Life can get difficult and busy at times. It is easy to focus on ourselves and not take time to stop to help others. The Exchanger Volunteer Programme by Emirates NBD, which was started in 2015, is helping people find opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in the world. Just one little act of kindness or an hour or two of volunteering can change the lives of both the giver and the receiver. This short animated film shows just how easy it is to "give in to giving."


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  • Riesah

    It's the small things that matter in life and they are what can change an attitude, behaviour, life altogether. Just that show of love and appreciation began to change the fellow's life, especially when he realized that his life too mattered and that he could be the agent of change in his own life and in others'. Joy entered to stay.

  • Bela

    just a minor change and experiencing happiness all around <3 Thank You for making and sharing. :)

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  • Get involved with the Exchanger Volunteer Programme.
  • Learn about the benefits of volunteering.
  • Take an hour each week to volunteer. 

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