Vocal artist Mariana Sadovska traveled along the front lines of the first invasion of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine from 2014 to 2016, giving benefit concerts and meeting people in the war-ravaged area. Based on her journey, she created a unique musical story - The Night Is Just Beginning - that is all too relevant today. This excerpt of the performance, called "Tovye Imya" (Your Name), begins with the instruction, "Take only what is most important." There is no need to understand all the lyrics. Allow the full understanding of the moment one becomes a refugee to arise as you listen and consider how you might choose.


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  • Rita J

    This video made real for me the experience of the refugee...the desperate decision of what to take and the sorrow over what you leave behind...the fear of the future and the determination to run all night to save yourself and your family. It made me aware of the abundance/overabundance of my possessions and my good fortune. Refugees will take a higher place in my prayers as a result. It was haunting and beautiful. Thank you.

  • Kate M

    From the subtle, solo whispered instruction to the volume of voices produced by the artist, her dynamic voice and instruments. And the question that remains: what would I take if I were to never never see these walls again, these familiar faces and spaces?

  • Angelia Stanley

    The depth of heartfelt presence. Preparing herself and sharing with others how to think and gather basic needs for survival quickly as the force pushes her to move faster to a safer place.

  • Patrick Watters

    It is beautiful yet deeply disturbing too, as it should be.

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