To commemorate 2011 as the International Year of Forests, the United Nations appointed Yann Arthus-Bertrand to create a short video to raise consciousness about forests. Using stunning aerial photography and video footage, the producer (whose previous online movie was seen by 400 million people) has done it again.


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  • Diane

    Is the essential being destroyed to produce the superfluous? Never heard this said so well before. This speaks so much of our values. Our politicians need to watch this...wonderful photography. Forests are the guardians of our planet..yes! Wish I could enlarge this video to full screen

  • Anita r Goldstein

    AS a companion piece to this extraordinary video, read "the Overstory" by Richard Powers

  • Mistrah

    I like this video is the best and most beautiful

  • Shashi

    IT is one of the many wonderful creations of GOD. It is pertinent that the forests be preserved and we have to take all measures to conserve whats remaining. Every living thing that is on this planet depends on the forests for survival. Every individual's got to take a pledge to plant at least a tree or plant on any vacant space or ground. I am from Malaysia, and it makes me cringe with fear to see our forests disappearing so fast. I don't think my grand-children will live to see to spleandour of natures gift to us. If we don't do something now, it might all disappear within the next 50 years or sooner.

  • Gerald

    Born in the forest industry,worked the West Coast of BC Canada as a tree faller... The most beautiful places in the forest, my job was to disassemble the forest... It's time to look, listen now act.....

  • maryjane

    Trees, forests, one of nature's wonders, my best friend understands their beauty, the simple pleasures they can give you, and now through him i to enjoy trees, forests and the wonders of nature that surround all of us if we just take the time to look.



  • wendy

    they're not just beautiful, they're essential for our survival

  • krys

    I was transformed by the aspect of carbon and oxygen as central chemicals to the forests and plant life and believe that the slash and burning mode does not work, so inrtelligence of the plants and ecosytems around the globe awre probably the future of preservation for the Human Species and the ancestors like our bristle cone pine and redwoods belong to a special place in my heart.

  • Patty

    What a beautiful, powerful presentation. It is an awesome acknowledgement of how we are totally one with our environment and how important it is to get back to moderation in all things, and honoring the idea that we must only take what we can truly use.

  • Rini Joy

    This is an amazing video. Well documented and inspiring.

  • Gigi

    loved this....beautiful, informative, magical...have always felt a special affinity with the blessed trees. thank you for making and sharing this amazing video.

  • Clairemarie

    Is the essential being destroyed to produce the superfluous? Indeed it is. Beautiful photography and good information. More in-depth info on the same subject can be found in The Global Forest by Diana Beresford-Kroeger.

  • Jennifer

    Yes let us live in brotherhood! I have a personal relationship with trees and plants and yes they are perfect beings, soul and wisdom beyond our comprehension.

  • Norma

    Beautiful and very interesting! Trees are living things and we are of the same family!We do need to respect them just as human being needs to be respected. I love the photography!

  • Ed Cushman

    Good video, but narration is a bit flat, and negative. It needs to be more friendly, and a bit in awe. He's providing awesome information, but the tone doesn't convey that feeling.

  • lizkitty

    its ok edward norton, i know you are a famous actor! :P


    Beautiful cinematography! Should get Al Gore or famous actor to narrate. Otherwise very informative!


    That our welfare is intimately intertwined. We cannot wait to take steps that will ensure our mutual wellbeing.

  • Walter G. Whitford, PhD

    There is a clear and compelling relationship between the quality of life and survival of soon to be 9 billion humans on this planet and the health of forested ecosystems. Continued destruction of forests at the current rate will insure a poor future for mankind and possibly extinction of the human species.

  • Fotine

    The connection between the water cycle and trees. The interdependence of all life needs our constant awareness and accountability for the way we live our lives.

  • Jeff

    It could benefit from professional narration.

  • Diane

    The statistics. This video provided me with another insentive to reduce my consumption of meat even further. Consumption of our forests is increased by our consumption of meat.

  • monica

    The fact that I take trees and forests for granted. I need to be reminded of how they give us life and we need to take care of them, because we depend on them for ours.

  • eliana

    Inspirational. The beauty of nature, the amazing photographs and the depth of the words are a source of hope and inspiration. Thank you very much. I will share it with my students.

  • Rachel

    I love the coorelation between our health, our cells, and the trees. When I was a little girl I used to sit against big trees "to get strong" : )

  • Gayle

    Thank-you Yann, for sharing inspiration and beauty. "Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life." The Earth Charter

  • Sertso

    Wonderful reminder of how nature is intimately connected with humans. The photography was amazing and the message was powerful

  • Sheela

    The photography....its stunning! And the words with the deep message of Oneness...its moving.


    brilliant.very very intelligently told esp the treatment and decision to show the entire film aerially..brilliant stuff.all the best.

  • Sandy

    Stunning footage! Short, direct and educational and informative. To be shared with our children and grandchildren. Thank you.

  • Admin

    Luis - "Of Forests and Men" was shot in High Definition (HD) video. If you have a slower Internet connection, you may try turning off the HD (click on the HD letters at the bottom right of the video - you will see a notification that "HD is off"). This may help to load the video faster for uninterrupted viewing. Hope that helps.

  • Luis

    Photography and the message is superb. Its too bad that such good information has audio visual that constantly freezes and starts over and over again making it difficult to appreciate.

  • Lawrence

    " It is more important to plant a tree , then to win a war ." Worship trees , not phoney idols .

  • Lynda

    Very informative and stunning photography!

  • Estelle Spike

    Dear Yann please excuse me I ment to say: to promote loving appropriate action for the health of our Forest.

  • Estelle Spike

    Thank you Yann for sharing your creative talent to bring greater awareness and prompt loving appropriate action to our Forests.

  • Irma V

    "The oneness and connection to earth and heaven I sense when I see trees"

  • Maria Lancaster

    It is very beautifully filmed and is reminding us of the plight of trees. I was not aware that 2011 is the International Year of Forests until seeing this film.

  • gail

    the truth about ecology and how important trees are to life ! the plant connection with our own survival Thanks you for the knowledge <3 <3 <3

  • Annette

    This is a wonderful explanation of how precious the forest are to all life. I have always adored trees and plant life. They are strong and give life. We should not pillage the forests for greed. We need them more than ever, just as we need air to breathe. The forests are the lungs of our planet. The most magical places on the earth. Long live the forests and all that dwell in them.

  • Kat

    Gorgeous. Made me weep. The song of this Earth, of all life, is love, and we humans are finally waking up to hear it and help the Earth. Thank God.

  • croon4u

    beautiful footage of natural forest - our cells are all the same - living and trees : )

  • rosemary

    Phenomenal, heartbreaking... splendid... "We are the same family... our genes speak the same language... we are kith and kin, family".... STAND TALL like a mighty tree.

  • Bobbe Ruch

    It blows my mind that huge trees can grow out of solid rock!!! Amazing! A beautiful, educational, yet alarming video, Mia. Thank you for sharing it so that I can.

  • Philippa

    This is a beautiful video. Is the essential being destoyed for the superflous? Other choices do exist, it's time to alter our mindset! Trees are living things and we must remember, We Are of the Same Family... The Forests need us!

  • oshunocean

    Is the Essential being destroyed to supply the Superfluous??... A thought provoking question/statement.. Thank You.

  • annemarie

    The photography, the calm voice of Norton, the narrator, and the factual information.

  • jen

    I loved the thoughts about plant intelligence, and the final statements that "we have always needed [forests] and today they need us". Beautiful.

  • Admin

    @ Mary - yes, this narration is by Edward Norton.

  • Admin

    To turn off the HD, simply click on the "HD" button in the video and a "HD is Off" video will turn on. Similarly, you can do the same to turn it back on.

  • Lo

    how do you turn the HD feature off to watch it flowingly?

  • Pratibha

    Yea! Ma!y more of humankind act upon this wisdom

  • Bridget

    Awesome and humbling at the same time.

  • Bill

    Lovely photography, beautiful music, powerfulmessage. Bravo!

  • Tedd Ward, Jr.

    Rawad, I found that if you turn the "HD" feature off, the video plays almost seamlessly.

  • Rawad

    i think it would have been a great video if it weren't for the "cuts" and pauses in the reading, make it very difficult to there q way to listen or read the narration in a different way?

  • Mary

    Did the actor Edward Norton narrate this fantastic video?

  • Chris Tampa

    My yard is mostly trees with leaves instead of grass. We talk to our trees and love them.. Let everyone plant a tree or two in their yards and plants that attract butterflies which can continue the polination cycle. This is a great film. Thanks.

  • Boshvideo

    Very well done.

  • Brandon

    Does anyone know the story behind the white tree seen at 6:44?

  • Alejandro

    Fantastic initiative! We need to take action now or we are done as a species...



  • Dennis Velco

    Beautifully done with facts that cannot be disputed. Too few understand the interconnectedness and in this it is presented it in a very approachable way that everyone no matter their past can and must relate to. Well done.

  • Elizabeth Kramer

    Share Your Comment Yes, and plants (trees) not only provide Medications for human beings, but also wonderful Meditation experiences for all of us who love this kind of nourishment .

  • Mikhael

    This is an awesome video! “Plant life bonds water, earth, air and sunlight” (fire). Plants truly unite all.

  • Raj

    Amazing cinematography

  • Moreen Murray

    Visually stunning and a powerful message!

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