Rita Pierson, a teacher with more than 40 years of experience, talks about the value and importance of human connection (relationships) in a kid's education. She believes that if most kids grew up not being afraid to take risks and not being afraid to think, our world would be a better place. Every child deserves a champion, she says - an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of relation, and insists that they become the best they can possibly be. Educators are born to make a difference. In this TED talk, check out how this teacher teaches a beautiful lesson outside her usual classroom crowd.


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  • Amy

    I am considering teaching as my last career in life. Her words of wisdom and practicality are encouraging and inspiring!

  • Hannah

    This made me cry it's so beautiful. I was so horrible in school, and never felt connected to a teacher, or that they even wanted to help me when I was failing and asking for help. Peer pressure, doing every thing others did and wanted me to do. Beautiful, just beautiful this was. It resonated so deeply with me.

  • Professor C

    As a teacher, "This is why we do what we do."

  • Valerie Vesser

    The energy of a giving person with a true vocation for a wonderful profession. Having been a teacher most of my professional life I agree about connection and how it is the key to mutual respect and human achievement. She said it so well!

  • Carrie

    All I want to say is, Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Loni

    I learned and laughed and felt inspired by her. Even adults need a champion.

  • surya

    What inspired you about this video? She was not sermonising. She had walked the talk and that made all the difference. This video should be seen by teachers across the world.

  • Pratibha


  • Prof Mohandas

    At the school level, it is essential. Teachers are the best guides for a child, not even parents can supersede teachers. But how about higher education. My experience is that most of the present day teenagers do not like to develop a relationship with teachers.

  • Rajendra

    No significance learning happens without significant relationships! All learnings are understanding the relationships!Thanks Rita..

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys...Rest in Peace Rita Pierson. "Relationships"...touching hearts and teaching through that, like the Daily Good shares every day...be encouraged...and keep learnin' and teachin' folks...peace

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Teacher, teacher....she cares!

  • LJ

    BEaUtiFUL - thank you Ms. Pierson and all the teachers that understand the connection matters most!

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  • Sadly, this incredible teacher and human being has left this world. Have a look at this inspirational article she shared on how to encourage students with an 'F'.
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  • If you still have contact or can reach a teacher, professor or coach who truly inspired you, let them know how they made a difference in your life!  

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