"In Africa, soccer is religion," commentator Dennis Liewewe declares. With millions of fans and thousands of youth aspiring to be soccer stars, soccer effortlessly catalyzes community. Using the power of soccer in the fight against AIDS, Grassroot Soccer provides African youth with the skills and support to live HIV free. When Silas Hagerty took a trip to Zambia in the summer of 2006, he witnessed the power of soccer as an organizing principle and its potential to raise awareness about AIDS prevention. Here is what he saw.


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  • maria

    The great expectancy is to stay alive. I love the spirit of the Africans because no matter how hard their lives are there is always something to be happy about. The confidence of winning in sports transfers itself to singing, camaraderie, team support and a winning attitude to defeat the odds, tests and trials. HIV is a killer of many lives. Education comes along with the soccer ball.

  • maria

    There are many ways to raise awareness. It is important to touch people where it matters most to them. In this case, soccer for these youth. In other places it may be music, through a choir, in others it may be growing vegetables, or planting trees. Do what makes a difference to you and become a catalyst of change.

  • uma

    inspired video

  • anu

    hats off

  • ElizabethAnne

    What a truly insipiring video. This is the kind of news that we need to hear more of, the news that reminds us that the greatest heroes of all are the unsung heroes :)

  • Ankit

    no words to say Fully inspiring video

  • Ankit

    no words to say Fully inspiring video

  • Hitesh

    Awesome Silas!

  • ramesh

    the video does not play and does not say a thing

  • Lilly Ann

    I beleive there will be a day when nations will come together and aide each other in times of need.

  • JZ

    This is one of the first movie about the pandemic in Africa, where the heroes are the natives themselves! Great work.

  • candace

    My Heart Is Out To Young Ones Like This I Feel Sorry And Wish There Was Something I COuld Do To Help If There IS Anything That I Can Do PLease E -Mail ME ANd Let Me No GOD BLESS YOU ALLLL

  • L. Owens

    It is truly inspiring watching people trying to facillitate change. Kudos to the film maker and the soccer players/coach.

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  • Identify a fun activity in your own context that brings people together, and consider how to leverage the collective force.
  • For World AIDS Day, Dec 1st, make a donation to Grassroot Soccer.
  • Support Silas Hagerty, the director of Lusaka Sunrise, in creating a full-length film.

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