Based on an Emmy Award-winning BBC nature documentary that, in the words of its makers, provides a "definitive look at the diversity of our planet," "Earth" follows one year in the life of three charismatic animal families who share our planet. This trailer for the Disneynature film shows us a glimpse of the elegant beauty of our home.


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  • bunny

    What a amazing creature are there in our planet earth but if we are not conscious and harm our planet earth it will be not so far to not see these creature.

  • G.M.Dean

    That of those to teach us most, we have for too long ... skipped too many classes.

  • R. Forlaw


  • Anon

    "This video is no longer available." Please reupload.

  • sam

    awesome. I just am dumbstruck.I wish everyone realises its beauty & conserve it.Hatts off!!!

  • supun

    this commentary by Carl Sagan made a big impact on me

  • kishan

    absolutely awesome. it hammers our mind that we should conserve it the way it is. and do not break the rule of nature by nuclear explosions and war. this video reminds us that the super power 'GOD' is there. It rules the planet....

  • carol

    What a priveledge to inhabit this awesome planet . Makes you glad to be alive . An amazing creator who gives us all this just to enjoy . WOW . I love it .

  • Michael Morris

    Absoloutely stunning. We do live on a beautiful planet which many of us take for granted..

  • Uraina Collazo

    absolutely breathtaking! thank you so much for this video. our planet is absolutely the greatest miracle ever created, and not honoring it is a sin. although not everything is pretty and beautiful all the time, it's a cycle, a rebirth, and a legacy that will continue always. we must teach our children to appreciate our planet, and see the beauty we see : )

  • Kpechacek

    I wish we all had more respect for this beautiful creation that we walk upon every single day of our lives.

  • talat

    Such a wonderful clip opens avenues of love and relaxation in one's life. Thank you.

  • Fasiha

    wonderful! fabulous! mind-blowing....! watching this video was like a journey to some wonderland! Had to jolt myself to come to the realisation that this is my same planet earth of which i mostly get to witness the bloody scenes of death & destruction... This is a soother,an elixir! Thanks for sharing.Thanks for making feel happy & proud..;)

  • atish

    I really love nature and i pay tribute to you gouys for such extragavant work..whilst we are already working on the moon..we must not deprive the beauty of planet was just like watching the discovery channel..thank you

  • David Nicol

    Wow! That is so beautiful!

  • flingthecow

    We are very very lucky. I wish everyone on Planet Earth could realise how lucky they are.

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