Chelsea Shields is an anthropologist and women's rights activist who grew up in a Mormon family in Utah. Despite her female-empowered ways, Chelsea learned early on to defer to what she was taught in church about the roles of women. In this TED talk, Chelsea focuses on the imbalance between the roles of women in secular society, and the roles of women in many world religions. Fighting for equality is nothing new for most women, however, Chelsea offers some real world advice for breaching the gap between the religious and non-religious communities for the benefit of all. When people have equal opportunities regardless of gender, everyone wins.


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  • Learn more about Chelsea Shields and her work as an anthropologist and activist.
  • Empowering women results in a better society for everyone.  CARE's website has fantastic resources on female empowerment and how to get involved.
  • Supporting women doesn't have to be hard. Things as simple as reminding others to let a woman speak, recognizing women's achievements, and being there for the women in your life go a long way to making a difference.

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