In big cities, the streets that people live on are "avenues of anonymity." Modern metropolises breed isolation and tend to alienate people from one another. Nomadic Community Gardens offers a solution for two common problems at once--utilizing empty space in a city and bringing its citizens together. A community garden leads people to learn and grow together. Where once there was chaos, violence, and despair, there is now peace, harmony, and togetherness.


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  • Carrie

    The essential message of our need to know each other is so powerful at this time in history.

  • kerem parlakgumus

    ahh this is awesome, i really love it.

  • walter doege

    It is a big and so valuable initiative raking a humankind to metropolitan spaces, reminding people they matter and are not anonymous as they may feel. The possibility of change the daily living in big cities.

  • Sharonmo

    I am feeling so much joy!! This is humanity at its, connection, nature, creativity, life giving and sharing!! I noticed all the different plants, cultures and interests that surrounded everyone, no one dictating, everyone just cooperating with one another but also having their own space to add their peace, themselves, to everything else. I imatgine when the harvest comes in everyone will share and barter and an economy of goods and services will bloom. LOVE< LOVE it!!!

  • Red

    I am working in an old cotton field in Northern Greece, making a garden for450 yazidi - a community that has repeatedly been subjected to genocide. The garden will have a gym, a cinema, a reading space, vegetable patches and four areas which provide key support for chkldren’s Development: role play, sensory play, a quiet spacd and a loud space. Come check out my progress on Instagram red . Liquorice

  • Vinod

    Trying to survive between the cracks! Indeed, small as it seems, food gardens hold the key to most of the world’s biggest issues. May their tribe increase !

  • Sharmin

    I was inspired by the fact that just 2 good hearted guys can bring about such a life affirming change for the community

  • evelien

    fantastic! really love this. it's a win - win - win, for people - environment - nature

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  • Learn more about community gardens and how you can start one in your community with this resource guide.
  • Listen to Angela Maiers' talk to learn how two words—"you matter"—can create real change in the world. 
  • Notice what someone or your community may need—be it a community garden, a conversation, or a hug—and act upon it. 

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