The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, or the "March on Washington" on August 28, 1963, was the largest civil rights demonstration in history, and was marked by one of the most famous speeches given by Martin Luther King, Jr., titled "I Have a Dream." The March on Washington is widely credited with aiding in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act. Watch this historic footage of the speech, given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial more than 50 years ago. And let us rededicate ourselves to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of liberty, justice, equality, and opportunity for all.


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  • Tazim

    Fantastic. Speech of the century! No question about it at all.

  • Wendy Powell

    The assembly for the rights of colored people. Good people.

  • Heather

    "Now is the time." Amen, Dr. King. May we see your dream come to fruition.

  • Bob Williams

    It reminded me of where we were and brought me joy for how far we have come.

  • Marilyn Koster

    It reminded me of my standing on those steps and the times there after during which I was "tear gassed" for believing in the rights of all. And it amazes me that we still are fighting that fight - maybe a different "group" maybe a different "cause" but still fighting for freedom for all - when there come a time when that belief is actually a truism?

  • Brandi

    The amount of people that risked judgement, violence and segregation to come and attend and listen to this amazing man. The fact that in 2014 I am able to sit and watchi this incredible speech, leaves me speechless

  • Oni Lasana

    ~ I DREAMT, MLK Jr. ~ 1999 (c) Oni Lasana I had a dream too, Martin Luther King Jr. that your dream came true & people looked inside of me not at the shape or size of me not at the color or style of me they looked at my inner reality not the outside fantasy I dreamt that your dream came true...Mr. King Marcus Garvey wasn't ridiculed & called a fool Ruby Bridges walked to school alone Malcolm wasn't murdered by his own Miss Rosa enjoyed her bus ride home Emmitt Till was alive today Medgar Evers wasn't murdered in his driveway Steve Biko lived to write another day 2 Pac represented the best of us Rodney King wasn't beaten alive in front of us & Marvin was asking me "What's goin' on?" I dreamt that your dream came true Rev. King & young adults today were livin' clean not smokin' tobacco, cronic, droppin' pills, hittin' crack downin' 40's & gettin' wacked dreaming stupid dreams nothing to do but get hi & lie...or so it seems living nightmares shooting down tomorrow's dreams I dreamt your dream came true Minister King & in concrete jungles everywhere sons and daughters of criminals and righteous folks were sitting at a table together learning & teaching one another to read & to LOVE I was dreaming and your dream came true Teacher King & all children attended equally integrated schools where students were not judged by the color of skin or the color of Nike, Dickie's, Akademik but by the work they handed in on time to teachers who really cared I had a dream that your dream came true Brother King & in my dreams I saw boys and girls of all races joining hands in agape love little children holding hands of baby daddies baby daddies married to & taking care of baby mommies & they both had good jobs, careers, and businesses. I dreamt your dream came true Mr. King & I heard that same freedom bell ring in every town from Africa to America, Europe to Asia, South America to the Caribbean starving children came running to dinner tables filled with pesticide-free fruits & vegetables BROWN rice, sugar, bread and molasses, UN-contaminated water & hormone free well-seasoned chicken I dreamt that TV showed real people living true reality & "FRIENDS"...didn't all look the same Disney wasn't another name for distorted history & modern mythology I dreamt that Eddie, Martin, Will* & the Wayans produced black history biographies & multi-cultural realities Black & whites & all "others" UNITED in mutual funds not only for sex, drugs & guns I had a dream too, that your dream came true Brother King & two weeks after your vision in DC four little girls in Birmingham, Alabama. Addie Mae Collins, Denise Mc Nair, Cynthia Wesley & Carole Robertson walked home from church to waiting mommies & the next day they went to a shiny new school with smiling & loving classmates each one of those little girls graduated college and became a doctor to heal us A teacher to teach us, a lawyer for justice & President of Human Rights University Your dream came true Martin Luther King, Jr. Because in my dream, their you were... home with Mrs. King & your children, playin' with grandchildren inside the not so-white house being the PRESIDENT of the United States of LOVE So blessed relaxing with your family & friends & everybody knew...without a doubt that they were "FREE AT LAST!" & are truly somebody. Just like I do, thanks to you Martin Luther King Jr., I dreamt your dream, came true. (C) 1999 I Dreamt, MLK Jr. ~ Words by Oni Lasana Music - Samori Coles of lil drummaboy LLC Recorded on Sister Wings CD & I Dreamt, MLK Jr. the single Author's Note: Will Smith went on to produce and star in the film "The Pursuit of Happyness: a 2006 American biographical drama based on the life of banking investor Chris Gardner.

  • Rebecca Smith

    His cadence and words were/are wonderful and his ideas continue to inspire because, unfortunately, we still do not have equality for all in this country.

  • jacqueline

    Believe that it can be.

  • Caroll

    The strength and courage to continue the fight. It has inspired me to continue the fight against institutional racism.

  • john daye

    too bad our government assassinated him. MLK is one of the greatest men to walk the earth.

  • Helena

    What an amazing man. Have seen this speech lots of times and it still brings tears to my eyes. Though so much has been achieved I wish that we could say that all men and women whatever their colour , creed etc were truly equal but we can't yet. We must keep fighting for the underprivileged and persecuted across the world.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Happy Martin Luther King!!! ..."Until Justice roars like waters, and Righteousness like a mighty stream"...Let it be so!!!!Amen

  • Deejay

    "What are you doing for others"

  • Moira

    Black/white, Jew/Gentile, Protestant Catholic: No matter, free at last. Scriptural connotations with Galatians is powerful. And we're not there yet...

  • madaline

    continuing to dream, knowing they do come true. I have a dream. I continue to move forward with my dream. opening the eyes of the blind, the hearts of man who's hearts had been closed. Ears to hear the truth, knowing the light continues to shine for all peoples

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  • Learn more about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at The King Center, where you can browse from more than 10,000 documents in the digital archives.
  • "Our lives begin and end the day we become silent about things that matter," said King. Speak up for something that matters to you today.

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