Change is the only constant. And things are going to be different, not better or worse, just different. Our first impulse in the face of overwhelming change is often to resist and try to stop it from happening. How would it be if we could transform our fear into energy influencing the inevitable changes of life? Learn more about how some courageous people are learning to influence the changes facing Monarch butterflies.


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  • nora

    I am inspired by those willing to try to make a difference in this world.

  • Merrie Robin

    I found this moving and inspiring - how we can join in with the butterflies. I'm surprised they didn't propose people planting milkweed and other plants the monarch's thrive on in their own gardens. Milkweed instead of large lawns that consume tons of water.

  • Dell

    Another reason to protest a border wall. I’m inspired to contact my local nurseries and urge them to focus on native plants, particularly native milkweed. And to urge my city to become a monarch butterfly city by joining If we all do a little, a lot will be accomplished!

  • Beth Chorpenning

    Residents in Manitou Springs, Colorado started a Pollinator Project in 2018. Our first initiative was to help get Organic Land Management passed as a policy by City Council. This insures that the City will not use harmful chemicals in our public parks, gardens and open space. It passed unanimously! Our other initiatives include promoting the use of pollinator friendly plants, shrubs and tress. Thanks to an art show fundraiser we are offering grants to citizens who have a pollinator promoting project. We are a small town acting locally to effect global change. We hope to inspire others!

  • Yvonne McAskill

    How inspired these woman were ...and to hear this story....thank you.

  • Scout

    Many images of butterflies are NOT monarchs. You might want to check that.

  • Ruth Hawe

    This is very worth watching and sharing, about these ambassadors and those caring for them, and our combined destiny. As uplifting as it is a wake up call.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I'm also inspired by the incredible strength of these women who have pushed ahead these initiatives also inspires me. If a Monarch can make it all those thousands of miles, perhaps we can also somehow see our interconnection.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I found this incredibly both incredibly devastating in our current state of affairs such as the proposed wall :( and hopeful at the same. I love the festival idea, the footage was just beautiful. We are all interconnected. We need each other. Marsha Murphy said it so eloquently. Thank you Marsha.

  • Shirley Nunes-Thornton

    Our group has purchased milk weed seeds to plant, hoping Monarchs will visit us in Polk County.

  • Marsha Murphy

    Everything. The rational and inspirational approach to change. Good science about the challenges Monarch face. That their plight is also a possibility. That our fates are tied together and linked to our own. Whether concern for our own food supply or the role the monarchs play in the ecosystem as pollinators or through the passion to protect their loveliness and strength in making such a multi-generational journey, there is much I feel inspired by. I am also outraged by the flagrant disregard by the governor Federal law. This is something that inspir3s me to act on and support. As an educator and lover of butterflies since childhood, the festivals are a great way to create awareness and other activities to support a better future for us all. The butterflies are proof that a different approach us needed toward those who enter our national space. Both welcome and recognition of their value and contribution is appropriate.

  • G.L. NILES

    What inspired you about this video? great this can fly

  • G.L.NILE

    VERY INTERESTING Butterflies Without Borders

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  • Learn more about butterflies and find resources for sharing information with others at the National Butterfly Center.
  • Be inspired by the diverse professionals at Nation Swell spreading the word about people influencing the changes they face in a positive direction.
  • Discover which migratory species pass through your community. Do one thing to support their journey; alter your mowing or weeding schedule, plant and care for a patch of habitat needed, plan a celebration for young people to learn about these visitors.

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