Much of today's society is designed through the lens of financial capital, but is our world richer for it? Nipun Mehta uses that question as a springboard to make a compelling case for alternative forms of capital that are often overlooked -- like time, community and attention. Drawing on his personal journey with ServiceSpace, as well as fascinating research and real-world examples, this inspiring talk invites listeners to consider a catalytic question: what forms of capital do you care about?


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  • Madhuri

    It resonates with my idea of all things that truly matter. And the true meaning of abundance.

  • Adish

    It was an eye opener. It made me realise what really matters to me.

  • Mary

    This video conveys a value for all the wealth we are abundantly given and how to invest it wisely. Thank you Nipun. I see a comment talking about 'these uncertain times' we are in. The pandemic has mad things feel much more uncertain, but in reality I believe times have never been certain really. All we have is now, and giving al our capital to collecting money seems a painful way to use our heads, hearts and hands.

  • Usha

    Wow this is absolutely inspiring and especially in these uncertain times where all conventional systems have nearly come to a stand still and the question what’s the life we’ve been living? We have forgotten the basic of human values in the chase to live honourable ? lives ? There is a place for everything and when one thing dominates, it’s surely abnormal and bound to fall one day. This message in the video is so important for us to awaken to, to the various diverse forms of capital and honour them amidst us and share the joy together

  • Urvi

    I am deeply moved, touched and inspired. I too have been deep in this inquiry of other forms of capital. Specifically the role of compassion and our relationship with money. I am interested in bringing more awareness to Mindful spending, earning and giving. And deeply evaluating our wants, needs, and desires. I am also interested in understanding how parents can role model a holistic relationship with money to their children.

  • Katian

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing. I will do the same and keep raising my awareness on this subject

  • Susan Starkey

    Nipun's sincerity as he shares the experiences of his friends in using their Capital in such beautiful and unique ways was really inspiring to me. I have to listen to this and all his videos over and over to let the messages sink in.

  • Raji

    very inspiring as I have been engaged with this question for last few years and my reflections about the inequities existing in the world. The Unesco's model of the four pillars of education for Human Development draws attention to -Learning to know, Learning to do, Learning to be, Learning to live together! Unfortunately the modern education system that tunes in with preparing individuals earn money, in a competative society-focussing only on the first 2 and pays very little attention to the latter 2 facets...which are integral elements of Human development! These forms of capital are closely connected to Human Development

  • Anupreet

    This video inspired me several months ago and continues to inspire me to discover wealth in so many simple things/acts which surround me all the time. Thank you for this insight :)

  • Doug

    I liked this video enough to post it on Facebook, which I rarely do. As I mentioned on FB, cash is so disproportionately in the hands of the few that I fantasize about how we can come up with a new system. I barter every week at the farmers' market which helps me get in touch with value of our products and others. It connects us, as Nipun Metta talks about with the "+" symbol. But in the meantime, seeing these other forms of capital helps me be more patient and gives me more validation. It also helps me look at work differently in terms of value, collaboration and more. Thanks you.

  • Angela

    Thank you so much Nipun. Very powerful. I deeply appreciate your broadening my perspective on capital.

  • Greg Acuna

    Thanks Nipun! I'm inspired by the talk and will keep it in mind moving forward. Cheers, Greg

  • Jan

    There was so much in this video. The question about what forms of capitol we care about plus the idea of capitol being so much more than monetary. Thank you!

  • Admin

    Ravi, you can find the transcript of the talk online:

  • Ravi Sheshadri

    It's a beautiful talk in less than 15 minutes. I have been working on this from last many years, but in the last 2 years, it has gained momentum. I am sure that if everyone does his bit, his our earth will regain its health and will become a better place to live. I would like to have a copy of this talk. How and where can I get it ?

  • Fran Faraz

    I loves how Nipun labeled all of our resources as capital: compassion, nature, knowledge, culture,..... all are our resources that we have access to. So inspiring.

  • Hari Varma

    " So True. Just sharing the Talk with my Board will help send a point across on what ails the Company. Thank you Nipun, for all the support you give us to view life beautifully and wholly.

  • Eleanor

    beautiful idea very well articulated. I think that prayer is another form of wealth that can really help people.

  • Ari

    Since I have become engaged with the service space community, the multiple forms of capital continue to grow within my life. Thank you for planting these seeds which continue to enrich the soil within and all around me.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. Peace be with U. Be well and encouraged. 1Earth

  • Towanda Allen

    Love the video and keep uup the great workSad to say, we live in a County that dishonor children and seniors. We have MAJOR work to do. I am a proventer, blessed to have a gift with children and passionate about their well-being and development as Leaders. Please feel free to connect with us on Facebook on the International Holistic Leadership Workshop Community page and stay blessed! :)

  • Pradip Shah

    Powerful presentation with tons of wealth in less than 15 minutes😍

  • Sunil, Bangalore

    Without a second thought Human capital is the most valuable to care about. The element of HUMANE opens the door for the innate abundant capital of LOVE,POWER,PEACE,MANGAL MAITRI...... You fully deploy these judiciously everything becomes just possible.Today all problems including financial are due to the mistaken valuations and its under-utilization.Invest blindly for the breakthrough disruption with very high returns without any risks & regrets. Only Smiles & Cheers,

  • gayathri

    Deep bows to the coolest ladder...:)) hugs Nipun

  • Elizabeth Kramer

    Everything, i really liked this talk. i worry a lot of times that i don't have enough money to give to the world's great needy causes, but i can give some time, some money, some attention , some love to many of them.

  • Vinanti Sarkar (Castellarin)

    As founder/President of VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE & VOWW-TV, I found Nipun Mehta's TEDTalk inspirational and very motivating ... Would love to connect with him ...

  • Bob

    A wonderful mind expanding vision. At age 82, I could not help but note how we have become so consumed by money and stuff. Much of what we have left in the past beckons our return.

  • Trishna

    Wonderful talk packed with so many insights, as always. Thank you Nipun! And a great question to ask ourselves -- what forms of capital matter to us and how can we live in alignment to unlock them?

  • Manuel Klarmann

    Very great. Thank you Nipun. Let humanity thrive on all forms of capital. I really like the story on Mother Teresa!

  • Nirupa bhangar

    You have indeed struck gold and we are all richer for it.

  • Madhur

    'What capitals do i care about ?' Its a wonderful question to hold on, because this awareness has the potential to change everything about my work, my time, my thoughts, my life!

  • Rev Heng Sure

    Hooray! Real Wealth!

  • Geoff

    I always love watching Nipun's talks since I learn something every time. This one comes at a great time for me when I have been exceptionally busy and lost focus on the little things. I am on a mission today to share my attention capital in a different way. Thank you my kind friend for your ongoing inspiration!

  • Liam

    NIPUN!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge capital. This insight into alternative forms of capital has given me the language to articulate some of the decisions I’ve made in life. I’ve long thought that I didn’t want a job, and that was because I cared more about Time Capital than I did Financial Capital. I felt very reluctant about going onto to rent a room from an anonymous landlord because I valued Community Capital. I spent hundreds of hours in silence to cultivate Attentional Capital.

  • Hakeem

    Am altruistic, each part of the video inspired me, challenged me to be more so as to give more. Thank you for this.

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