No one understands another’s struggle better than someone who has been down the same path. At the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), most women who train to be Community Health Workers (CHWs) are former clients of HPP. “I think that’s what comes out of being a community health worker. You have the empathy, the compassion, the respect, the non-judgmental approach automatically because you’ve been there.” Nearly 200 women have completed the HPP’s CHW training program since 1995. An astonishing 91% of them find jobs paying livable wages within thirty days of graduation. Through the HPP, they are able to both provide greater security for their own families and create a better community for others.


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  • Rose Marie Sims

    The video helps women overcome their own adversities so they may become Community Health Workers.

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  • Learn more about the Homeless Prenatal Program, which has been investing in families since 1989. 
  • Watch how one man learned to deal with his discomfort with the homeless: “We Are All Homeless.”
  • Volunteer at your local homeless shelter.

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