A film by Michael Rosen.

What would you do to evoke one of the great leaders of generations past? MC Yogi decided to rap, and in the process spins a tale that would warm anyone's heart. He tells the story of Gandhi in a unique style that proves the message comes through regardless of medium.


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  • patjos

    Thank you. Keep on keeping on my Brothers, my Sisters. We're all we have and all we need.

  • Sharma

    Very well composed and beautiful lyric. Gandi is relived here. Thanks MCYogi.

  • Joseph Ranseth

    I found this post while googling the "be the change" quote commonly (but inaccurately) attributed to Gandhi... I love this song. :) Here's the clarification on the be the change you want to see in the world quote, not by Gandhi.

  • Becky Moore

    I love the message, however it is a shame Daisaku Ikeda is missing from the video as a great perpetrator of peace in our time. Love the song, thank you

  • Jan

    Message of the song

  • John

    The song is awesome, awe inspiring and blows you out of your feet and mind. The production is fantastic; the lyrics is well researched, and the music is simply rap-ssical so to speak. Thank you MC and your team; for recognizing Gandhi - The Mahatma.

  • Amarlal Motwani

    Simplicity with high thinking , educative

  • krishika thakur

    it is a nice song i think our politics would see this video

  • Heerva

    It'S a meaningfull video.

  • chris

    i love this song is so inspiring thank you

  • Ari

    My son and I have been listening to this song for a very long time (he is now 6). Every phrase of the song he would ask me for background on the lyrics. Over time, he has become a huge Gandhi fan. He even watched the entire Gandhi movie with me over three evenings. Both of are endeavoring to be the change we want to see in the world :) P.s. I love the last time of the song.... "maybe next time it will be your story that's told". It reminds me that we all have that same capacity for greatness.

  • Dr. A.P.Bhayani

    An inspiring video based on Mahatma Gandhi's life. It would have been better if the wordings are also shown separately with the video.

  • Sarojini Alva Changkakoti

    Very Very Inspiring. Brought tears in to my eyes. Meant a lot to me as a daughter of a great Gandhian practicing Gandhian principles. My son and niece were born on Mahtma Gandhi's Birthday. I practice some of his principles in my life.He is one of my HEROES. Keep up this great work MC yogi. Sarojini

  • Max

    It's lyrics and the visuals.

  • Dhara

    Beautifully made video, thank you :)

  • Vinanti Sarkar

    Enjoy this Gandhi RAP SONG ... gifted by VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE & VOWW-TV at http://voicesofwomenworldwide-vowwtv.ning.com promnotes the "voiceless" women young girls boys, children and men who support gender equality and female empowerment ... BE THE CHANGE FOR A BETTER WORLD !!!!

  • Isis Starr

    Amazing video and words, made me cry and touched my <3

  • DJEMPress

    This put a smile on my face!

  • Gail Robertiello

    This video is beautifully produced, the words are inspiring, and the rap is soothing....Love it, and love the messaged. Very inspiring....Let's begin by Being the Change WE want to see in the World...should be our daily Sankalpa!!

  • leeann

    Change from the inside out! Let's dance today at Maria's Taco Xpress at noon with Amazing Grace, and enjoy Restorative Yoga at SAY OM (Slaughter and Manchaca) at 6:30. Restorative yoga = deep relaxation and stretching with massage; Anahata Restorative Yoga with Leeann

  • Prakash

    Gandhi changed the way the world thinks. He changed himself. Lap the rap

  • liz

    The last minute and a half is very moving.

  • Donna

    The whole world is in turmoil and we have the power to change it one heart at a time!"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"! So very true!!

  • bomi

    Just Great, it is very important to "be the CHANGE", without be the change one cannot have success in a lifetime.It is an ultimate song.

  • Rituraj Burman

    Really Great :) No words to describe you...Ultimate Song for every man. I am so happy to listen this. Cant describe.

  • KayH

    Just beautiful, Just beautiful..and it was rap! I wish that it could be played in mainstream media too! CNN heroes, radio stations, and MTV/BET, OWN!!

  • tenati

    The singer's voice was sincere....Historic facts...Hope for us all as hopelessness grips so much of our world...starvation and the lack of pathways to personal bliss....Bravo and thank you!

  • Ali Kapoor

    Though song is beautiful but just imagine the contributions of Mahatama Gandhi, infact his struggle for independence that too with peace what make him the great leader of the world. even martin luther king (Jr) get inspirations from the teachings of Gandhi and that shows Gandhi's stature.

  • Damien

    Kuddos to you!!There can never be any better tribute to the Mahatma!I salute the Mahatma for all his honest efforts to give us a Peaceful Country and I thank you for making us remind, he is worth Respecting and getting inspired from. Thanks a ton Mr Yogi for these 4 minutes 18 secs.Worth all the applauds.


    i really appreciate the guys whov done dis song ...hats off to you ...keep going

  • jahnvi

    exellent video .really nice remembered my play.

  • Ashalyn

    I'm so inspired I want to jump up and tell the whole world! Peaceful, harmonic rap with a powerful message - you can't get much better than that for touching the hearts of our youth, and more, during these pivotal times.

  • Neha G

    :) Very nice. Very very nice.

  • Di Gammage

    Good to remind myself...simple but profound...this is where it starts, thank you!

  • Arun Mehta

    Excellent Video. Please keep up the good work.

  • Suraj Darra

    Waiting for the next Mahatma Gandhi to come along...

  • Laura Bradshaw

    I'm soooo not into rap but loved this.

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