As a young boy, Abdul Muqeet’s concerns are not about playing sports or being with friends. Instead, Abdul is on a mission to protect his world. After learning about the terrible effects of plastic bags on the environment, Abdul decided to take a stand. Since he was 8-years-old, Abdul has been making paper bags from recycled newspapers. To date, he has completed over 5,000 of his “Mukku bags,” donating them to local grocers. Due to his hard work, many shoppers and even teachers at Abdul’s school have converted to using paper bags. As Abdul leads the way in helping to protect our planet, watch how his hard work has earned him global recognition.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Reminding us all again of the seemingly small things that any of us can do regardless of age to make a difference! <3

  • Alice van der Schuit

    What a most amazing little boy. He puts adults to shame. Two things I hope for him; is that he doesn't worry about the environment to his personal detriment, and secondly that he he is able to have a career where he will make a difference - and I'm absolutely sure that this is more than likely to happen. Then there will be some hope!!

  • Mansukh

    Wow...shows we can all make a difference...

  • Julia Weaver

    Thank you, thank you, Thank you. I am so grateful that you are making the world a better place for my 11 grandchildren. peace & gratitude, Julia

  • Amrit kapur

    The story clearly establishes that age is no car to do something tangible for this world .Ecen a small kid an lead us into something which is remarkable.I salute this young lad for his aspirational work .if he can do , so can we all .

  • Utkarsh suthar

    great!!! really he is a little change leader ... i would like to see how to make paper bag here rather then youtube...

  • Deepak Gupta

    Great job frend

  • Yvonne Ward

    I hate plastic bags and the damage they do! Here it has become the norm and is seen as acceptable.

  • mindy

    Making a difference :))) that dear boy and his supporters! Would love know how to make a Makku bag so to help encourage his mission. Any directions on how to do?

  • Char Biddle

    This story made me tear up. To see such a young person who is so passionate and acting on his passion, is so encouraging to me. He deserves a nobel prize.

  • Sean

    Wonderful story! Has this boy, Abdul M. heard about another youth Boyan Slat from Delft, Netherlands who in 2013 set up The Ocean Cleanup when aged 19.

  • Dot

    Amazing young man who has made a big difference as one single individual-if we all took a leaf from his book the world would be a much better place for all men and animals.

  • Stephen

    How inspiring that such a young man has such an awareness for this planet and the state it is in. Unfortunately it is rare. Surely he inspires all of us to look at our own lives and to make conscious decisions on how we each can personally contribute to the well being and future of this planet, our home.

  • Sundi

    The paper bag boy is a true hero if ever there was! This is how you change the world!

  • Mansukh

    Its good to see this young boy's great initiative and determination to save the planet. I remember that a very long time ago, people used to carry cloth bags to carry their shopping and it caught on even in Germany. There were no plastic bags at that time and hardly any paper bags. Anyone remember fish and chips wrapped in newspapers ? I guess plastic bags were the worst ever invention. I believe Tamil Nadu is a platic free state, it has been for many years and look at the western world.

  • Savraj

    Bravo to this young boy who has shown great initiative, courage and determination. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

  • Melodie

    His determination at a young age to care for our planet

  • roxy

    In many parts of the world, you have no choice but to take your own bags grocer shopping. Why cannot we who consume the most, make this change. Or, charge the customer if he wants plastic...see how quickly it will change. When shopping at Walmart and similar stores, the cashier puts one item in a bag...what a waste. If business owners spent some time training their people not to do this, think how much they would save and how this step will reduce the plastic choking our world. We all need to carry our reusable bags - it's easy and what a great difference it would make. If people only became aware of the damage these bags do, they would change. Ever seen a helpless animal trapped in one of these bags or choking on the plastic. We can and must do better than this. Thank you.

  • Stoney

    If this young little boy can save the earth and love the world , why can't we ? Thank you for reminding us to take action not just keep talking how to save the earth without doing our part . Namaste

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  • Want to make your own paper bag?
  • When going shopping, make the switch to paper bags when purchasing items. Alternatively, bring along your own reusable bags made from fabric.

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