Francine Christophe was born in 1933, the same year that Adolph Hitler took power in Germany. When she was eight years old, she and her mother were deported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In this interview for "Human," a film project directed by photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, she recounts an extraordinary tale of generosity at a time of great privation.


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  • Matthew Boyer

    Never mind folks I found the reason. Note: In French, bébé (baby) is a masculine word, so it was translated as he. So although the baby was in fact a girl, she was correctly referred to as le bébé and not la bébé, which doesn’t exist.

  • Matthew Boyer

    So does anyone know if the baby was male or female. Francine Christophe states twice that it is a boy, then the person who gets up on stage says "she" is that baby. I am very confused. Any clarification would be appreciated.



  • Dia Terese

    I teared up ! Profoundly moving. I was being formed in Mom's womb all the year of '45 and born in Oct just after the war ended in August So I was giving you in, Dmear Kristine. We are connected! I love you and love your sharing your chocolate and story!!!!

  • Abhinav

    Accurately symbolizes good karma, as you sow so shall you reap..!

  • larry

    "Always give from your heart"

  • Dydy Bellerose

    On the french story, it is never said il the baby is male or female. It must be a problème of translation bécasse thé word "baby" is masculine in french. Nice story.

  • mark

    She says it was a baby boy but later in life a woman says she was the baby?

  • Dick Powell

    Wonderful story of reconnection and kindness in the moment of crisis and the joy that comes from sharing!

  • Sudha

    Very touching story indeed..... It's truly amazing when a person is able to help and show kindness to someone else when they themselves are going through a challenging time.....

  • Jean Cherni

    A thrilling story of generosity re-paid. What is confusing, however, is that the "baby" is twice referred to as "he" and then at the end we learn it is a woman. Never-the-less, a most affecting video. Thank You

  • Susannah

    The dignity, the strength, the generosity and the how that the story was told.Heart warmingly beautiful. Thank you.

  • myra

    Kudos to Francine's mother for instilling such generosity in her little daughter. Tales of such a difficult decision for both mother and daughter bring this "oma" of 80 years the hope that such humanity will continue to be instilled in future generations. Thank you for this tale bring tears of gratitude to me?

  • MEG

    It is so inspiring to be reminded that love from your heart can be manifested in small but endlessly powerful ways. Let me reach for that light.

  • mag

    We are most deeply connected to life through our generosity of spirit; be that sharing of items we have, our time dedicated to something of meaning, or our presence. This story reflects the moving power of that so poignantly and beautifully. Thank you

  • harish kohli

    the story confirms my belief that you are to get manifold happiness even if you are doing your things with human touch...

  • Donald

    The eternal connectivity of life.

  • Suzanne

    This is humanity. This is what we are here for, to love and lookafer each other. Bravo.

  • Eileen

    Such a simply told story and yet each word and expression of Francine....lights me up....and what a joy to hear this story....a powerful reminder of the incredible good in people living their lives bravely without fanfare and selfies and giving what they have to offer to others. Thank you so much for this story.

  • MerJames

    Hope! Never ever give up. If I thought my tragedies were challenging, there are others who have survived much worse than me, and LIVE their lives to the fullest.

  • charles000

    Under the worst duress, the most spectacular examples of the human condition will become manifest, usually bifurcated in two specific directions. One direction may be toward predatory aggression . . . and the other will be toward compassion and sacrifice for those in need. Sometimes we can lose sight of that latter example. This story is a perfect rendering of that latter example.

  • Virginia

    Tears in my eyes and how good things come around. A dear friend was a young boy in Britain during WWII and American soldiers shared chocolate with the children. He vowed to go to that country some day. He came through Canada first and was so proud when he became an American citizen. You truly never know what some small act of kindness will develop into.

  • KayGray

    Extraordinary video of how far kindness and compassion can carry a person. So much of such kindness is needed in the world today, in the US today, where rich allow hunger in their communities, allow children to attend school with ragged clothes, allow homelessness among affluence. We forget these lessons and that they do not always occur in some OTHER country. A country that does not treat its children and its elderly with respect and kindness will one day no longer be great.

  • Odile

    an exemple of TIME :is NOW.... when aligne with the heart that is eternal.... Divine experience!

  • Ilene

    Tim speaks my heart

  • MadDog

    Kindness Counts. Miracles are real. Chocolate begets the magic of the human kindness.

  • sattvahand

    What a lovely story! We never know - we never know where our acts, hopefully of kindness, will lead, who will be impacted, or the outcome. More inspiration for leading a clean, mindful, kind life.

  • Willow Merryweather

    sometimes the smallest thing can safe a life. a tiny bit of selflessness can create a life. these tiny things are what makes up a life. they are worth it. i am not old enough for these particular experiences nor do i have ancestors. but i have had a traumatic childhood and i am being supported by people who truly care and i have learnt that the smallest bit of love is worth the biggest amount of thanks. this story is the story of how people can help each other in awful circumstances. thank you for this story it makes me feel better about people.

  • Tim

    And God wept with joy, the miracle was complete!

  • Dr. Yvonne Kaye

    Francine Christophe is one month older than I am. We were both affected by Hitler, she in France and then in Bergen-Belsen, I in London during the Blitzkreig. the story is so familiar as I read in Man's Search for Meaning (which is my bible in a way,) by Dr., Viktor Frankl, that people make conscious decisions on the way they feel. I believe one of the camps to which he was transported was Bergen-Belsen. It touched my heart and something much deeper. My beloved cousin Wilfred was an Army physician and part of a team who opened Bergen-Belsen. He was never the same. when I was a little girl, I saw the power of the human spirit in action on a daily/nightly basis. I have written about it and talked about it. That period affected my life decisions to do what I do in my life. The power of the human spirit - astonishing.

  • K.srinivasan

    True love can never never be bolted. It knows no selfishness. Marvellous video. Many thanks.

  • Stac

    What a beautiful and remarkable story. I am grateful to be reminded of generosity's everlasting gift. I am inspired to be kinder and to never forget this lesson.

  • Jeanine

    All of it!!! Never give up hope!! never, never ever give up!!! Beautiful:)The Human touch from The Heart! Thank you for sharing:)



  • Katalin

    Thank you for this meaningful moment! thanks

  • Roma

    Most heartwarming.Beautiful.Love ,compassion ,gratitude are deeply ingrained in all of us We need to bring them to light.Thank you for sharing this wonderful story

  • kvpsummer

    So beautiful and kind

  • Juelene

    How incredibly beautiful and powerful are the compassion and gratitude that can come from the human spirit!

  • linda swift

    a heart opening story, there is much love in our world

  • Suryakala

    Very touching. After completing the video I could feel tears of joy in my eyes.I felt both giver and receiver of the chocolate are great! Francine shared the most life saving chocolate as need of the hour.. And the baby remembering her and expressing her hidden gratitude after so many years! Both of them are really great!

  • jacqueline Sassoon

    Eu acho que o gesto dado pela mãe, Francine à sua filha, foi muito significativo, salvou a vida das 2, a mãe e a filha!!!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    One of my favorite stories told. Here's to compassion and kindness and sharing. Here's to giving what is most precious so that another can enjoy and live. <3



  • JUdy

    It is the most self-evident gesture that truly seems to count, not something grand!

  • Kirit

    Compassion and helping others is a very noble,human thing. We all need to practice,adopt it in our lives.

  • Deepak

    Beautiful. Humaness at it's best . Thank you Francine for who you are . Merci

  • Wendy

    Human kindness triumphs over evil once again....what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it Francine

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Powerful story to be shared for all time! Peace...

  • Avi

    Divine act of humanity from pure hart of love in time world was in fear...create the miracle of life and healing circle when humanity become ...divine. Love & light to all spirit's. ♥

  • N.

    This video was so touching and wonderful. I am so grateful for Francine and this story. It's so helpful to have perspective... life is so hard, and I am so lucky.

  • linzi

    human kindness even in difficult situations it gives me hope for our crazy world we always hear so much about the bad but need to hear more about the beautiful inthis world as there is so much

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