Here's the trailer for a wonderful new documentary offering hope for changing the numberless fields of damaged soil caused by chemical farming. "Kiss the Ground" offers a simple solution for climate change through carbon capture, composting, tree inter-cropping and other methods. The idea is to replenish the soil lacking microorganisms killed by the chemicals by restoring the carbon that they have released into the air as CO2. As one farmer said, "we are headed for the Garden of Eden–maybe next year."


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  • Find out ways that the film has enabled you to take action to leverage your passion to advance global regeneration.
  • Degraded soil can be restored with organic farming techniques like green manure,cover crops, composting, crop rotation, desalinization, and other methods. Check out the Permaculture Research Institute for more.
  • If you are a farmer or gardener and want to know more about managing your own soil on a small scale,  get information from Penn State's extension classes.

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