A film by Lisa Russell.

This moving documentary by Lisa Russell shares "three of the many untold stories that hold the key to unlocking better health for more people around the world." The three women, one a medical doctor and teacher from India, another a midwife assistant from Indonesia, and the third the director of a community health center in Kenya, though worlds apart, share a common journey to bring hope to women and children in their communities. Their individual commitments to follow their dreams of helping others to live longer and better have involved separation from family members, long travel, countless hours of study and hard work, and many other challenges. The looks on their faces and on the faces of those whose lives they have enriched speak volumes about the value of their sacrifices and of the work of their hearts and hands.


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  • Patrick Watters

    Do no harm, do and live only goodness. }:- a.m.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Their determination, their fortitude to continue and to be of service in such a deep way with the sacrifices made to their own families, such gifts each are sharing, it is inspiring to be reminded of giving ones gifts.

  • Lisa Russell

    Hi, I'm the director, producer, camera and editor for this film and am curious why Karma Tube does not add credits for the filmmaker?

  • Diane

    The sheer dedication and selflessness of these women in some very difficult circumstances ..very inspiring and admirable ladies!

  • Mathew M.V.

    A human if She or HE can CHANGE the habits and MOSTLY WOMEN CAN BECAUSE she knows the TECHNICS of MOTHER

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