Having witnessed the ravages of war in the 1940s, James George determined as a young man to be a peacemaker and harmonizer in the world by working as a diplomat for Canada for 30 years. Ultimately, George realized that only an inner spiritual practice could generate the peace he wished to carry into the world. He applied his spiritual practice by being aware of what is happening moment to moment in himself and around him. He made himself available to the life that was given to him and tried to help people living in various countries to find inner peace as a means of achieving outer peace.


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  • Christina Schaffer

    Very valuable ideas of how one can live in sync with the inner and the outer universe. Practiced by a Diplomat it showes that every one in our culture is able to live this message. Only depending on what you believe is your mission in life.

  • Desdra Dawning

    Diplomacy is so vitally needed in our world today. James George serves as an inspiration to us all to be “diplomats” even in our own lives—with those we meet, with our families, and with those with which we disagree. A coming-together of humanity happens one person at a time, as this lovely man displayed and still does in his own life.


    This video is answer to our question that, what is that which still hold the world in peace.we salute such hero and many more who just sacrifice and go unnoticed.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Inspiring that James George continues his peace work and I resonate so much with the inner peace aspect before we seek outer, <3

  • Tasha Halpert

    His authenticity is most inspiring, and the sincerity with which he speaks.

  • Tom Bassarear

    His presence, his voice, his face were as much the message as his words. Not being self-centered but world-centered. "We're not as separate as we thought." The core teaching of every authentic path is "being aware of what is actually happening moment by moment." Yes!

  • Allan

    Mr. George's lifelong search for his real Self.

  • Patrick Perching Eagle

    Beautiful Truth that indigenous peoples have known and practiced for centuries, though the world looks upon them as savages or uneducated, their wisdom is indisputable. }:- ❤️ anonemoose monk

  • Susan

    Beautiful video, and what inspired me was that James so embodies the presence of harmony. It is all we can do, is to harmonize ourselves with what is and to allow that to reflect out into the world. Whereas I allow myself to continually be stirred up by continual calamity, this harkens me back to a renewed spiritual practice for myself. Timely.

  • Zillah

    His manner, thoughtfulness. His choice or his path to transform personal experience with war into this lifelong path. I can only hope to come to feel as measured and precise and as present as he feels... Also, I really appreciate the world of distance between what I thought a diplomat was and how he defined it. I prefer his view.

  • Kay

    He not only was a diplomat of a country but a diplomat of spirituality and what it means to live as a spiritual being. We are so in need of world leaders with this mindset. What an inspiration!

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  • Learn more about James George's main spiritual teacher Gurdjeiff in this short video about his teachings. 
  • James George is a signatory for Asteroid Day on June 29, 2018. He has joined with this organization to promote science and global environmental awareness. Learn more about this upcoming worldwide event.
  • Global environmentalism as a foundation for peace continues to be James George's primary mission in life. Think of three ways you can take action to be a peacemaker and environmentalist. 

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