A film by Jehad Saftawi. More at IMEU.

"From the stones of the destruction we will build plant basins to grow flowers." It started with one man's efforts to beautify his home with paint and flowers, but the initiative spread as neighbors came forward to spread the beauty. Using salvaged and recycled material, with some funding from a local and U.S. nonprofit, the densely populated neighborhood of al-Zaitoun in Gaza City, Palestine, is awash in color, murals, and flowers, bringing some much-needed comfort to an area besieged with war and destruction.


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  • Babs

    This is AWESOME! Although especially in a war-torn area, this would brighten life anywhere. Don't be afraid - step out! Let your light shine!

  • matt

    it inspires me to look what, in my surroundings can be done to become more lively, colourful, enjoyable. may the big heart of this man inspire the israely politicians to work in similar ways

  • sandy

    This man has a beautiful heart, and may we all learn from it. Even in desperate straits, we CAN create life, to remind us all of the blessings and strength our humanity imparts.

  • R.Venkatraman

    Keeping the enviornment clean and beautify the surroundings with beautiful flowers will be a comfort and healthy living.

  • Vikki

    Brilliant! One person can change the world, if not for just for themselves, but for others!

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Yup...there's power in the colors...1Earth transformation...peace


    Absolutely amazing, truly shows the "Power of One". Thank you for showing the lighting one candle instead of cursing the darkness,

  • Anna

    Amazing! The healing power of something as simple as color :-D Thinking of my neighborhood, I wonder if it´s kind of a law of nature that kids dissappear with growing "wealth"... time to rethink and live values

  • Bodhi Armstrong

    What inspired you about this video? What an inspiration in a time of deep fear and stress. I agree that this man deserves a Nobel Peace Prize- simple, powerful and deeply healing for those people living in fear of violence. Wonderful.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Making a difference in the lives of others . Inspiring .

  • boadicea

    This man deserves a Nobel Prize for the practicality of his efforts as opposed to the fake NPs given to Barak Obama, Angela Merkel and others. Such a light in darkness. May he and all around him find real peace in their own place.

  • Bodhi

    Unconditional kindness and inspired action shining light and hope into the dark places left by war... Sure signs of the awakened daimonic dancing in the gardens of unity consciousness... Blessed are we to have such bright souls as these walking in our midst...

  • Mona

    The quote "Out of the chaos come the dancing stars" by Friedrich Nietzsche comes to mind when I watch this video. This war-torn, crumbling area is being brought back to life with the bright, joyful colours of Mohammad. As well, the murals, play areas for children and beautiful flowers and plants bring life back to the homes of the neighbourhood. I hope it will keep spreading and that the people can find peace again. Namaste.

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