Over the weekend, Edward Reid became an instant celebrity when he brought down the house on "Britain's Got Talent" -- with nursery rhymes! The crowd laughed and jeered when 35-year-old school teacher opened with "Old MacDonald." But his undulating voice won them over as he moved into "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." By the time he concluded with "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands," every pair of hands in the room was, indeed, applauding wildly.


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  • Garfield Pennington

    I work with school children here in Canada and believe that this is the kind of thing that they should be exposed to. As well as the benefits of joy and laughter, it returns the listener to earlier and more simple times and helps preserve our precious heritage. Bravo!

  • Peggy Alford

    It made me smile. Wonderful

  • Zinat Fazal

    wow! Just fantastic!


    Yes the words can be re written and made inspiring, Edward has created a record that will linger in my ears.

  • llj

    what a innovative idea ! in a challenging atmosphere and to bring back the old happy moments and memory for each and every one in the crowd , GREAT !

  • Katie

    Even though the crowd initially couldn't get past the words, to see the talent and deep feeling and soul, he kept on singing from his heart. Truly inspiring

  • lynne solomon

    the way he came up with words and beat

  • Olive P

    Mr Reid, you connected with the crowd as I am sure you connect with the students. We all have something in common, wanting...."being youth-full!"

  • Harsha Biliangady

    Brilliant!!! and a courage to be laughed at! As a teacher handling professional students in their early 20s i think I should find ways of making my classes more interesting.

  • tamilyn

    LOVEDDDDDD IT!!! it had heart bravery talent and nostalgia a few of my favorite things :)

  • md

    Sorry, I still can't bring up a thing. There is no such thing as vidio if no one sees it

  • md

    Nothing inspired me since I can't see it. All the clicking I TRY does not bring it up. Bummer.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Everything about this young man good in my book!

  • Susan

    An unexpected expression of joy!

  • joy cash

    He's pure soul.

  • Char

    Edward, thanks for demonstrating such bravery, imagination and love in presenting something we all know and cherish in a new and hilarious way.

  • Nigel Shaw

    What a STAR! Keep on shining, Edward!!

  • Mi-Ra

    I'll bet he doesn't have any trouble keeping his students engaged! What a talent and hope that he incorporates it in his teaching!

  • motherfreedom

    His confidence in his voice and his bravery to be ridiculed. Awesome

  • María Paz

    He dares to change tradition. Change is fun. Changes helps us to see a different perspective of things. Mr. Edward Reid dared and succsseded. Great fun. Thank you

  • Ann

    It was very creative; really amazing. Not your run of the mill contestant by any means.

  • Elsie

    It's the first time I've heard compassion in the nursery rhymes. They are quite brutal-Mr.Reid gave thought to a whole different aspect. It is almost like a spiritual. Thanks to him. I have my first grandson-4 months and I'm 68.75 :)

  • George D. Perry

    If we had more people with talent such as Mr.Reid, would not this be a much better world to live in? Thank GOD for people to be able to sing as well as he does and can add wit and humor to make us all laugh and to cheer him. I applaude him and thank whoever brought him on Briton's got talent! Sincerely George Perry of Columbus, Georgia, USA

  • Johny Alm

    Warm in my whole body! Fantastic, he made my day today!

  • Van

    Gave me smiles for miles and even made tears hit these fifty year old eyes. I have a grand child or 3 that are going to love this! Blessings on you Mr Reid =)

  • Armando

    it was frikkin hilarious

  • Armede

    it's not what you say (sing), but how you say it!

  • Len


  • Vern

    Brings Tears and Smiles -- That IS Entertainment at its pure best , Just ask the greats like Sinatra, B Joel, Meatloaf, Stevie Wonder,John Lennon-- be creative and entertain !! --Of Course Reid's crystal-like voice was amazing !! What a creative way to view the art of Nursery Ryhmes ..like Hasselhof said- Thank GOD for Edward !!

  • Jolita Kelias

    AMAZING :)

  • frenchies4me

    Wow ... what a voice and what a wonderful way to make yourself stand out from all the rest!

  • Susan

    You are great!!Thank you for making me laugh and smile.

  • Linda Cousland

    This is the BEST ever....just who and what we need in our world today. Beautiful voice and so creative! Someone I would love to know.

  • Taz

    This is so awesome - it's the best spin on nursery rhymes ever!

  • Debra Storey

    I so needed a smile today. Thank you Mr. Reid for giving me that. You have lovely lovely voice Sir!

  • denis khan

    revived the long forgotten childhood memories! thanks!!

  • Patti Hunt

    absolutely brilliant

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