Imagine a magic mirror that you look into to discover how truly wonderful you are. That is the kind of mirror that Betty Peck, a kindergarten teacher with more than 50 years experience, had in all of her classrooms. Whenever one of her students felt worried or unsure, Betty would gently guide the student to look into the magic mirror and say, "How could you forget how wonderful you are?!" In this short film created by a former student of Betty's, this wise woman, now well into her 90's, encourages us to have just such a magic mirror in every kindergarten, every household and every garden. In that way we can all say, "Thank you for every magic moment that makes it possible for me to stand here and to feel how truly wonderful I am."


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  • Catherine

    I am inspired to include such a mirror, both actual and metaphorical, for all children, families, and staff in our school, in my interactions with them.

  • Michele Purcell

    the love and kindness she shared with everyone and especially small children. they are the ones who will grow up and take over and so many times they are over looked. what a great legacy she lives and will leave behind with all the others she has touched, young and old. :)

  • Jyoti

    So much beauty and love. Thanks for sharing.

  • Suzanne

    What a gift this video was. I am inspired to be reflected in the mirror I intend to produce for my garden in the Spring.

  • Deepak

    It is truly inspirational and awesome . Thank you Betty who you are . You are a beautiful soul and am sure would have impacted millions around the world , who would have created their own Magic Mirror .

  • Amy

    What an absolutely beautiful person Betty is. It is so inspiring to see this wonderfully made video. Thank you for all you’ve done for others, Betty!

  • Zach Pine

    On Sunday 11/25/18 our weekly gift economy based dancing event will be themed "Magic Mirror," and will include music to inspire us all to remember how truly wonderful we all are as we dance. In included a link to this Karma Tube video in our weekly announcement:

  • Joan Davey

    Incredible! Such a gift, the woman, the video and the message.

  • Peggy Porter McLaughlin

    Annie thank you for producing this beautiful tribute to Mrs Peck, my teacher from 1965. We were certainly lucky! Thank you thank Joanie first r posting it too! Betty I’ll try the stop by when I’m next in saratoga.

  • Marguerite Panetta

    Hi Annie! Beautifully done & thank you! Mrs. Peck was one of most influential teachers in my life. Amazing how she has touched and inspired so many. And this film carries it forward. Hello Mrs. Peck ❤️!

  • Savraj

    I want to have one in my garden! Simply beautiful❤️

  • Mish

    How magickal!

  • Rebecca Gurland

    Interesting that touching the shoulder was important. - it is dismaying that some public schools are concerned about touching.

  • Rebecca Gurland

    Imagining that child looking at themselves with their teacher's words... remembering their true self! Gratitude to Betty Peck, the filmmakers and writers of this fabulous film. All the people involved are inspiring.

  • Tina McCoy

    I love this story; thank you for sharing. I'm inspired by Betty's love and compassion for her students. I love her gentle ways of relating with her students and her environment, and her way of using the "magic mirror" to affirm the truth. Henceforth, I will be looking into my mirrors and affirm the truth of my Being. "I am complete, I have perfect health, abundant wealth and prosperity, an I am wise." In gratitude, Thank You Betty for sharing your story, and Thank You everyone who collaborated in the making of this video. Great work!

  • Anne Veh

    Thank you for your heartfelt love and comments to Betty! I brought your comments and letters to Betty last week and read each one to her. She was filled with joy and gratitude and shared, "I can't believe life continues to open up to me!" At 96, Betty is vibrant, full of wisdom, and ready to write her next book! It was so sweet to witness Betty's surprise to see her story in film! She had imagined a car load of magic mirrors to be delivered by hand! She marvels at today's tools! To know so many of you have taken a pledge to create your own magic mirror makes Betty smile inside out! You have all helped to make Betty's dream a reality. For those inspired to create a Magic Mirror, please send your stories to Betty! We never know how our stories will heal another. Betty sends her love and blows kisses to each one of you! With love and gratitude!

  • James Wooley

    Thanks to Anne Veh and Rajesh Krishnan for sharing Betty's inspiring story in this beautiful way. It's like a visual poem with layers of meaning.

  • Anand

    Unconditional love! Great job, Anne and Rajesh!

  • Sara

    We need more teachers like Betty.

  • Nirmala

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story so full of hope. I think even adults could do with a peek into Betty's magical mirror! I plan to share this with as many people as I can, especially educators.

  • Tanuj

    Thank you for capturing Betty Peck's wisdom and gifting it to all, her beauty shines through. There were so many beautiful parts/aspects to this film, I had to watch it a few times to take it all in. Mirror Mirror on the's magical!

  • Rachael

    We all need Mystery and Wonder in our lives.

  • Giselle

    What a beautiful heart she has. We need more souls like this

  • Greg

    What inspired me most was the absolute commitment Betty displayed to the hearts, minds and spirit of those wonderful children. I would love to hear responses from some of them. Thank you for making this available to all of us. Tears of joy and my first cup of coffee go well together.

  • Manuel C.Durán

    Remember the joy of giving with love and discover the wonder of knowing you!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    May we all be seen in a magic mirror of wonderful <3 How lovely her heart to feel honored to teach and her wisdom to take the children outside and to learn by experience <3 Tears of wonderful. Oh to have a teacher like Betty Peck <3 Wouldn't it also be wonderful if school could be like this again too, rather than so much focus on teaching to tests? What young children need is this kind of love and encouragement at school and at home <3

  • bd

    When I look in a mirror, I don't see something wonderful. However, I do know the power of seeking and moving towards one's Values. I have been having trouble identifying those Values in my life in order to find direction. This video gave me 3 Values to pursue: Goodness, Oneness and Diversity. I know that if I move that direction, I will be able to see magic in the mirror again.

  • Kimberly

    The sheer timing of seeing this video is wonderful. I have been thinking about the perfect quote for the girls restroom wall around the mirror at the community center where I work. God Bless Betty Peck. God Bless those who created the video to reflect her message. God bless Karma Tube for posting it. Today of all days.

  • Alice Kast

    thank you for this blessing archival images of the world I grew up in the world of the 60's in which I taught using Froebels and Montessori--experiential education interconnectedness with all life on earth and cosmos may we experience a revival

  • Ali

    This is what a role model for love looks like. Thank you for waking up my heart this morning.

  • Lora

    We simply need more Betty's in this world to reflect the true magic in us all....Bless this beautiful lady!

  • Patrick

    Delightful and truly loving ❤️

  • Mary

    What a blessing she has been to so many! She has inspired me to create my own mirror for my garden.

  • Rosalind

    My Heart is pounding with so much love and gratitude.I am now a 76 year old grandmother of 7. As a child and young adult my own grandmother was my support and guide and gave me so much unconditional love. She didn't have a magic mirror, but she was trained at the Froeble Institute in London. Thank you so much for bringing this connection of love to light. May it open doors for all. thank you.

  • Cindy

    Betty is a true hero in its very best sense. She no doubt saved as well as nurtured many souls.

  • Kay

    If EVERY one of us had had this experience! Betty truly saw the brilliance and potential in each of her students! Thank you for the gift you gave and continue to give!

  • Lynnclaire Dennis

    Betty's life and every single word, especially Goodness, Oneness and Diversity!

  • Victoria

    What a beautiful way to start my morning. I had tears in my eyes of joy to see what love she had to share with all of her children. I had tears of what my childhood would have been like with a mirror like that when I was young. I have 2 beautiful daughters that I want to share this idea with and create a magic mirror. Thank you for your love of children and your continued spirit that will live on forever. Your family and friends are a true testament to your life’s work.

  • Roberta

    Wow - this was amazing! What a beautiful idea - I know many who would be glad to use it in some way. Thank you for sharing this film so I could learn about it - children are so precious, and we're all children at heart!

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  • Find out how to create your own magic mirror. Where can you place it to help yourself and others to see the wonder in each of you?

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