This animated video offers hope for creating together the world that honors our collective needs by building on what unifies us. To make personal change that scales up to social change requires meeting our most important needs and recognizing that people are different. These differences can add color and richness to life and they can also be polarizing. Knowing another person's needs is a starting point for understanding and co-creating the world that meets our collective needs.


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  • John

    Very timely advice for these times of division - good medicine !

  • selma

    How timely and fitting this was for me!! Not having met family in a long time due to obvious reasons, it is love, connect, empathy, kindness, (simple things) that matter most. Differences can be understood.

  • bren

    I will be sharing this with many friends and others who are using the principles and practices of NVC to navigate their personal and community-wide life experiences. For me, this information was presented with clarity and pleasant tone and pace and is essential information for a democratic society to remain life-serving and vibrant. Thank you to Susan S., the creator and to Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. and Rick Hansen, PhD.

  • sippi

    It was just dumb luck that I found this in my spam box. Like cindy who commented below, I am saddened that this topic is seen by some as threatening and has been censored. Maybe it's time to give up ALL the big tech giants and move your videos to independent platforms (of which there are many) that are not censored.

  • Karuna

    It is wonderful to see and hear NVC shown with both simplicity and meaning for our current situations. Thanks for the clarity. Learning NVC seems so complex but that is likely because it is about connecting with humans, many of whom have very traumatized brains and reactions. However this clip calms my nervous system by reminding me of the simple truth of needs. Thank you.

  • cindy

    So odd that this much needed topic is eaased from your site......

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  • Learn about solving problems by incorporating diversity and inclusion
  • Read how "Small Kindnesses" help to bridge the divide that causes disconnection. 
  • Spend some time really listening to someone with whom you have experienced discord. Are you able to discern their needs? If so, does this affect your perceptions of the differences between you?

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