In this music video for the Dave Matthews Band's song, Everyday, a man wakes up in his messy room, sluggishly gets dressed, then goes out ... to give out free hugs. At first, people avoid him; it seems that no one has the time. However, after a first hug, more and more people begin to open up to him. By the end, he succeeds in spreading love, where everyone hugs each other without reserve. Spread the love!


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  • Bob Forlaw

    Love hugs.

  • Claudia

    This was amazing I soo needed this pickup even with just a virtual hug! I want to make sure I continue to pay it forward everyday!

  • Bre

    what an awesome video! Love Dave Mathews band and this video made me love them even more! What an awesome message to the world!! 💕

  • cheerful

    cheerful's kinda goofy and goes out and sings it at the top of my lungs

  • Chaitali

    WOW...!! In India its called 'Jadu ki jhappi' i.e. 'a magic hug'.... I'll try to srpead my love through Jadu(magic) ki('s) jhappis (hugs)...

  • Mel

    Great band, great song and wow look at this guy go!

  • RuthAnnPurchase

    I didn't relearn hugging until I spent one year in Bolivia. They greet everyone with a kiss and walk hand in hand and hug all the time. I was won over. That's what this reminded me! It made me grateful all over again!

  • Amanda culver

    It's all about love...... EVERYDAY

  • Laura

    To show up in kindness and never give up

  • riki

    To spread the joy god gives to be alive everyday

  • Cassandra

    the absolute joy people feel when giving and getting a hug without could save the world

  • parvati

    Love and great music.

  • Krishan

    Love it!

  • Dr Deb

    The attitude

  • jon

    nothing it doesnt work

  • judy

    The act of a hug is a true act of giving with no strings cute

  • Abha

    Be the change that you want to see in the world, as Gandhi said. If you want to see a world full of kindness, happiness and meaning, open your hearts first! I wish I can manage to be that kind and accepting one day! The grandma who was the first one to give a hug, brought me to tears!

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  • Part of the refrain for "Everyday" is: All you need is; what you want is; all you need is love. See the full lyrics of the song here.
  • Dave Matthews Band is not the only band that advocates spreading kindness and love. Check out some of the other conscientious musicians on KarmaTube.
  • Spread the love through random act of kindness - there are unlimited possiblities!

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