How do children see differences? In this video (part of the British Broadcasting Corporation's campaign celebrating diversity called "Everybody's Welcome"), pairs of best friends from across the United Kingdom are asked: "What makes you different from each other?" Watch their heartwarming, unscripted and natural responses, which reveal an inspiring truth about acceptance and inclusion among kids.


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  • Brooke

    We need to be more childlike!

  • Liz Gopal

    What inspired you about this video?Ahhh such a beautiful reminder of the unlearning we have to do... our differences? ;-) Loved it - thanks for capturing and sharing these children's wisdom

  • Cindy

    I need to feel more childlike! Ty! This was lovely!

  • jeanie

    This video makes me smile and laugh and smile some more. Thank you for this beautiful example of how the world should be. I've watched it day after day just to fell all that lovely innocence and wisdom.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Onelove. One People. Where there is love there is life...Division is not natural to Children, yet some Adults teach it...It's Bold to love one another...Love is a higher vibration of consciousness...Thanks again for the grrreat refreshing...peace be with U....1Earth. Many cultures...peace

  • Towanda Allen

    What a blessing that these children haven't been tough to hate or dislike other because they look different, dess different, talk different, fvdy just don't know AND all is well! Different Country, different WORLD, what does that say about the majority USA?

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  • Take a look at some of the resources available on CBeebies, BBC's pre-school channel, and CBBC (for grown up kids age 6-12).
  • Read more about what adults can learn about discrimination from kids.
  • Try this experiment with kids in your life. Do the answers surprise you?

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