Instead of borrowing a book at this library, you can borrow a person! The intention behind the Human Library is to connect people to members of communities who are not well understood by the general public. In this video, Rachel Bergen shares, "Before today, I had never even met a medium, a transgender person, or someone with EB, but here I had the chance to even ask them personal questions and really see a glimpse of life through their eyes." Designed to create space for positive conversations that defy stereotypes and prejudices, the Human Library is changing the world, one interaction at a time.


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  • Nikky

    I loved it! I always wondered about which interesting book people were and this movement just brings it up. I can't wait to borrow a human book.

  • Steve A. Kois

    The search for understanding. First, to understand what it is that moves another human. Second, to be be understood, so that what has been shared, and explained to me, I have now gained knowledge.

  • Artsyfartsy

    Great idea-to walk a mile in someone's moccasins so to speak. It could change the world.

  • Sundi

    Love this idea. I imagine the challenge is to get the haters to break through their insecurities and fears so they would actually use a human library. Most people are aware enough to give it a shot, but i guess i've been jaded lately by the amount of hate. Here's hoping this can make a difference.

  • Tom

    Great idea and a way to counter the dehumanization caused by social media. Humans are meant to communicate face-to-face. Our senses are designed to hear, see, touch and smell others.

  • Joanne

    Great idea... if people would actually use it. I've often noticed that people who hate a particular group, whether by religion, race, gender, sexual identification, or whatever, also admit, when pressed, that they don't know any and have never spoken to one, which is a little odd, given how STRONG their conviction is that ALL THOSE people are (and then there's the list of all the awful characteristics.) So where did these opinions come from, if not from direct experience? Well, unfortunately, it's often passed on from their family and/or community. That can be overcome with life experience and education, but some find it difficult to change hardened opinions or go against their own group. I'm not sure these hardened bigots would even be open to these library meetings. But those with at least a slightly open mind, it could really be a great way to glimpse how it might feel to walk in another's shoes.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to seeing the human being in front of us and listening and learning! HUG

  • James J Humecky

    Getting out of our little personal boxes and meeting other people as they are is how we will make the shift from cruelty to kindness. It's an idea that could save the planet.

  • Annette

    I love the idea of just communicating and connecting with another human being that seems different than myself. We are all different and have something to offer another about our stories and who we are. Lovely idea; wish it were implemented in all cities around the globe.

  • Noelle

    Human connectibility and dispeling predijices! fantastic

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  • The next time you catch yourself having a judgmental thought about another person, can you imagine yourself in their shoes?

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