Robin Wall Kimmerer, scientist, professor of environmental botany, author of Braiding Sweetgrass, and spellbinding storyteller, helps us to hear what the earth is asking of us. With a calm and soothing voice that belies the urgency of her message, she brings us to an awareness that we are called to be living expressions of gratitude for all that the earth has given us, and to give our gifts in return for all that we have taken from the earth. To ensure justice for all of creation she urges, "If the leaders don't lead, we have to join together, paddle against the wind, paddle against the tide, singing our hearts out."


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  • char mustard

    facts, sincerely and an inspiring message--well done!

  • GD

    The dedication that this lady has to the cause of supporting our earth and all life on it is inspiring. The custom of expressing sincere gratitude for all gifts appears to have declined and it is one we should seek to re-establish.

  • Diana Traylor

    What inspired me? Robin Wall Kimmerer's whole being. What a moving call to action. She spoke to my core.

  • Betty Merti

    ust listened.....and joined in the flow of Robin's story.  What imagery!  I could see it, feel it, and be moved to wanting to shake the consciences of those who continue to violate and rape the earth.  The "climate we have created" continues to respond with outrage and indignity, and yet they are deaf and dumb with greed to its call.  Such leaders need a good shaking to revive good sense!  How can we bring them to truth?  Something has to give!  Unfortunately, it is mother earth who gives us all we ask for, but is being exhausted and destroyed throughout the very roots of her generosity.

  • Sharon Morrow

    The truth is that as long as we have huge cities where people never touch the Earth with their bare feet, never see a night sky full of stars, never hear the song of crickets or coyotes sing; As long as insects are viewed as creepy and feared with the solution to poison and kill them, and soil as dirty instead of where things grow, we will not be able to bring people back to the Earth. The City will not come to nature as I have seen and experienced. So it is up to humans who love the Earth to enter the cities and escort lovingly the high-rise people to the wide open spaces where beauty beyond imagining awaits!!

  • Kimberly

    We are not learning about them, but learning from them.

  • Joseph

    Gail's comment above says it all for me. I'm deeply moved by Robin's presence as I find it rare to encounter a person who is able to marry both the scientists and storyteller within themselves— and heartening to see more and more people able to do so. It's becoming absolutely clear that we will need both of these gifts to address the climate of the human-born illness that is sweeping across the body of our planet. “We need a movement made of equal parts of outrage and compassion.”

  • Gail

    All of it. My heart cracked wide open and the water in my eyes flowed down my cheeks. I am so grateful again and again for this beautiful story by a woman who walks the earth at this time teaching and modeling her commitment And her relationship to the Great Mother. May I follow in her footsteps and heed her message. Thank you.

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  • Reflect on the quote, "We have to join together, paddle against the wind, paddle against the tide." How can you use your gifts to express your gratitude to the earth for all you have been given?

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