The uplifting words and music of Jont are accompanied by a heart warming video display of loving connections, providing a healing combination of "medicine the world needs right now." With the focus on a sense of belonging and living fully, it is a joyous reminder that "connecting to the love will keep us safe and we will be just fine. We will be just fine."


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  • Michelle Marie

    The song and video are a heartfelt reminder of how essential "love" and "connection" are in our brief and precious lives, and how our love is what outlasts everything. That love lit right up inside of me as I watched a beautiful spectrum of humanity (and a couple of furry canines) reach across distance to embrace and plant joyful kisses and the solitary meditator connecting to the love inside! Yes, 'it's the fire we get to keep alive'. We couldn't really be separate even if we tried!

  • Dr.Arif Maghribi

    Simple language used.

  • Belle

    It did not uplift me, it made me feel lonely. Primarily straight white couples, youngish. Most of us don't see ourselves in this.

  • Ken Elkind

    We will all Be fine as One!! Groovism is the belief in the power of music, to cure the globe!! Please join our daily global community drum circle:

  • Melinda

    Loved the reminder that love is what connects us all.

  • gunderson

    The love and connection of people and the music.

  • Diana

    I loved it! The diversity, the joy of being present now. Our reckoning is daily. Thank you!

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