Writer and filmmaker Pavithra Mehta explores the spiritual and ethical commitments that have driven innovation at one of the world's most interesting and successful enterprises, India's Aravind Eye Hospital. In a country where blindness is a fatal disease and more than 80% of it is surgically repairable, Aravind has grown from an 11 bed clinic to the largest eye-care system in the world. Aravind delivers nearly 400,000 sight-restoring surgeries annually, manufactures the necessary medical devices and surgical goods to the highest international standards, trains opthamology residents from the leading medical schools in the United States and Europe, and actively teaches its innovations and methods to any eye hospital that wishes to use its model. Discover the audacious business plan, which allows Aravind to achieve financial sustainability while providing the vast majority of its patient care at absolutely no cost. Its secret? An ethos of compassion and excellence.


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  • Usha

    This video is extraordinarily inspirational. I’m moved by Dr V’s courage to serve beyond his own suffering and not only serve but serve with world class facility, infrastructure and creating world class products in the service which is exemplary. A great heart to learn from. Gratitude.

  • Liz

    Crazy WONDER-FULL. I love, love, love this.

  • hennie

    How wonderful. Compassion and to be of service should be the model for any business.

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  • Watch Ms. Mehta's award-winning documentary about Aravind's founder and learn more about Aravind's unique business model in her book, written with Suchitra Shenoy.
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  • Empathy is the launching-pad of compassion. When you walk down the street today, try to see yourself in the faces of the lives who walk past you.

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