Wade Davis, anthropologist and passionate scholar of indigenous cultures that span the globe, shares the value of learning from these dynamic, living societies, as we face the challenges threatening the earth. He takes us on a journey to "the heart of the world" and asks the question, "What does it actually mean for a people to believe that the earth is resonant and alive and responsive to their desires and that they themselves have a reciprocal obligation to that landscape?"


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  • Rose Diamond

    Thank you so much. What an amazing life you've had and what important information and inspiration you carry. What is so important about this is to remember the rich diversity of cultures, most clinging now to the edge of extinction but still so inspiring, so alive, so connected. It seems for those of us in the Western culture the important thing is to re-member ad learn how to honour the interconnectedness and diversity while we still have it.Thank you so much for your knowledge and courage.

  • Marilyn

    This is incredible. Thank you for your deep research and understanding.

  • Meera

    We have simi legacy of indigenous culture

  • Sheila

    A wonderful video. It really touched my heart. Diversity is nature's way and we are killing it. The modern economic systems, are destroying the earth and humanity and have completely forgotten about awe and wonder and innocence and sacredness, Wade Davis gave a beautiful glimpse of the richness of life and culture, which will soon be gone IF WE DO NOT HEED THE WARNINGS. I too am hopeful, but we must listen and change our ways NOW

  • Martina

    The desire to treat the world as holy and as part of us, and that we are responsible for the well-being of the Earth. People who are whole, wholesome, connected with every fiber of being to the real Universe.

  • Doris Pingel

    Wow. Should be heard by every school age child in the world.

  • Lorraine

    Dead Reckoning - we only understand where we are by remembering how we got here. Story tellers will change the world - So grateful for the world's current wayfinders

  • Katherine Singer

    Preciousness of all the wisdom of all the groups. We, human race is so much more than we think we are. I'm deeply humbled and proud to be connected to this beings. I'm proud and grateful that there are people like Wade Davis among us. I'm hopeful.

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