This inspirational video of the song "Hero" by the Makepeace Brothers shines a light on the qualities of (s)heroes, both those who are famous and those lesser known, who live their lives inspiring those around them. The affirming anthem gives us hope that we can each be that kind of (s)hero: "You are the noble, you are the wise, you are the human, you are the kind of hero we need."


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  • Trishna

    Such a beautiful song and video! Inspires hope for future generations to carry the legacy of these heores forward through their actions... We are excited to be featuring it on the upcoming Kindful Kids newsletter courtesty of Deven! :)

  • Marsha

    it resonates -- timeless, fuels social justice issues that deeply embody my whole. the gentility of voice, the guitar strings and words that speak to generations -- those whose hearts are open/opening and willing to be present

  • Heidi

    People from all over the world struggling against the apathy and hopelessness. Heroes of the human kind. Sublime and beautiful. Just what I needed to get involved when the flesh wants to stay static.

  • Sara

    Everything inspired me about this song, the melody, the words, the images, the heart. Thank you!!

  • Carrie

    It is so current! So now!

  • Linda Simpson

    What inspires me about this video is that it has been created and shared to re-member what our energy can, does and has accomplished.

  • Isbel

    I thought this video was ridiculous. Four young white men, the heroic white men, singing about the people who did the work. Do you really not understand the whole white savior thing? There are thousands of women/people of color singing about this stuff. You clearly don't get the concept at all.

  • Linda Klein

    It reminds me that there is more goodness than evil on this planet. It reminds me that there is HOPE for our messed up country and the Earth. Thank you Makepeace Brothers and thank you HEROES AND HEROINES.

  • Margaret Chisholm

    This is a call to conscience here for people like me who live comfortables lives. We greatly admire and appreciate the people depicted in the video. We believe in the values that they represent, but personally sacrifice little to uphold them and change our culture in the process. The gentle song is a powerful inspiration to walk the talk.

  • Joanna

    Tears flowing. What a beautiful emotional song and video 🥰🤭🥺😢

  • Wendy

    So many heroes depicted here! I have a poster of MLK Jr that has always inspired me because in it he looks so tired, almost defeated, but he continued on anyway. That's what heroes do...they don't give up when the going gets tough. They continue to stand their ground for what is right in spite of the hatred and obstacles meant to stop them.

  • patjos

    What a lovely song. Our old choirmaster once told me that these are the times which our Grandmothers prayed for. Well, thankfully they did and thankfully we are here to see them though by being the best we can be. Beautiful video, beautiful words, beautiful people... we are.

  • Lynn B.

    Everything about this was inspiring: the music lyrics, the images, etc. Like K Hering's feedback, it brought tears to my eyes as well.

  • K Hering

    I have been involved with social justice issues since I was 16 years old. It brought tears to my eyes to see the old and new (s)heros. May we all be inspired to keep on keeping on.

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