Throwing our broken appliances and other items away seems to be the only thing to do if they have become unusable, but Martine Postman in Amsterdam wasn't satisfied with this symptom of wasteful overconsumption. She was determined to find a way to do more then watch dumpsters overflowing and created the concept of Repair Cafes. Once a month her coffee shop provides space for repair experts to work with people who want to fix broken goods of all kinds - from broken computers to children's toys to old watches. Portman's creative idea has spread to over 70 countries around the world and offered an alternative to our throwaway consumer culture.


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  • Learn another effort to reduce waste at the Upcycle Parts Shop, a non profit arts organization that provides pubic access to creative supplies that would have been thrown out. 
  • Try some of these 15 zero waste tips as we all work to create less waste eac
  • Consider these questions: How can you create less waste or re-use what you have used once? What are the things in your life that are broken that can be creatively repaired, whether they are things, relationships or ideas?

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