Singer songwriter Luke Dick and a talented group of young people connect in this short video to share a message of hope. With youthful enthusiasm the young conductor leads her small group through the song, enabling us to "hear that cosmic spark" of connection. As the drums, guitar, violin, keyboard and voices all combine in joyful music, we are reminded that we are all connected with all that is, with all that was, and with all that will be.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to knowing we are all connected, now more than ever. Thanks for an upbeat tune at this time! <3 Glad I had saved this.... for just this moment <3 Hugs from my heart to yours. Loved the confetti!!!! Yes! <3

  • Sahara

    Vibrating!! A beautiful massage on staying connected especially at this crucial time when we r witnessing unprecedented global catastrophe of corona virus outbreak.My sincere thanks to the entire team.Prayers

  • Jan Sutton

    I loved the lyrics and the young kids playing in the orchestra. I wondered if they were protected though. When was this made? I am quessing before the pandemic started.

  • Jeanne Poland

    the tuxedoes, the solidarity between ages, the rhythm the voices, the lack of screaming!

  • Valerie

    The vibration of joy and inspiration that comes out when we creatively play with the better angels of our nature!

  • Denise DeVries

    I loved the percussionist's expression!

  • Laurette Looney

    Hard to say. I just picked up the delicate high vibrations. Of course the music and accompanying art was charming.

  • Barbara

    So joyful. Thank you. xx

  • Christine Shand

    Beautiful, love the melody the high register of the singers voice and the creativity of end explosion of colour and energy. Thank you. Love not fear.

  • Marlana

    This was so uplifting to hear and watch. Thank You for sharing and for bringing light to my day and the days of others.

  • Barbara

    The passion of young spirits reaching out.We older folks need to feel cared about by these younger folks.

  • Phil

    Joyful and uplifting and moved me. So beautiful! Thank you! I needed this too!

  • heide

    Music always makes me feel more alive. Certain beats activate my heart and others activate my soul. What a lovely family what a beautiful sound and thank you for being connected to me

  • Judy

    So awesome! Delightful and beautiful. Thank you!

  • Denise

    It was energetic and joyful. A beautiful reminder that we are in this together. Viruses don't discriminate and neither should we.

  • ella

    the harmony and joy. thank you

  • erica

    I like the idea but couldn't understand any of the lyrics. I did not care for the high pitched voice of the vocalist.

  • Annette

    Honestly, I was prepared to roll my eyes before this started but I gave it a shot and not only found the song catchy and beautiful, but loved the visuals of it all, from the children's enthusiasm and involvement, to the puppet-like animation. Truly a joyful and uplifting experience. Thank you. I needed this.

  • Cindy

    Thank you for this huge shot of joy, hope, and love! Seeing the faces and exuberance of the children lifted up my heart. I eagerly awaited the time when the young man with the cymbals would play. And when he did, it was utterly joyful!!

  • Deborah

    A time of Deep learning across the Planet In Oneness and Love we are "Connected "

  • Donna Nikzi

    The music, the lyrics, the faces, the energy....and the Truth of this message being sung to our beautifiul world!!Thank you for sharing this ART!

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