Spoken word artist Marshall Davis Jones eloquently reminds us how connected we all are. "We are more than us... It is when we are connected that we are most alive... This universe is one big game of connect the dots." In this TEDx performance, Jones hope that when we are gone, someone will look back and say:  “We were here, and when we were, we lived not for us, because we were more than us, we where all of us, we... were... one.”


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  • Mildred Atendido

    ,that I am you and that you are me.❤️ Amen

  • Amy

    We are all ONE. Amen.

  • Brian

    Amen! Thanks Guys. All 1. May we see the world thru the eyes of love...peace

  • Semora

    Eloquent and powerful! brings it down to a level we can all understand, how we are all connected to each other and the universe and why we make a difference....helps us remember and look at the "big picture." Marshal Davis Jones is a powerful and eloquent speaker...sharing with all my friends...Thank you

  • Cynthia

    Wow. I have listened to this three times in a row and am still struck almost speechless by its power. Thank you Marshal Davis Jones. I love the concept of life as a big game of "connect the dots." My heart is the dot. My dot. I am like a five-pointed star. I can connect with other dots by spreading my two arm rays in a wide embrace of life and reaching out further with all my fingers (the work of the hands). I can connect with other dots by engaging my two leg rays in continuing to walk the path directed by my heart. I can connect with other dots by directing my attention outward and using my mind in service to others. In this way, I can shine my light, beam bright. And connect with yours and yours and yours... Namaste.

  • Mel

    The entire three minutes was inspiring! Gives me hope that someday we will all be the human race and no longer have the need to check a box to declare what race we are. All humans no matter the shade of our skin belongs to the human race.

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