and Good News is nothing but amazingly inspiring. Gratefulness had very nice to see videos and the lyrics are very heart warming. Seems like I need some time to settle down with the music. May be I was expecting a slower pace and softer rendition.

  • Patricia St John

    The people, the scenery, the all -encompassing goodness of it all.

  • Mary Curtin

    Beautiful! Grateful for it all!

  • Sandy Ice

    Inspiring every one to love life and each other......the positive vibes will change the world one pebble at a time and that is enough.

  • Joke Overbeeke

    This is what LIFE meant to be!

  • Carolyn Reinhart

    This video and concept is so amazing and encouraging - with people getting the vision to do it in the first place and then having so many participants - we share one world and music!!!!!

  • robert

    This song is so inspirational! It is so true and it reminds us that we have so much to live for!! : )

  • Yvonne

    The Heart Opening From Everyone Who Want Change

  • Mark Collins

    The inclusiveness, the love, the hope, the words which so strike a chord deep in my soul. A message of unity to help combat divisiveness and create a bridge of gratefulness over of chasm of unrest.

  • Pam Driscoll

    it is in the darkest times that we need to be reminded of love, kindness, peace and unity...this song brought tears of joy and a big smile...LOVE is the most powerful force and may we share our gratitude and love with all life on this precious planet Earth!

  • Kk

    This is amazing you truly can be the change you wish to see in the world, and be thankful and grateful for what you do have!!

  • Cyndi

    Fabulous, thank you. Every bit of it was inspiring!

  • Joy Blythe

    I keep watching this video! and it makes me cry every time! When I watch it, I realize how connected we all are on this planet AND that there is such a bigger world of Beauty beyond my usual and tiny perspective. Thank you.

  • Françoise Mathieu

    And thank you for this song, tandhe film and your words,all that make me in peace and joy 😃😄☺😀

  • Françoise Mathieu

    Gratitude help me growing up ☺ and develop love and kindfullness around me 💞and I'm gratefull to life 🐦🌸🌼😃

  • Teri Miller

    Gratitude is such a big part of my life. I begin and end every day in gratitude. I love the message of the song!

  • Marguerite

    We live in a time of such fear when many would have us believe that "the other", the stranger is our enemy. This reminded me that our diversity is what we can celebrate rather than trying to protect and alienate ourselves from the rest of our brothers and sisters. Thank you...

  • Marian

    This song reached deep inside my heart.

  • Ce

    Diversity. Inclusive. Lights. Grins. Genuineness. Glimmers. Light. Joy. Silly. Normal. Diversity. Inclusiveness. Ageless. Legacy. Here. There. The In Between. Love. Laughter. Life. Diversity. ...and smiles of acceptance and gratitude.

  • Carol

    I love all of this! I am so GRATEFUL! Thank you.

  • sid

    Amazing....lved it..

  • cher

    My words can't even do it justice. So I'll share the words of one of my teachers. "Gratitude is one of the arms of love." Deep gratitude for all those beings that helped on this video.

  • Kathy Kearns

    Very nice to see so many people involved with the project and it is inspiring!

  • Kathy

    Love the sweet wrinkled face at the beginning and end - I am grateful for every one of mine and the life experiences that came with them!

  • Beth

    Love you dear friend

  • sherry

    Is there a way to get the lyrics to this amazing song??

  • manon

    so so so beautiful and filled with Grace for this amazing Life that we have the opportunity to take part in. Thank you !

  • Kate

    Thank you, all of you who made this music possible. I believe in gratitude and seeing the beauty in all things. MAY all your days be filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE xx

  • zalie

    Everything and the lyrics, awesome video love it!

  • Douglas Jernberg

    This is truly the Baha'i world spirit, the vivifying Holy Spirit of all religions.

  • kerry

    This should go global, a 'reality' check in surreal times... Bless.

  • sally

    so amazing! and I'm grateful for it all, it made me cry, thank you, beautiful. i think I will try and sing it with my choir!

  • Diana

    Beautiful. It really makes one stop and think about all that we have and all the things that we take for granted, we should be grateful.

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  • Make a conscious effort to practice gratitude in your daily life. Start by reflecting on: What do you have enough of?

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