Videographer Ellie Walton flew to Liberia to film a documentary highlighting the beauty and strengths of the children of the Hope for the Deaf School - children who face immense discrimination and are often abandoned by their families. Coincidentally, she arrived in Monrovia on the same day as Hip Hop artist Chad Harper (aka Famus), whom she had met the month before in India. Chad had come to explore his roots. They connected with a local Hip Co artist Jonathan Koffa (aka Takun-J) and singers Trade and Angelo to create this beautiful music video in less than a week and a zero dollar budget. You can see the love and selfless spirit of this serendipitous team shine through in the smiles of the children, who co-wrote the song.  "If you can talk with your hands, and listen with your eyes, then you will realize that I'm just like you all. I'm just like you." 


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  • Florri

    Just beautiful work. We are all the same. The smiles. Thank you

  • Linda

    It reminded me that sign language it powerful and magical. Try it.

  • Chad

    Yes it does Debbie! Even in the grip of extreme financial poverty combined with what the world views as a major disability, TRUE BEAUTY ALWAYS SHINES THROUGH!

  • Debbie

    True beauty always shines through! Thank you so much!

  • DailyGood Editors

    So amazing to see all the touching comments and shares -- we're truly glad to see David, Chad, Ellie, Takun-J, Trade, and Agelo's heartful work with these joyous and beautiful kids spreading in the world ...

  • Chad Harper

    Thank you Daily good for your support with this song that we are sharing to inspire equality in this world. We are so excited to reach 10,000 views!!!!

  • chad

    Yes Joy we were! It still over 2 months later blesses our souls especially when we were that it blesses others. It brings us right back to the moments we spent with them.

  • Joy

    The happiness within it, and seeing the children literally "fed" by the input of energy. I'm sure the rappers and videographers were similarly gifted by the experience, as I was.

  • elza

    the childrens faces are so soft and natural. love what is done with special children.

  • Aurelia

    Limitations aren't is always away if you believe you can♥Namaste♥

  • sandra winter

    Seeing the beauty and grace of sign language coupled with great music. Ellie, such a gift, thank you.

  • Ejay

    The children's happy smiles and joyful dancing! The ARE just like all of us---probably even better for having surmounted their challenges!

  • talelajo

    This was gorgeous, thanks so much for doing such loving, cool, exciting work. Art does save lives, for both makers of it and responders to it. Feed your flame...

  • Pam

    To see their joy in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Made me really connect with them. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty. Best thing all day.

  • chad

    Aaaaah thx Jan!!!! MUCH LOVE! Brian, YES! 1WORLD!

  • Jan

    So awesome! at about 1:45 when they sung "just because I can't hear and you may not understand my hands, I still have a plan" that's when the tears came. Amen. Am definitely sharing this!

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! United we stand, divided we fall! Be encouraged! All humans are like each other...1world...peace...

  • Chad

    Margaret Sanford and Jagdish thx so much for your beautiful comments. Your words have truly blessed my heart. I will share your words with David the founder of the of the school. It has been such a blessing to be shared with the Dailygood community! Thx for sharing my email Margaret. Any questions or ideas to share the song let me know!

  • Cindy

    Love for everyone

  • Margaret Sanford

    The notion that I can listen with my eyes! I just realized these talented people have language to express their ideas, both simple and complicated. Others also have language I need to learn. We [I] are [am] missing so much in our world. Thank you to Videographer. Ellie Walton, and Hip Hop artist, Chad Harper (aka Famus), for showing my heart how to listen with my eyes!

  • Alyson Kennedy

    The whole story and wonderful interactions and understanding and compassion.

  • Margaret

    Love, of course!!!

  • Jagdish P Dave

    Talking with our hands and listening with our eyes crates a different kind of connectedness and makes me fully attentive and curious about what I am seeing and what you are saying. We become too verbose and analytical in our day to day communication missing the power of talking with our hands and listening with our eyes. I find this video very interesting and refreshing. This video inspired me to come up with a similar saying: Unspoken words are very powerful when we litem to the whisperings arising from our hearts. I work with children and when I listen to their hands and when I my heart whispers my love for them, I feel deeply connected with them and they fell the same way.

  • chad

    Terp, Glad you like the video. Here is the youtube link. You can click on cc under the video and the captions will appear.

  • Terp

    Great video, but I could not see how to turn on the closed captioning? Is it captioned for Deaf people?

  • Lynn

    I thought the video was meaningful. It applies to everyone, no matter what their situation. Like the song as well.

  • Chad

    Sent the song Alicen! Enjoy and share with all!!

  • Alicen

    Thank you for connecting. It really means alot and is so specific and universal both. Can I use it in a yoga class I am teaching for parents of exceptional children? I will send you my email.

  • Chad

    Alicen, So glad you like the song. Send me and email and I'll email you the song

  • Tricia

    this video speaks volumes i love it.... Talk with your hands listen with your eyes,I'm just like you... We are all HUMAN i love it <3

  • Alicen

    Gorgeous, I showed my son who has Autism and he loved!!! it... it speaks to him as to all people who are sometimes misunderstood. I will link it and share the message. I tried to buy the song but can't seem to find it online.

  • Susan

    How beautiful, to talk with your hands and listen with your eyes. To realize we are all the same. Pefect. Such beautiful kids and singers. thanks a million for adding to the the love and compassion for everyone.

  • bilkis

    it is peoople like ellie and chad who make a diff. int his world, see the smiles and happiness on the face of these children, keep it up we need more people like u to make a diff. in this world

  • Paresh

    Love it! The happiness of these children enjoying music and being just like everyone else who has hearing we all appreciate the Gifts everyone possesses. Talk with your hands listen with your eyes, indeed. Beautiful. I'm just like you. <3 We are just like each other. Excellent song, wonderful video capturing vibrancy and great message!

  • Christa Smith

    My brother is deaf and it is humbling to see him go through his daily life. People have often treated him as if he were dumb but that never discouraged him. I think it almost empowered him. Thank you for making this video to help others realize that the deaf community is no different than everyone else.

  • Phyllis

    Watching this video brought so much joy knowing how human compassion and music can literally change lives. It made me cry seeing the smiles and undeniable happiness on the faces of the children. Bravo to Chad Harper, Takun-J ad Ellie Walton for touching us all!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Love it! may we all appreciate the Gifts everyone possesses. Talk with your hands listen with your eyes, indeed. Beautiful. I'm just like you. <3 We are just like each other. Excellent song, wonderful video capturing vibrancy and great message!

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    The happiness of these children enjoying music and being just like everyone else who has hearing.

  • dashareynolds

    i wish i could do th :)

  • Moana

    Ah yws.... to listen with your eyes and talk with your hands.....

  • nimo

    Nothing more beautiful than this! The strength and beauty of our Deaf Children in Liberia, an amazingly talented filmmaker with a heart of gold (Ellie), a hip hop artist that's changing lives of at-risk youth one soul at a time (Chad Harper), Takun-J, Trade and Angelo for sharing your talent and time and ultimately God's will! Thank you everyone for digging deep, and pouring your heART into this. You push us gently to keep loving the world more and more!

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  • Learn how Hip Hop Saves Lives is reaching out to youth to use music as an alternative to gang and street life.
  • Find a way to connect with the next hearing-impaired person you meet - learn the sign for "I love you."

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