A music video by Ellie Walton and Empty Hands Music.

Every one of us is a product of so many other people’s love, blessings, inspiration and support. We are all so interdependent upon each other. In a very real way, we are all a close family. In this soulful and upbeat music video, “To My People”, musicians Nimesh "Nimo" Patel, Chad Harper, and Nick Dalton, along with magical filmmaker Ellie Walton, remind you of that oneness that is so deeply rooted in all of humanity. â€‹It will move you to hug the next person you see!


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  • Terrea

    ANYONE and ANY THING that shares / spreads LOVE has my vote!!! YES!!!!

  • Lyn

    Speechless - it is just so beautiful - it shows the potential of humanity to heal the world's problems - just remember we are all connected <3

  • Barnali Chatterjee

    The hug of love for mankind that binds all souls.

  • Mei-ling

    All these lovely souls coming together with joy! This is what I want to see in this world. This video is going to be my Christmas "card".

  • Cheryle

    Feeling the heartfelt humanity in all people thru music & love!!!

  • Anna

    I loved this video it was so inspirational!!!!! Love, peace and blessings!!!

  • Khanna

    to my people...(Ellie, Chad, Nick, and Nimo)...how I needed this today. Thank you for giving me a beautiful reason to smile today.

  • Lucinda Quattrochi

    Reminding me that we are all one!

  • La Vonne

    every being. every life. every moment. youʻre my people. i love you.

  • Ann Nguyen

    Many things, but I feel like the most important part is that we are true all connected and when we are able to find the beauty in another, we can work to change things in the world. So glad that Nimo, Chad and Nick along with Ellie Walton made this video. You are all amazing and I am humbled by your work. Thank you.

  • denise skeeter

    2 MY PEEPS:)Ya!!!!

  • Erica

    You NEVER disappoint me or my students......thank you!

  • Vicky

    Amazing! Feeling the love. Great job Nimo, Ellie, and crew...here's to the "people" of the world..much love.

  • Marlene

    Heck of a challenging message to share but you managed ...thank you for being here with us all, this time, this, space , this moment..we are blessed.

  • Mel

    Wonderful, embracing everyone! We are all oneness.

  • joan amaral

    re-ignites faith in humanity. let's keep dancing and loving!

  • Penny

    Amazing! Loved this as you encompassed a global feel for unity no matter what their circumstances are. Your music touches the soul and spirit of life. Style of music is irrevelant it is the joy and exuberant Imanner you celebrate all regardless of where or who they are....simply said beautiful, keep spreading your beautiful messages through song it's wonderful

  • Nancy

    Wonderful~ Thank you To My People!

  • melissa

    we are all the same... looking and hoping for the same things... love & life, friends & family.

  • joanne

    big smile...the positive vibe of connection~

  • ruth

    The sheer exuberant joy flowing out of the people taking part, and knowing that no-matter what age, sexual orientation, gender, colour, race or creed, under the skin we really are all just the same - people who crave a connection. Thank you. Made the hairs stand up on my neck.

  • Miguel

    The style appeals to young people. Conscious music is so needed amongst our youth. I hope my son bumps into it! Thank you. x

  • Linda

    It reminds me always there is reason for HOPE because there are wonderful people and a wonderful world for us to celebrate. Sometimes as people grow older they see only the negative. At 74 years I want to experience the goodness and I want to pass that on. That is what you are doing. Thanks

  • Sandy Eichler

    I want to be a "people", too! Sandy

  • Chad

    Oh boy this brings me JOY!!!!!

  • Atatakai

    There are no people who are "better than" or "less than" - we are all just sentient beings doing the best we can to get from birth to death in this wonderful game of life. Celebrate it!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    lovely. Here's to everyone, they are ALL our people. Ellie, excellent job editing!!!! hug hug hug!

  • Sheila

    Thankyou so much for the gift of this beautiful music. What inspired me is the beautiful smiling people and the vibrant energy. Many thanks and blessings to you

  • Susan

    It's heart of course...It's Love

  • AdeleCSchiller

    :) I enjoyed the "REAL PEOPLE" quality about it...thanks, a good song!

  • Mish

    Smiles & tears of joy from watching this....such love, such joy there..love this!!! Thank you all!!! x

  • Kim

    We are all one - a person is a person only among people...Everyone is an aspect of me.

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  • Download the entire Empty Hands album as a gift from Nimo and enjoy unforgettable experiences from his recent 7-month music pilgrimage.
  • Learn more about two of the artists in this video, Chad Harper (Hip Hop Saves Lives) and Nick Dalton (Maya Musical), who use music as a force for social change. 
  • Create a list or a visual chart of every person that has influenced who you are today. How would your life be different without each of these people?

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